Nibiru (Planet X): New 2011 Pictures & Videos!

Personally, I am 100% sure that Nibiru / Planet X is real and approaching it's PERIGEE . But I&#...

Personally, I am 100% sure that Nibiru / Planet X is real and approaching it's PERIGEE. But I'm certain that its coming has nothing to do with the 2012 events. Nibiru will probably reach its Perigee long after 2012. In the meanwhile we will witness this wonderful object in our skies for many years.
Nibiru seen in Sky-Map (Click the pictures to enlarge them)?
Sky-Map.org is similar to GoogleSky, but the data is hosted on their online servers so the website can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Visit the website, type "Nibiru" in the Search box and choose the option "Infrared Sky Survey (IRAS)". The result will be the above picture. Bellow, I've encircled all the visible big objects. It can be assumed that the objects (or some of them) are Nibiru's moons:
Now chose the option SDSS-III. The following pictures are revealed:
This bright star that Sky-Map identifies as "Nibiru", is located near the Leo constellation.
And the strangest thing about it is its name: "TYC 834-1115-1". What does TYC stands for? Those this -by any chances- come from the name Tyche? Or did Tyche received this longer name after initials TYC (chosen many years ago)?
Proof that Nibiru is also called TYC in Sky-Map:
This image also provided the coordinates, so next I used Google Sky to search for it. Here it is:
Enter the following coordinates in Google Sky to search for it: 09h 47m 51.35s, 13 18' 32.9"
As you can see, the image used in Google Sky is dated from back 2007. But both Google Sky and Sky-Map use the same pictures of the Cosmos took even earlier. Some pictures may be 10 years old while others much older.
Lately, we are able to see in the videos released from NASA, a bright star. Some say it's Venus, reflecting the Sun's light, while others consider it to be Nibiru.

Video showing Dark Star behind the Sun:

Some say that the bright object to the right is Venus but can't say what the left one is. Others say it can't be Venus because it's too bright and too big. If it's not Venus, then probably it is Nibiru and the other massive spherical object is one of its moons.

Sounds plausible, especially because NASA themselves basically say that is not Venus:

I have the following video for some time, but didn't seem plausible; especially the part about the 34 planets/moons orbiting around it. I also don't believe that the guy who made it works at NASA. But who really knows?!
Then, I gave it a second thought. It's not my mission to choose what information reaches you. You should be your own judge, especially because in the latest Nibiru pictures, it seems possible to have a lot of moons...even 34. The closer it gets, the more of them we will be able to see.

Dear Friends,
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  1. good work friend catch me on youtube.com/nibiruTV

  2. you seem to talk about nibiru like if that is a good thing.... but from what i know nibiru is part of the Annunaki covenant...

  3. Dear Pacalis, Nibiru is part of our history and we must accept it for what it is.
    We shouldn't be worried or scared of anything. We must accept all future experiences for what they are, because everything has a purpose.

  4. If this is true, then the creators are coming.

  5. To day at 19:08 did record Nibiru to video.Azerbaijan.Nibiru with sun 1 clock

  6. @Anonymous March 27, 2011 7:31 PM, I cannot find your video, mate. Please send me the name of the video. Peace!

    @Anonymous March 28, 2011 12:09 AM, You have nothing to be afraid. Everything is taking place just like it's supposed to. Please read this article:

    We are in this one together, as a specie...maybe for the first time in our history. Hang in there, we are always connected. Everything will be ok!

    With Pure Love, Alexander.

  7. 26 march http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yYQ8_mhEI8
    This i did record to day again 27 march http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cL_938osgU

  8. "The Greek historian Polybius believed that when no cause can be discovered to events such as floods, drought or frosts then the cause of these events may be fairly attributed to Tyche."

    qouted from Wikipedia

    The truth always lyes at the source, their is info about "Nibiru" scattered throughout our entire history. You just have to know wheere to look...

  9. The beings who are coming can only copy a human by genetic engineering from a part of human body but they cannot create a human... They are copier not creator....We should think about him who designed human at first , he is the creator and the beings coming was also created by the greatest creator who created this universe....

  10. i wonder how closer planet x nibiru is to earth

  11. If it were brighter than Venus, as this article states, then we'd see it in our night sky (with the naked eye), every night. And would have for quite some time. After all, Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky, following only the Moon. Thousands upon thousands of amateur astronomers would have picked it up and the internet would be literally flooded with pictures and panicked messages from people with real integrity. Wise up everyone, before you drive yourself mad trying to prove something ridiculous and far fetched.

    1. It is returning from behind the sun. It is not visible in the night sky.

    2. scientist are starting to admit that the government has tried to hide nibiru and that it exists. it has aldo just entered or solar system, and come june it should be visible in the night sky, possibly during the day. this is the reason why the pole have been shifting throughout the past years. Its orbit suggests that it will actually slingshot around the sun around april/may, and be gone frim the solar system before december 2012

  12. the bright light at cordinate 9 47 59 -13 18 23 is actually a body called CW leonis, it is found in the constellation of leo, the object is said to be some 390 light years away from earth... the problem is that it is moving, to where scientists can't tell yet... my real worry is an object from www.sky-map.org at coordinate 13 49 30 -8 37 28 constellation of virgo... clearly there is an overlay of a dark square/rectangle/box as if it is to hide/censor something(s).. even through the dark box... one can vividly see a round large object accompanied by two smaller objects... bear in mind that Nibiru is said to be having two companion moons... hence the depicted as the "DEVIL" because the two moons looks like horns... we may never know... what is to come... but when information is being distorted/classified and withheld it can only bring more unrest... instead of our governments trying to protect us from the inevitable let's rather find ways on how to preserve our planet and find ways to preserve life... I am not a believer in this Nibiru thing and I am not skeptic of it either... for as long we have CIA, FBI, NASA, NIA (they all work to hide critical information from the public) we will never really know until its too late!

    1. This may sound strange: I had a dream last night where I was looking up and I seen a diamond shaped star, I looked closer and it was a round star/planet with bright wings/horn shapes coming out and up from the round star/planet. I looked again and I seen 3 objects. I had a dream about 9months back where I could see 3 planet/star objects coming toward the earth. I came online to look up "star with wings" to see if I could find anything. Also in my dream the scripture came to mind, " a star fell to the earth and given to it were the keys of the bottomless pit" Also, behold, "I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven" Also Lucifer is called the star of the dawn/morning star. I don't know. Just some thoughts.

    2. Nibiru is one of the Anunnaki's home planets, the serpents who deceived mankind. Lucifer and Satan were probably some important reptilian figures, as the biblical stories say:

      ~ Peace! ~

  13. One of the most mind-blowing explanations I’ve ever seen on the topic of Planet Nibiru is from a man named Dr. Scott McQuate. He uses the Sumerian language to go into detail about Planet Nibiru and explains things I’ve never heard anywhere else. He has a fascinating video lecture you can watch at www.PlanetNibiru.us Well worth your time. Peace!

  14. Where is nibiru now? How long do we have?

    1. I have no idea where it is. It may reach its perigee in a couple of years, or a thousand. But I will keep searching for any clues or news and post updates as soon as I find out more.

      Based on what evidence I was able to gather, I am almost certain that Nibiru is not an extinction threat. It may cause some damage here and there, but life on Earth will not be radically changed by its passing.

    2. almost certain? alex,

  15. 2 weeks ago i saw sky at moon so i no think moon times this after i went check my binoculars after my binoculars 7 x 35 in now i found it huge star as nibiru

  16. What, didn't understand a word of that.

  17. Ok, our moon is 4.5 billon years old, so if planit nibira comes by every 36000 years, then the last time it came by it would have strip the moon away from earths gravitational pull. Not counting the past over one million times it would have came by before that.

  18. Read Immanuel Velakovsky's Worlds In Collision. Very interesting thots based on mythologies from around the world. He was set aaide, ridiculed actually, in favor of Carl Sagon the golden boy of western science. (like Nicola Tessla who's free energy science lost out to Thos. Edison who's energy devices could be exploited).
    The moon said Velakovsky may actually have been torn from the earth, from the huge area of the Pacific ocean. Thus dry land appeared and life craweled out of the seas and adapted to it (evolved as some would say) No longer just a wet piece of rock it gets a renovation every time it visits. Revelation has the prophecies for this coming visit and are quite in keeping with what we learn here with our friend Alexander's help. Avoid worry, it won't help. Know that the soul is eternal and our bodies only as a suit of clothes we wear in oder to do our business here on earth. Learning and growing spiritually is our real business.
    Not everyone 'gets' it. Take care that you do. - granny loves you


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