Nibiru Ejecting Plasma, Just Like Our Sun = Two Suns in the Sky!

Description is Very Important, please read bellow!

Description is Very Important, please read bellow!
Video from Stereo probe.
From 0:00 - 1:13 we see the right side of the Sun. At 1:13 the video is cut to skip the Sun's observation.

From 1:13 onward the Sun is placed in the right side of the video. Huge solar explosions are clearly visible from right to left = The Sun is ejecting plasma.
["Star" (definition) = Luminous ball of plasma held together by gravity. The nearest star to Earth, is our Sun. Star = Sun = giant ball of plasma.]

At 1:57 Nibiru starts to be visible in the left corner. Its moons are not visible.
Two most probable reasons:
- not proper lenses (its moons don't generate light, like Nibiru and our Sun);
- the image is too zoomed;

At 3:40 a massive unidentified flying object appears from the right side. It's either luminous itself or it's illuminated by Nibiru and our Sun. Could be an orbiting moon? / Would the orbiting moons be visible with these lenses?

At 3:56 Nibiru does something extremely important! It ejects plasma, just like our Sun, proving once and for all that this object is a Sun, not a planet (example: Venus, like NASA suggested and the ignorants rushed to believe).
This is the ultimate proof that we have a second Sun approaching. You may call it however you want, but I will call it Nibiru - just like our ancestors did. One of its orbiting moons is probably Planet X (meaning "the planet of the crossing"), a planet able to sustain life (according to our ancestors). 1. Comet Elenin Does NOT EXISTS! Telescope Proof! Instead We Have A Brown Dwarf: Nibiru!
2. NIBIRU - Planet X Admitted by Scientists! NASA shuts down prolific Space Telescope ‘WISE’!
3. Elenin Comet: Smokescreen For Nibiru / Planet X
4. Everything about Nibiru (Planet X) in correlation to NASA and our Modern Science (Part One)
5. Everything about Nibiru (Planet X) in correlation to NASA and our Modern Science (Part Two)

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