Why are You here at this time? Are You ascending?

Dear Friends! I simply must share these beautiful words of my beloved Soul Brother, because his words resonate deeply and this Truth needs...

Dear Friends!

I simply must share these beautiful words of my beloved Soul Brother, because his words resonate deeply and this Truth needs to be shared!

"Are you remembering who you are?

All we have done until now, all the lives we have lived in all the dimensions we exist in has been preparation for what is coming. These are very very rare times when all the energies of the multiverses come together to support this kind of massive capacity to change. Because we have Ascended before, We are the ones who have come here time after time to prepare the ground for just this moment.
We come in at auspicious times when the energies are here to support the change or we come to hold the energies in secret so they continuously live in a human body so they are protected and not lost. And now we are all here at the same time. We are the way showers, those who can walk the Ascension walk, who can and will transform ourselves and through that transformation, tip the balance for everyone else.

What we are doing is critical for not only everyone on this golden jewel of a planet, it is also for the rest of the universe. As we Ascend it exponentially changes the vibrational frequency possibilities for everything and the reverberations are felt through the universe. All of our lives are being lived right now. They aren't past or future lives, they are concurrent lives, and we are working on something in all of them. Because the veil between all of them is getting thinner and thinner the awareness or the energy of them is bleeding over into each other and we are becoming fully aware of our true self, our High Self, our I AM self and know that we are multi-dimensional beings. Literally we have our feet on the ground and our head in the stars. We are intimately connected to all of existence."

(David Maria) via Polona

Dear Friends,
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