1997: Area 51 Caller During Radio Show - Amazing!

During a 1997 radio show, the host Art Bell, received an  amazing  phone call from an anonymous mal...

During a 1997 radio show, the host Art Bell, received an amazing phone call from an anonymous male claiming to work for the government (in Area 51).
This guy said (back in 1997) about the US government plans and the disasters that are coming in 2012. He also said that there are safe spots which the government knows of, but ain't telling to the people.
But his most interesting claims were that the aliens are actually extra-dimensional beings and they are not what they claim to be. The extraterrestrials have infiltrated most of the Military.

We don't find out which type of aliens he is referring to, but I think he is speaking of the reptilians. From my studies they are extra-dimensional, which means that they can access a dimension that we are not able to decode. It's a very simple thing for them to tune into a dimension that is out of our reach, therefore they can become invisible to us. Remember that an event is 'paranormal' only until we discover the science behind it.

While the caller was sharing this information to the public, the radio station gets cut off for the first time since Art had been doing the show and they came back on air running on a backup system.

Later Edited:

If you havent heard this clip from the infamous radio show "Coast to Coast" you should do. Its one of those classic moments in the show which went down in its history, while Art Bell was hosting.

Cloaked in mystery and intrigue, this clip still lives on, being discovered by new seekers in both the alternative and ufo community with relish.

It is kind of scary, so maybe keep your teddybear close by.

My specific query with regards to the clip is why on earth ( no pun intended) does Art Bell say "Discharged" before the radio cuts out?

Is this man a paid actor, genuine, a manchurian candidate, an mkultra victim or what? .... you decide, if you dare...

Shortly after this broadcast Art Bell began winding down his operations at Coast 2 Coast, and wikipedia reports of strange goings on following the broadcast..


UPDATE ( 21/10/07 )
*** I've just received this email from an avid listener of C2C at the time of the broadcast, on their request I will keep their identity anonymous ***

"Greetings "Frog"!

I want to take this opportunity to write and clarify some apparent confusions regarding that now "classic" 1997 broadcast and it's aftermath.

I used to be a AVID listener(EVERY NIGHT) before I subscribed to "Streamlink",so was able to catch the initial broadcast AND ALL the subsequent follow-ups too. THIS is what REALLY happened:
1.The caller made that initial call(heard here)which was actually AUDIOTAPED and played SOME years later by Art on the air AT LEAST ONCE. It was only the BROADCAST that was mysteriously interrupted. Art spoke with the caller for MORE than is heard HERE, before he was alerted by the producer that the actual BROADCAST wasn't being received. The COMPLETE conversation I clearly remember listening to some time later. I will discuss THAT a bit later. It was during that initial conversation that Art says the word "discharged". Art was at that time STILL speaking to the caller and was questioning him ABOUT that discharge, evidently expressing DOUBT as to the veracity of the caller's claims and wanting to accentuate this to his LISTENERS, hence Art's PRONOUNCED accent on that particular word just before the broadcast cut off.

2. About a week later, the caller RETURNED, now claiming it was all a HOAX, at which point Art sounded quite RELIEVED.

3. About two years AFTER that initial call, the caller AGAIN returned, now claiming(in great detail)that he had been kidnapped, brainwashed and essentially been made to claim it was all a hoax,by secret agencies inside the govt.
As you would imagine, this totally FREAKED Art(and most of the callers that night).

4.At some point afterward(memory fails me on exactly WHEN)someone CLAIMING to be that caller AGAIN came on the phone with Art, and began a hysterical rant. Art(and most of his listeners)recognised that this caller DIDN'T sound like the same person, and Art-after exchanging a few words with him-promptly HUNG UP.

It was revealed in the audiotape of that complete first call that the responsibility of the "Aliens" entry into our world/dimension rested squarely within the US govt. itself. The caller claimed that secret factions within our military were conducting tests(based on work that had begun with German scientists during WWII)and it was during these "tests" that a portal was opened, allowing their entry. The caller insinuated that communications were made with the "Aliens" for some time PRIOR to their actual ENTRY into OUR dimension, at that PRIOR to their entry,the US govt. was led to believe that the They were NOT a possible threat to national security.

Since these (rightly)classic shows, several factors have come to my attention to make ME believe the caller was GENUINE, not a sham. At least one qualified expert on voice-stress analysis did a reading on that initial call, and declared publicly that he found NOTHING that led him to believe that the caller was making up ANY part of it.
Another factor was the caller's description of those "extra dimensions" in terms that neatly fall into place with what are now called "parallel universes" or the "String Theory", which of course at the time of that broadcast(1997)the general public knew almost NOTHING about. Still ANOTHER reason I believe it's NOT a hoax is the fact that Art Bell has publicly declared he DIDN'T play any part whatsover in it, other than what was heard on-air those nights over that two year period. Art certainly has his faults(I'm NO fan of his "child bride" marriage...especially SO SOON after Ramona's demise)but I sincerely believe in his PROFESSIONAL integrity, and I think most of his listening audience DO TOO!

Warm regards,

PS In regard to later allegations that it was TOM GREEN who was the mystery caller, I would bet the farm that if he made ANY of the calls it was only the FOURTH:where Art and most callers DIDN'T BUY IT, and Art promptly HUNG UP on the guy!"

Special thanks to Heather Dodds for the update.

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  1. He said it was going to happen really really quick. And nothing has happend and 2012 is coming.He didnt say ot was happing on that day/p.s secret L.I.P

  2. In that initial broadcast, the caller spoke of "safe areas." Has anyone heard of these areas???

    1. southern hemisphere

    2. In February 2012 George Norey was talking with someone "I think some scientist" and he was talking about those girls who mysteriously came down with terits syndrom " uncontrollable twicthing movement of the muscles" and when the caller was staying the cause was "fracking" breaking up of the ground to gain access to natural gas. The caller was interrupted by a immediate no warning "emergency broadcast system check" just the sound and no words like "this was only a test . I don't even think George knew what happened because he just keep talking then went to a break. Weird????

    3. I'm afraid matt 6:24 is misinterpreted. Entertainment is not a sin, tho constantly desiring it cn lead to it as just about anything can. Serving two masters is where you seek worldly gain at others expense in order to assure your own life. Then you are not serving nor trusting God, but Mammon, and yes Satan will help you with that as the many extraordinaryily wealthy persons using their money to buy undeserved power are examples. But it is temporary, and after you leave this life you are faced with the terrible reality you spent a lifetime denying. Entertainment is only an temporary escape from reallization of culpability. You already did the crime or sin.

    4. All very interesting, but has nothing to do with other vids you post dealing with Nibiru or the approach of a huge body 5 times bigger than Jupiter @ 11 times Earth size, possibly Sols burnt out twin, and can be seen along with some of its moons early before sunrise on a clear morning. 45 degreess north of sunrise, 45 degrees above horizon. Time is grown short and convoys are already on highways and flatbeds of trains. If the other side had won the election we'd be being rounded up already.
      Anyone ever read Immanuel Velakovsky's book World's in Colllusion? He was poopooed in favor of Carl Sagan, a home boy. Many explalnations for understanding of today's problems. Water, (Noah's flood?) may have been stolen from Mars to drown the earth. NIBIRU? three days of darkness? Nibiru. Returns evry 26,000 years or so. No more dinosaurs or giant mammals. Ancient docks and cities well under the seas around the world testify to?.
      Or take Niccola Tessla's inventions. We could have had free or very low cost non polluting energy, but only Thos. Edison's inventions could be exploited by the Morally bankrupt and Spiritually destitute serving Mammon. Now our chickens have come home to roost and we must pay the piper for our foolishness. So many choose badly, mostly due to ignorance, but in denial of it. Rah Rah us, the most exploitive nation, claiming heroism yet denying others life and liberty and especiallly Justice. Even our own children, stolen rom parents who need less help than putting them in foster care costs. Traumatized they grow up to smoke a litle weed then go to prison, now privatized, at 5 times the cost ofgiving job training and parent training to real parents would be. YOU and I pay for this crime against our own kids who will never have a real life of their own but are damned from the moment of birth by this exploitive system. Increased Illnesses caused by poisons and chemicals in GMO foods, yet we're denied decent health care for the victims. Then claiming the opposite. Admirable eH?
      I still think the Book of Revelation and Jesus teachings has the answers. When will we realize he came not to die but to teach. it has some answers as to what role the aliens will play. May you be Taken up in a chariot of fire. What we need to do is simplle. Just get right with God and from today on be that pillar of righteousness you were properly meant to be. Without bragging about it pleeze.

    5. He came to die for the sins of the world. Repent, turn to Him, and be forgiven. Now is the time, not later. Time IS growing very very short. He will call His children home soon, and then real bad trouble begins for those who denied Him. When we go home, many will believe we were abducted by "aliens". The so called "aliens" are just demons, incapable of hurting one hair on God's chosen one's heads unless HE deems it necessary. They will fool all of you so that your focus is off of Jesus Christ and on them. Jesus taught, yes, but He came to die and then rise again the third day according to the Scriptures. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16 He did come to die. Why? Because God loved us so much. blessings

  3. Be prepared to be shuffled loose the mortal coil. An unwinnable election of a leader of men, won by a man who can not lead, will bring forth answers to questions the likes of which you have never thought to ask. When all the questions you have sought an answer for suddenly seem irrelevant, it's because they are. Leave your vessel behind, you will not need it where we are going.

  4. the safe areas are in the plains. in new zealand, australia,peru, chile, brazil, india canada the cenrtal part of the US and africa. the government changed the date so that i can sound as a liar. the date is 2020 to 2030. please this is not a joke. get their. dont let the government trick you. seek refuge through those days. believe in me. dont let them trick you. we are going to die. not by them but by a plague. the hints are in movies and shows. get safe. dont make me regret what is going to cost me my life.

  5. Reveal yourself heathen, and do not fear I have found a dimension that is safe and I have installed a special multi-dimensional teddy bear for you.

  6. Fantastic tips as usual and you were right-- I haven't seen a lot of these before anywhere else! Thanks so much!

  7. I read that all blue eyed people are dIrect descendents of The Pladeains and will rise when the reptiles try to take over.

    To protect ypurself read The Antipope by Robert Rankin


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