Russian Satellite Stopped by UFOs Mid-Air and Teleported Away

Four UFOs stop a Russian rocket in its tracks, then teleport it away February 26,   2011 - Kazaks...

Four UFOs stop a Russian rocket in its tracks, then teleport it away
February 26, 2011 - Kazakstan, Russia
Events taking place:

While videotaping a Russian rocket launch with the mission to bring a satellite (GLONASS-K) up in the orbit, something very strange happens.

(The video apparently should be interpreted upside down, as the rocket is pointing upwards).

Four UFOs appear out of nowhere and start blinking around the Russian rocket caring the satellite. After only seconds, the UFOs manage to stop it in its tracks, then teleport it out of the sky.

The theory was put together with the help of Andrew R Stec , who suggested that this satellite's purpose might have been different than the Russian Government announced. Could they prepare for the final phase of Project Blue Beam?

Music 1 : Caprica [Pilot] - Terrorism on the Lev
Music 2 : Battlestar Galactica [Season 4] - Funeral pyre
Final Scene: from the movie "Outlander"

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