Purity of Soul Essence

Authentic guidance can only come through us when we are pure. When we are pure, we are Soul infused, our mind no longer guides us. The mind ...

Authentic guidance can only come through us when we are pure. When we are pure, we are Soul infused, our mind no longer guides us. The mind only pushes us into situations we need to experience to trigger even greater spiritual growth on our path.
But when we are pure, the Soul always leads the way. We no longer need triggers to be connected and receive authentic guidance. We become connected at all times, the Soul being the one guiding us as we ascend the spiral of the Spirit. We clearly start seeing and feeling the way of the Spirit in every breath that we take, in every move that we make. Our mind only becomes a powerful tool that co-creates with the Heart on our path of the Soul. When mind and Soul merge, we remember our multidimensional Nature, we come into our Essence once again. From there on, we have complete Faith and Trust, that all that we do and is happening to us in our reality, is being arranged by us and for us. We feel that every experience of feeling our consciousness Presence, is the Will of the Divine, because our will and the Divine Will merge. From there on, all of our experiences change profoundly, but not really because of the experiences themselves, but because our perception has shifted completely. We merge with our authentic spiritual Essence and start walking the ultimate path of service to others through the Divine Grace within us.

The energy of Divine Love is what makes us and when we remember the feeling of it through our own inner knowing, we become fully conscious and responsible co-creators, Free Human Beings, empowered through Divine Will, Grace and Love. This is the one and only path of the Soul, there are no skipping steps and lessons. And what is the reason behind the fact that some individuals get there seemingly »faster« than others? It's only because some are merely remembering and therefore their growth is rapid and very conscious, while others simply have some more learning to do on this path of remembrance. But no one can ever get off this path, because growth is constant and eternal and we are all ascending on the same spiral of the Spirit because of our basic Nature, which is pure Spirit, pure Consciousness!

Please keep in mind that everything I write is done automatically and comes from my personal experiences while walking my Spiritual path of remembrance of the Divine Love!

With Love, Polona

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