Reptilian Eyes: Nazi Wilhelm Keitel

I was watching earlier a National Geographic Documentary about the Nazi surrender at the end of Worl...

I was watching earlier a National Geographic Documentary about the Nazi surrender at the end of World War II, and the final image of Marshal Wilhelm Keitel got my attention. His eyes were bearing the mark of the so called 'possessed' humans. I've searched YouTube for this scene and found it. Someone else noticed his vertical slits and uploaded the video before I did.

(First pictures, see video bellow)
Nazi Marshal Wilhelm Keitel (8 May, 1945): 'Reptilian Eyes' (sharpen level 23)
Sharpen level 26
Watch the video in HD (720p available):

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  1. reptilian eyes for sure! that is a very dangerous looking individual...nice find.

  2. I've STILL got chills from this! o.O

  3. Overcoming your fear, you overcome their influence. :)

  4. So much evidence of this. Why do so many ignore it? Why are people so fast to claim "artifacts" "video distortion" when you clearly see a reptiles eyes. Now I'm starting to believe Jacob Rothschild is Pindar the reptilian king. Playing so many damn video games/watching so many movies its so weird saying this could be true. That's what keeps me on a fence but I'm so leaning towards this can be true because all research leads to reptilians being amongst us. What I've done is instead of researching science and religion separate, I've linked them together and now everything looks clear and after some what understanding why we keep resetting as a specie and advance to a type 1 civilization is because they wont allow us and want to keep us enslaved. I'm already to the point where its not hard to believe they use humans to colonize other planets to enslave them and do exactly what they're doing now. I see constant patterns of us starting over and getting to a high peak of technology then all of a sudden bam we reset to 0 and build all over.


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