The Eternal Infinity of One

All the realizations are different in different states of consciousness. It's like all is just one grand "theater", a stage wi...

All the realizations are different in different states of consciousness. It's like all is just one grand "theater", a stage with curtains that are covering up the stage. And there's not just one layer, there are many.
On every layer of our consciousness we reach a certain thickness, a new curtain opens up and we see a new game playing out. A new story. Although it is all just one story playing itself out many times, all stories are yet playing out at the same time, only the »observers« change. It is only the perspective behind every single curtain that changes and so the observer has a new game to see, although he has also seen it before. All is just one eternal dot, where all possible realities are running into, they are playing itself out. But we are actually always standing on the same dot. One single dot! One single point in space and time, so it seems. But even this space and time is merely our perception.

The only Truth is, it all just IS, always and eternally. All other Truths are interdependent and vary from and observer's point of view and determination. And there are multiple observers, so therefore there are multiple realities, multiple games playing out in the grand »theater«. And even the theater is just a concept. In the end, it all is ... just a concept. Now isn't that just fascinating and mind blowing?

Love is the only real Truth, so therefore Truth is Love. Does that mean they are one and the same? Again, this is just a concept, like everything else is, in this 3D mind limited perception we are mostly experiencing here on Earth. But there are also other perceptions, other multidimensional realities. There, the concept of Love is different, so therefore the whole Truth is different, since Love is Truth. But also, because all is just a concept,  even in this new reality, in new »space and time«, there is only one reality behind this determination of this reality.

So if we take all the realities, all their possibilities and infinite options, we get again ... one single Truth, one single dot behind all these vast possibilities. All is of multidimensional nature, and still all is just One! It's like a paradox within a paradox. We get a new paradox. So we see, that all truly is of multidimensional nature and infinite, because all is coming out of one single dot, one »first« paradox, although it is also the »last«. It's a complex, and yet easy understanding, depending on how we grasp on it. From which dot we are seeing it! But all dots are one single dot, so indeed we can say it is Source observing the Source. It all starts and ends at the Source.

So if the Source is Love, it all starts and ends with Love. If Love is Truth, Truth always is, emerging and returning to Source! From one single dot to infinity, returning to dot, being one and the same!

Remember once again, that the Truth is different in different states of consciousness, and the Truth is always out there for those who seek and want to know it, remember it actually. But we always have to look deeper and deeper to find the deepest Truth. The Universal Truth is the only kind of Truth that sets us free. If it does not make us feel free, then it's not the real Truth!
Seek deeper, reach bigger, aim higher!

Seek Divine Love, that is the only cure for the Soul. Returning to Divine Love heals everything!

With Love, Polona

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