Freedom of Being

The only Truth in Life is that we Are. And we are Love. In that pure Being, lies the greatest gift that we Are! We are conscious aware Being...

The only Truth in Life is that we Are. And we are Love. In that pure Being, lies the greatest gift that we Are! We are conscious aware Beings, and some have never fallen from Grace, always remembering how we were created and who we are! And in that knowing, lies all the Truth one could ever need on his or hers Path here on Earth as well as anywhere else in The Universe.

The only thing that we need is the Freedom to Just Be ... to Be Us! And that is the Only thing it can ever make Us Happy, nothing else! Knowing who we are and staying true to our Heart is the ultimate cure for the Soul!!! While there are things that can heal our Body, as a temple of our Soul and things that can heal all other levels of our existence; mental, emotional and spiritual, there is only one thing that can ever truly heal the Soul. And that is returning to Love.

Nothing else can heal the Soul, as the causal body is the temple of the Soul. And the Soul is our Divine Essence. So to heal our Divine Essence, we need to return to Divine Love, not the other kinds of Love that exist on lower levels.

To know what can truly make us Free, we have to first know ourselves. When You know Yourself, You actually know everything. When You have 100% Self acceptance, You gain all the Wisdom and Love You could ever need. It is all a part of You, and remembering just brings it back into your awareness and heals Your Divine Essence.

The truth is, nothing on the outside can make Us happy. Not even a soulmate or a twin flame relationship. It's never about others, other things and situations, it's always about Us! And when we remember who we are, we know what we want. We are never willing to compromise again, we can't even give 1% of ourselves in exchange for something else in the outer, for this is the Universal law of Unity. In Unity, there is no more compromising, no more willing to do something to Be happy. All it takes to Be happy is to Be!

And each Human Being is Being in his or hers own way. We are all unique! When we are no longer willing to compromise, we only listen to our guidance and what resonates or does not resonate and follow the feelings from within, always trusting they are real.

We are mature on every level of our Being and we are standing and walking inspirations for all others as we are true to ourselves! So first it takes remembering who we are, if we have forgotten, and that brings us to knowing which leads to knowing what we want or what is for the highest good of our Divine Essence. 

So who are You? Do You remember, do You know? What do You want, what is truly good for You? When You do, You don't even have to claim the Ultimate Freedom, because it is there for You already. You just step into it, You walk into the energetic field of it. You are living it, You become Freedom expressed in Human form!

So, what is Freedom for You? For me, it is in everything that is of Natural Essence, not artificial. Goddess Gaia inspires me, her Nature embrace co-creates with Me! And Mountains are my sacred space, my sanctuary! There I am truly Free, and therefore, I am Home!

To feel the pure Mountain air in my lungs, to feel the wind gently caressing my Body, to feel the cold and texture of rocks, to see the whole World beneath my feet. They say Mountains represent our Higher Selves and I feel this for me to be the Ultimate Truth! There, I am connected, there I am Free, there I can just Be! The Mountains have the Divine Feminine energy of nurturing, allowing and accepting. And there I feel accepted like nowhere else.

For me, it is also about doing service work for Gaia and Humanity. To work with Spirit on every level of my Being. To be fully committed to my own Ascension path and assisting others along the way. It is about walking the talk and following my inner Guidance constantly. For me it is about merging only with people of the Love and similar vibrations, and co-creating with the Light! Walking the Light every moment, Being Love always!

Of course, in the end, it's all about our Heart. Our Heart is our true Home, it is nowhere in the outer. But all those things that make me feel the Ultimate Freedom, are my Heart. I feel no separateness between the two, for me there is no inner and outer, because in the higher realms, it is all one and the same, it is One. I know my Heart, so therefore I know my true Home.

Be Divine Love to Be Home! And then You can just Be!

With Love, Polona;

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