UFOs: Volcano Sakurajima! INSANE Activity [April 2-3, 2011]

The UFOs activity around Sakurajima Volcano is absolutely INSANE. Even though there are Live Cameras...

The UFOs activity around Sakurajima Volcano is absolutely INSANE. Even though there are Live Cameras, the activity had been almost entirely overlooked.
UFOs are visible in all 4 cameras (showing different sides of the mountain / volcano). In the upper left corner we can distinguish a certain pattern. The UFOs are not only observing, they are interfering somehow. In all other 3 cameras glowing orbs are visible hovering above the volcano.

  April 2, 2011:
  April 3, 2011:
Sakurajima Volcano Live Webcams Library:
(Use the "Google Chrome" browser for in-page translation from Japanese to English).

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  1. For what reason/s do you think they are there Doc ? I did hear once, that UFOs were also observed escaping, at immense speed, from the Atoll nuclear tests in the 1950s. Anything to add my friend ? Ross Hall

  2. Honestly? They look to me like excited particles that are light up from the volcanic activity. They seem to slowly rise and then fall. something like the aurora in which oxygen turns green and nitrogen is purple. Perhaps these orbs are something like that. None the less truly amazing.

  3. What about the upper left camera? Are those excited particles as well, in your opinion? Have you noticed the UFO that 'stationed' above the lake for a while, then continued its journey?

  4. I believe whatever they are they are collecting Helium3 which can only be found on near active volcano's and reas of the moon.

  5. This is what started human sacrifice into volcanos. The sacrifice was to fuel the volcano to bring the "Gods" down and "they" would share knowledge and technology with us. All in my very own opinion of course


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