Nibiru Ejecting Plasma, Just Like Our Sun = Two Suns in the Sky!

Description is Very Important, please read bellow!

Description is Very Important, please read bellow!
Video from Stereo probe.
From 0:00 - 1:13 we see the right side of the Sun. At 1:13 the video is cut to skip the Sun's observation.

From 1:13 onward the Sun is placed in the right side of the video. Huge solar explosions are clearly visible from right to left = The Sun is ejecting plasma.
["Star" (definition) = Luminous ball of plasma held together by gravity. The nearest star to Earth, is our Sun. Star = Sun = giant ball of plasma.]

At 1:57 Nibiru starts to be visible in the left corner. Its moons are not visible.
Two most probable reasons:
- not proper lenses (its moons don't generate light, like Nibiru and our Sun);
- the image is too zoomed;

At 3:40 a massive unidentified flying object appears from the right side. It's either luminous itself or it's illuminated by Nibiru and our Sun. Could be an orbiting moon? / Would the orbiting moons be visible with these lenses?

At 3:56 Nibiru does something extremely important! It ejects plasma, just like our Sun, proving once and for all that this object is a Sun, not a planet (example: Venus, like NASA suggested and the ignorants rushed to believe).
This is the ultimate proof that we have a second Sun approaching. You may call it however you want, but I will call it Nibiru - just like our ancestors did. One of its orbiting moons is probably Planet X (meaning "the planet of the crossing"), a planet able to sustain life (according to our ancestors). 1. Comet Elenin Does NOT EXISTS! Telescope Proof! Instead We Have A Brown Dwarf: Nibiru!
2. NIBIRU - Planet X Admitted by Scientists! NASA shuts down prolific Space Telescope ‘WISE’!
3. Elenin Comet: Smokescreen For Nibiru / Planet X
4. Everything about Nibiru (Planet X) in correlation to NASA and our Modern Science (Part One)
5. Everything about Nibiru (Planet X) in correlation to NASA and our Modern Science (Part Two)

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  1. So, Nibiru is a sun, and Planet x is an planet of Nibiru? Where in the world is this visible?

  2. @.@ I thought Nemesis is their Sun and Nibiru is the planet?

  3. There are two theories:
    1. Nibiru is giant planet with a reddish atmosphere that can sustain life. It has numerous orbiting by moons. This theory is held in place by the name itself: NIBIRU means "The planet of the crossing".

    2. Nibiru is a "dark star"* orbited by numerous planets / moons. The closest planet is known as Planet X (because its positioned at the crossing of the other moons) and it's able to sustain life.

    *dark star = has multiple meanings, but the one in this case is that the Sun is very old and dying; therefore the generated light is lower and reddish).

    After seeing the Sun shooting plasma, I think it's safe to say that Nibiru is one and the same with Planet X. The Sun must have another name (Nemesis or something else).

    Nibiru, Planet X, Tyche, Nemesis, Hercolobus, EleNin, etc. are all names that point in the same direction: this small solar system that approaches. At this point we have evidence to point its existence but I cannot say for sure how each object of this solar system is named. My goal was to prove its existence, now I am turning the page and start a new chapter.

    The evidence is super-convincing at this point: - we have historical accounts from different civilizations (for both Nibiru and two Suns in the sky);
    - we have proofs that scientists are looking for it because they had detected gravitational "anomalies" that prove its existence;
    - and recently we have pictures and videos showing this small solar system closing in;

    Love and Peace to all! <3

  4. ...This is Venus.


    It would help to not be so shocking ignorant once in a while.

  5. I am sorry for having to say this, but I must.

    NASA is using Venus to fool the fools.

    1. The fact that NASA is even writing about this it's proof enough that their are hiding the truth.
    "The one searching for excuses is in fact accusing oneself."

    2. If Venus is the planet to the left, then what planet is to the right of the Sun? How about the other visible objects?

    Why some people still look for answers on NASA's official website, is over my understanding.

    I wish you wisdom, brother. You will need it very soon.

  6. @Alexander Light
    well said

  7. Thank you for this, it is shared both on my fb and my forum. Blessings.

  8. I would like to point out that this CAN NOT be Venus, and NASA is lying to the public if they say it is. The "ring" around Venus is not a optical flare, for if it was it would be solid and not look like Birkeland currents. If you've ever looked through a telescope you'd know these are not optical flares.


    This is what solar flares look like.

  9. Two years later and still no sign of this Nibiru/Second sun...

    1. Yet, there was a huge object near our Sun, ejecting plasma and interacting with it.

  10. June 2013 and no NIBIRU

    1. This video extremely important because it shows a sun ejecting plasma, close to our own sun -- which is insanely interesting, because there is no star close to our own. If it wasn't a star, then it was something that we cannot understanding, hence explain. The ironical laughter does not refute this fact.

      Secondly, have you ever considered the possibility that Elenin was actually the cover for Nibiru, which "came and go" last year? A dark star passing at that distance, might not be visible in the sky (day or night) with the naked eye. Elenin was the most studied "comet" by NASA, and there is a lot of evidence in favor of the theory that our solar system is binary. Back in the 70s and 80s, NASA made no secret of this theory and it was published in numerous science journals of the time.

      Also, interesting to watch:


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