432 Hz VS. 440 Hz - Documentary

The Musical Scale Conspiracy: 432 Hz Vs. 440 Hz! The Mathematical Point of View Part...

The Musical Scale Conspiracy: 432 Hz Vs. 440 Hz!

The Mathematical Point of View

Part One:
Part Two:

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  1. A nice summary of the 432hz material in graspable form.
    We are delighted to see the string of facts that were presented 12 years ago (2000AD) in the "Universal Dances" web article of Ananda Bosman, animated for the documentary screen, with some superb additional research material, and some facts I was not aware of either. "Universal Dances" has been probably the most plagiarised article on 432hz, on the web, but has been the seed for the music revolution.

    Fine editing of quality movies of the sacred sites, the material has been largely understood and assimilated into a form for mass understanding.
    Whilst the film borrows heavily from our research, verbatim, it is the first 432hz quality movie, so we recommend it, and acknowledge the art produced.
    The 432hz music revolution, founded by us 13 years ago, in the popular music front, and by the classical musician world quite some time before that, is now gaining ground, into mass re-tuning.
    432hz will become the inevitable music standard, as the archaic harmonics of the proto Rg Vedic Agrarian culture, the infamous Sarasvati Valley before the Sumerian's science is resurrected. ancient proto Vedic numinously inspired harmonic music science, reflecting a Higher Intelligence.
    A commended venture.
    Ananda Bosman


    1. I am a musician i started to use 432hz about a year ago iv since never lost my voice iv seen crowds who were angry become calm after only 10 mins of playing, i now also tune my water and food we have been conned for years by nazis who are still doing it today this is only one of the many ways we have been kept in the dark and fed bullshit...

    2. Sorry to be the one to tell you but 432hz is not more musical in any way... infact the earths harmonics are around 444hz so 440hz is closer to harmony with nature if thats what your after..also before 440hz the standard tuning has been 419hz, 429hz, 432hz and many others.. to add to that equal temperement tuning is inharmonic so no matter what you tune A to your still out of tune with a perfect circle of sound if your playing to piano's, guitars or any other conventional instrument.

    3. That's where you're wrong. Obviously, you know little to nothing about numbers, frequencies and higher frequencies. Our being is a 9 frequency. In case you haven't noticed, 9 is at the top of the number list. It's the highest form of single digit possible. 444hz only reduces down to 3, a very low frequency. We a Human Beings are not trying to get in touch with Nature, we're trying to get in touch with a higher frequency. That is ascension at its highest level. Some Humans operate on a frequency that adds up to 3, some operate on a frequency that adds up to 7 (myself included), others operate on a frequency that ads up to 9. Those with higher frequencies are generally more peaceful, generally more successful, generally understand things more so than those who operate on lower frequencies, and generally have more wealth. Did I mention that those who operate on a higher frequency are generally happier? Which explains why so many people, musicians included, experience calmer states of mind when listening to a frequency that becomes 9 when reduced to a single digit. 9 represents the end of a cycle in numerology. In order to achieve Ascension, one must go through the 9 cycles of life. Each one representing a different stage of life. It is not a good thing to spread lies about the 444hz and 440hz frequencies. Nature and the Planet Earth operate on a Low Frequency. That is why Matter exist. Matter is a Low Frequency. Why do you think that people who can actually sing, vs those who rap or scream into the microphone, actually sound more appealing to the soul than the others. Rap and music like Screamo, is not music. It's not pleasing to the soul as it does not resonate on the proper scale. Where as natural singers represent the closing of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. It's soothing. Why? We as a Human Being recognize, through our Spirit of course, that the end of a cycle is actually the beginning of a new one. This is something to be celebrated. Think of achieving a goal in life and then setting a new one. When you start working towards that new goal, you'll begin that new cycle. Anyone who has done research into both Numerology and Frequencies, will see this connection.

  2. You can listen music 432hz through winamp with installed pacemaker. Only to do is to change pitch: -0,22.
    Thanks, and naow croatian hello
    be wealth and happy.

    1. That should be -0,32.


  3. A nice simplistic outline of the 432hz theory but it uses a lot of false and unproveable facts and fails to actually understand the sience of sound and music and the history of why arrived at 440hz and also completely forgets to mention a far more valid debate which is equal temperament tuning vs the Pythagorean, harmonic series tuning.

    When a single note of music is played it contains an endless range of whats call harmonics, notes within the fundamental tone. Pythagorean tuning uses this harmonic series to chart out the distance between our 12 note scale. In pythagorean tuning music should sound more resonant and more in tune, generally singers and strings players will slide into this tuning if playing without fixed instrument. Equal temperament became enormously popular and the standard because it allowed composers to change keys, ie make any of the tones in the scale the fundamental, This was like artists suddenly going from black and white to an enormous universe of colours, the potential for future musical creations and what could be done was amazing. So its a compromise between having things perfectly in tune or having way more colours at a composers fingertips. As far as 432hz is concerned it was never fixed at that, people used to just tune to each other or whatever instrument was fixed at the time and it is proven and documented that hz people were playing at changed from town to town, suburb to suburb and would have changed if the temperature changed. It was composers and instrument makers that wanted to bring in s fixed standard so that instruments and could be made and set up for a fixed tuning and to make life easier for everyone.

    440hz was chosen as it was roughly around the place were a lot of orchestra's were playing at.

    If you tune a piece of recorded music down to 432hz it is likely it will still be in equal temperament tuning and therefore contain and endless amount of dissonant un resonant frequencies.

    I would like to see the debate between different tuning systems taking place with a bit more historical fact and science and knowledge rather than tripper whispers and conspiracy theories. Most electronic music for instance is in only one key and could therefore benefit from being tuned to Pythagorean tuning as the music would resonate far more.

    I have also seen a number of site selling software and or singing bowls and the like in 432hz so there is people making money of this theory and there to me seems to be the real conspiracy, start an silly theory make an outragous conspiracy theory doco with no evidence to back it up and make some money.

    1. this. you are totally right... tuning theory is fascinating. My favorite is extended Pythagorean, which is very close to 53ET, and The Satanic Comma is the next extended Pythagorean at 665ET.... They got their math right, and it has a very clear connection with Physics.

      Demonstrate that 432hz resonates with your brain somehow (ie: the water demonstration), and you got something somewhat intersting. Of course because seconds is an arbitrary unit, 432 is *not* the number that's meaningful; as by the time you relate it back to fundamental constants, it's probably a unique number like Pi or E.

    2. Sorry not completely correct. If you really want to know more about this there is a really in depth book that explains this in detail. The Universe is all related to Math. The Golden mean, The Phi spiral all relate to this number. The book is Intervals Scales and Tones by Maria Renold who was a student of Rudolf Steiner. There has been a study done which was over a length of 20 years on how people related to the difference between A440 and A432. It showed without any doubt that A440 in Equal Temperament had a harmful effect on the human being. I have personally compared the sound of Birds, Whales and they are in harmony with the notes in the Pythagorean A=432 hz scale.
      Hz may be a just a name but they are describing a Vibration.... which is the very fabric of the Universe. Everything is Vibration.
      If you were to go and study Indian Classical music you would find that the scale and the frequency of the notes that they use is in alignment with the A=432hz. It is the OLDEST intact system of music in the world... and the most harmonic. They only us a system of 21 notes... that is all.... go and see.... for your self....

    3. Finally some common sense around here, congratulations!

  4. https://www.facebook.com/OpenMikesLounge is on the forefront of this musical debate. All of our stage instruments as well as our house piano are tuned to 432, and we achieve some amazing results. Regardless of any spiritual or universal healing aspects of it, it really does sound warmer and has less tension in the instruments and singers vocal chords. Most people in the business of music have an issue with 432 because it goes against everything that they have studied. My suggestion is to try it, and really give it a chance. At first it just sounds flat, but thats the idea. It is flat compared to the corporate 440 tuning that we are all used to. Now that i get to listen to live music every night in 432 i cant even listen to most music any longer. It sounds so agitated and stressed. Don't focus on the spiritual aspect of this just listen to the difference and then do what you like:-)

    Mike D.

  5. I'm going to try it today on a mandolin.

  6. So why do you think they changed it from 432 to 440????

    1. Well, because they want to break us down for easier control of the population.

    2. LOL there IS a thing called freewill...

    3. your free will can easily be influenced

  7. Check out Schillerinstitute.org/music/petition.html

  8. There are some interesting things in this video, but it's mostly deceptive. The two most appalling deceptions are described in the following sentences.

    During the listening of the tones, the author of this video does not mention that there is no such thing as an octave in Pythagorean 13 tone scale. Yes, that's 13, not 12. Anyway, if there is 256, then there is no 512 - think Pythagorean comma; 531441/524288. "Do", or any other syllable that represents a frequency, does not repeat an octave higher in Pythagorean tuning. The Pythagorean tuning is not cyclical.

    Phi is NOT 1.6! ! !

    1. Right! There are very very deep mysteries to instrument tuning; which is why the microtonal world is so balkanized by the trade-offs right now. Just Intonation tunings are tied to Prime Numbers (Riemann Hypothesis), etc. The Prime Number distribution is such a deep problem that we use it to hide our deepest secrets with cryptography.

      The tuning systems involve multiplying together integer exponentials of primes, which means that no matter how close you get to a 'perfect' tuning system, you end up finding more issues as you go deeper; as if mortal men are not allowed to have it.

      That's the kind of numerology that's cool, useful, and spiritual.

  9. If you are going to do numerology, then at least do it right.

    .siht ekil sdrawkcab nettirw era sdrow werbeH ehT :-) Really, it's in Hebrew font, but each word is written from left to right.

    All these "432" sightings depend upon the seconds unit not being an arbitrary definiton; and it is arbitrarily defined. 432 seconds, 432 bogomips, 432 foos (0.2342 of a Martian year). And even if seconds were based on a fundamental property like speed of light or Planck's length, you can't add hz units together because they are inverse wavelengths and also since you multiply pitch ratios, adding numbers in hz is generally total nonsense (take the *logs* of them and then you can add things).

    Numerology done right is kind of cool; and the actual microtonal music world knows what they are doing. Show a relationship to an actual fundamental physical constant, and you at least have something that doesn't look stupid. If it's done right, then 432 shows up in *unit-less* places such as ratios. The second isn't related to anything fundamental, so 1/432 of a second doesn't mean anything... especially because The Ancients were not using seconds as a unit - which would determine how many hertz, which is number of something per second.

    432 is ... 2^4 * 3^3, which might be an interesting landmark in Pythagorean (3-limit) tuning.

    But all this 432 stuff I see on the web drives me crazy... It's just very ding-batty and even the math is wrong in a lot of cases.

  10. The C to C is the Major Scale, not the Whole Tone Scale. A Whole Tone scale is a series of whole tones or Major 2nds, in this case C-D-E-F#-G#-A#-B##(C). The Major Scale is as follows (W-Whole Step, H-Half Step) W-W-H-W-W-W-H (C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C). In G Major it would be G-A-B-C-D-E-F#-G to create a whole step between the 6th and 7th interval and a half step between the 7th and 8th. Calling the Major scale the Whole Tone scale is incorrect and misleading. That being said, I find the rest of your theory fascinating, but I suck at math so a lot of it went over my head!

    1. Right. That was the flaw I saw in this theory as well. The whole tone scale is not the same as the Ionian scale.
      Also, it is my understanding that tempered tuning allows more extended chords to be played with out them sounding dissonant & out of tune.

  11. You can find this book online for free in PDF format.
    It is the beginning of it.

    Bibliographical Note.
    First English Edition, June, 1875 ;
    Second Edition, revised and Aj^pendix added, August, 1885;
    Third Edition, reprinted from Second Edition, June, 1895.
    ON THE

  12. Here's why "tuning to 432 Hz" won't do any good in transcending the discordant frequency and state of consciousness within humanity:

    "Tuning" is a term with two simultaneous meanings. Because of this, one gets confused for the other and a crucial aspect of music gets left out of the picture, one that makes the "standard frequency" less important than the tuning system itself. The two meanings of tuning are:

    1. An abstract scale of sounds, defined through mathematical relationships between the fundamental tone and all other tones derived from it. With other words, every musical scale has a number of tones that are created from the fundamental tone by the simple mathematics of the harmonic series: 1, 2, 3, 4, ... and so on. In our western culture there's only one scale in use, having 12 tones, from which only 7 are used at any given time. This tuning system is called Equal Temperament, and is a close approximation of the numbers occurring naturally in the harmonic series.

    2. "Tuning" also refers to the oscillating frequency of the fundamental tone, which affects the system as a whole because all other tones are related to it. In common practice we take the 10th tone (from the total 12) to define this standard, so the mathematical relation between this 10th tone and the fundamental must be taken in consideration. With other words, it is not A=440Hz our current standard concert pitch, but C=261,62557...Hz, because from C to A there are 9 "semitones", meaning the twelfth root of two - also written 2^(1/12) - multiplied 9 times by itself, or simply 2^(9/12), which reduces to 2^(3/4). Divide 440 by that, and you get the real standard frequency of equal temperament.

    Now, the most important think to remember is that frequencies do affect frequencies, and equal temperament is an artificial construct that cannot be found in nature.

    Movement is harmonic when it repeats the same cycle in exactly the same time. Harmonic sound moves like waves of energy fitting perfectly into each other. In equal temperament harmonics never cycle, because this tuning’s base is the twelfth root of two: 2^(1/12) or 1,0594630943593... (decimals go on forever), replacing almost entirely the harmonic progression of whole numbers from 1 to 12 with approximations made of irrational numbers that do not occur naturally. Equal tempered music generates disharmony, because its waves of energy never meet and cannot support resonance.

    There are many who advocate a tuning system called "Pythagorean", that stops at harmonic 3. Although harmonically pure, it is located far away in the harmonic series, between harmonics 31104 and 62208 when having 11 tones ("tritone" excluded), or simply between 432 and 864 when having only 7. Yes, 432 is a number of the harmonic series defining musical (or architectural) ratios, and has nothing to do with its value in cycles per second or Hertz, and is very unlikely to find such numbers as harmonics in the sound of a single fundamental tone. Anyway, in order to work properly, this tuning system would have to have at least 53 tones per "octave".

    Only after having a pure tuning system that can support resonance and is in tune with the nature and the universe, only then we can talk about a "standard frequency" for the fundamental tone. Until then, as long as we're still using equal temperament, all the claims about the divinity of 432 Hz are left-brain fantasies. All we do know, through the observations made by Maria Renold using acoustic instruments, is that lowering the standard frequency a few Hertz WHILE CHANGING THE TUNING SYSTEM to other than equal temperament has certain effects, which we all can notice.

    More info: http://whatmusicreallyis.com/papers/sweet_poison.html

    1. Thank you for succinctly stating (re TET vs PT) in your last paragraph what I have been trying to say to others, including 432-ers, using 136.1 times as many words. And especially "left-brain fantasies", beautiful! I loathe the major third on a standard electronic organ. You inspired me to tune it to 432 and see the results for myself and yes - it still sounds just as horrible.
      On a side note, researching this I stumbled upon the Gandhar tuning of C=240 (A=400). Of course being a 22 Shruti scale it avoids the pitfall of TET, but interestingly by starting at 240Hz, what we usually call B in 440, the tuning by ratios contains the "magic numbers" 256,432,512 etc extolled by New Agers but appearing as different, higher notes in the Pure Tuning scale.

  13. I have spent countless hours playing, recording, mixing, mastering and there is a profound difference. For example I would describe 432 hz as warm sounding or natural, 440 hz as brittle or digital and 444 hz as bright and sunny. I don't understand why there would be any push back on this unless it's because it sounds to out there for some people to get. But if you are a musician and accustomed to playing writing and performing or have studio experience or even an avid music lover... it makes total sense.

  14. i play music for a living at nursing homes. I play about 50 gigs a month, and mostly to dementia residents. I retuned my guitar to 432hz a week ago in a frenzy of excitement after dis-covering this. The results were eh.. not much.

    just... my vocals resonated like nothing before, amazing range now
    the residents all seemed calmer and the ones that were usually in the corner yelling help me most of the time.. just watched me and smiled.

    as a musician this is an amazing rediscovery for me!!


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