The Hundredth Monkey Effect -- Evidence Of How Consciousness Works

This concept was explained in other words by David, the child from Inua. Human beings are Creators, ...

This concept was explained in other words by David, the child from Inua. Human beings are Creators, we can create with our minds. The world we live in today is created by our fears, by the hate and negative emotions we generated for millennia. We have been manipulated to generate them, Yes! But we don't have an excuse NOW. David said that if a high number of individuals connect to the same idea (called "shape-thought-energy") we make that idea a reality!

We are in constant contact with the Universal Matrix...we constantly work with it, generating our reality. Remember that we are Creators and we are all ONE. So let's work with the Creation together, as a family!

Please join us in THIS MEDITATION (<-click the link) and spread it on all websites and forums. Generating a new reality is the only way we can evolve (& win)! We can never fight off our oppressors and there's no need to do it. THEY KNOW how strong we are when we focus on the same idea, WE are the ones that need to remember this!

The bad news, the financial crisis, the wars and all other negative emotions are fed to us by them, in order for us to focus on negativity and generate that reality! But not anymore! Stop cooperating with the system, unplug your TV and begin your spiritual ascension now. This "shape-thought-energy" was already created by David; all we need to do is connect to it and make it a reality!

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