Divine Love

Following the Path of the Soul is the biggest gift we can give ourselves. No one can give us a bigger gift than we can give to ourselves. An...

Following the Path of the Soul is the biggest gift we can give ourselves. No one can give us a bigger gift than we can give to ourselves. And then we start becoming the best possible versions of us, that we were always meant to be and on a higher level always are! And we are Divine Love!
One cannot know the Heart of another, if the individual doesn't know the Self through unconditional Self Love and acceptance. This path begins with accepting reality as it is, being real as opposed to being in illusion and Self denial. The mind always reasons, while the Heart just knows and we cannot know others without knowing ourselves first.

Knowing ourselves comes from loving ourselves, so Self love is the ultimate step towards Divine Love and connection between Souls, that are all part of the One! Oneness is therefore not just a concept, it's a Universal Truth, which can only be felt. Divine Love starts with the Self and the Self starts with feeling. As every Journey begins with one first step, the Journey of knowing and understanding others begins with first knowing ourselves. And when we truly love ourselves through the Divine I AM Presence inside us, we know all others, because they are only parts and aspects of ourselves. The Journey is always about Love, and the Voyager is always us! And when we go deeper into realizing who our Self is, our God Self Essence, we start becoming it and through this process we reflect that to others, so they can also see more clearly, who they are.

We were all created through the same Source of Divine Love of merging the Divine Feminine and Masculine. We were all created as an individual Soul within All that is. Our Soul was created as a Twin Flame Essence, polarized consciousness within One Soul. We were All created by the likeness of the Creator, so we are one and the same Divine Spark!

We chose to grow and evolve, therefore Life and our experiences became profound and complex. In this process, some have forgotten about who we are and always have been, while some never did. And those are now assisting others to return to Divine Love, for this is the only real Truth and only coming back to it can heal the Soul of All!

Many of those who have never forgotten the Truth of who they are, are now here on Earth, in this Reality. Many of those have chosen to come here to merge with their Divine Twin Flame counterpart, their ultimate Beloved, to better assist in this shift of the collective consciousness, which means returning to Divine Love!

Twin Flame Essence can be felt like One split into two (Y), which means the same energy in polarization. When incarnated, the two »separate« are merging back into One, walking the same path of service to others. You can imagine that as the symbol Y turned downwards. The two into one means they create a trinity, which means that Christ Consciousness emerges when they create a neutral third energy.

It's about the same energy pattern, frequency, yet polarized into the opposite. This manifests as the same vibration, but different function or expression. The exact equal and counterpart. Only these two energies can reach a perfect resonance and harmony when manifested as Spirit in physicality. All the other forms of energetic Union cannot match this unique and ultimate union of these two perfectly synchronistic vibrations, which are in fact one and the same.

To be ready for such a connection in the physical, these two counterparts must be completely independent on their own and energetically strong, empowered. This endurance is achieved through many trials and tribulations, challenges of the Spirit for the purpose of Self Love, recognition and understanding, which brings empowerment. It's a challenge that only the strongest of the strong are faced with. It's the ultimate trial and the ultimate victory, which brings glory, grace, compassion and wisdom within the Ultimate Truth.

This agreement is only presented to those individuals, who are very experienced on a Soul level. Because you have to be energetically strong to withhold and sustain such a powerful and ultimate connection. It's a connection of unconditional Divine Love, that carries within complete Faith and Trust, because there is a need for complete surrender. Only through the highest Self integrity, one can start aiming for such a powerful connection, for it is a connection of complete merging with the Self and returning to Divine Love, that was lost for so many individuals.

Those fearless individuals, who are ready for this on their life path towards ascension, can model this Divine Love to others, and help them to trigger their own Divine awareness and greater spiritual growth.

Gaia needs us right Now more than ever, so be willing to open up to and activate your Twin Flame Heart. Only Self empowerment is the way to ascending the spiral of Spirit, for it is the way to Divine Love! The era of all outer masters and teachers is slowly fading away, we are all becoming our own. That's why people will start seeking empowerment within instead of seeking to be enlightened, since we already are enlightened at the deepest core level. Empowerment is about reconnecting with that Self God Essence once again and fully stepping into it! We are then ready to finally fully remember the Divine Love that is All!

Some say, Twin Flame Love shall heal the World, I say: »Twin Flame Love is healing the World!«

With Love, Polona

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