Chief Nuclear Engineer: The TRUE Situation at Fukushima: Worse Than Chernobyl!

The Chief Nuclear Engineer from "Fairewinds Associates Inc.", Arnie Gundersen, released ye...

The Chief Nuclear Engineer from "Fairewinds Associates Inc.", Arnie Gundersen, released yesterday (March 31, 2011) a video explaining the TRUE events taking place at Fukushima. Even though the news are probably worse than anyone expected, I really appreciate his intervention. We have the right to know the truth and prepare accordingly!
Faire Winds Official Website:

Let's not forget that we are talking of only ONE nuclear power plant!! We have about 100 in the USA and thousands all over the planet. We have the capabilities and resources to make available clean & free energy all over the planet, but our Governments pretend to be addicted to this atrocity that kills us and Mother Earth!

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I wish you all INFINITE LOVE and HEALTH!

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