David from Inua: March 2011 - What is Happening and What Will Happen!

Aryana Havah contacted David and asked him few important questions about what is going on in the wor...

Aryana Havah contacted David and asked him few important questions about what is going on in the world and what will come.
If you don't know who David is, please read these articles:
1. Our True History (by David);
2. David about the Universal Matrix
Please keep in mind that David is incarnated in a human body so he considers himself a human in this life. When he speaks of the past I noticed that he refers to us alone, which makes sense because this is his first incarnation on Earth.

March 13, 2011.
Aryana: What happened on March 1st? You told me that the people have already chosen.
David : There's no more time. The people have already chosen their paths.

A: Did we choose a positive path?
D: All paths are positive because all lead to something good. Mankind will awake and review its attitude.
A: You said that we must connect to Earth's vibration. How can we do this?
D: By understanding the nature and Planet Earth.

A: Be more specific, how?
D: You see, Earth is alive and aware. She knows what you & I think. We are surrounded by energy and everything that we feel, think or do is transmitted. Everything is shape-thought-energy. What you give, always comes back at you. Especially now! We materialize our emotions. If you are afraid, you will receive more and more fear; but if you generate peace, then peace will shroud you.

A: More specific, what should we do?
D: Be positive, have faith and be optimistic.
D: But you must be honest in everything you do. (The Creation cannot be fouled) You cannot do bad things and ask for good in return, or lie and ask for correctitude ... Everything is connected. Whatever you think, say and do must be positive.

A: You saw the earthquake in Japan? What do you think?
D: Yes. It had to happen and there will be others. The Earth is cleansing.
A: Where I live is safe or should I move away?
D: If your mission was to move, you would have moved until now.

A: Many say that we should move into the mountains.
D: Maybe those who say it, really have to move! Each one stays where it must stay and where is best for him.

Alex: this means that we have already chosen our paths and things will happen after a specific pattern. Trust your higher self and do as you feel! Everything will unfold after a divine plan. We must be calm & balanced and stick to the plan. Accept it and accept the new energy. Meditate more and always stay in a protective "bubble" of love. We have the -very- positive future in sigth. Wish for it!

The following information must reach those who need it. Please share to everyone you know because it's very important.

A: Will the Sun affect us?
D: Yes. Very bad! It will become worse & many people will go crazy. Then we should know how to protect ourselves.

A: How?
D: Aghton says that you already got the right idea.

Alex: Aghton is a being from Inua that keeps almost constant contact with David and helps him. David is able to hear Aghton "like a telephone voice inside his head". Aghton is able to show David everything he wants "just like a movie", including his pasts lives on Inua. Please read more about David in the link provided above.

A: The Faraday Cage?
D: Aghton says yes. But I don't know what that is.

A: It's a metal cage that creates an almost impenetrable field. But how much should we stay inside it?
D: 6 days, two days a time. -(3 times in total)-

(All about the Faraday Cage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage).

A: After this it means that there will be no electricity and utilities, etc. ?
D: Yes.

A: Many live in apartment buildings. What about them?
D: I don't know. But each person can choose where to live.

A: No. I don't agree! The people don't know what to do and they are confused.
D: They know what to do, but ignore it. They should do everything they feel and desire! But everything is set now. It will be how it supposed to and the humans will have a new beginning. (...)
I know how things will unfold, but I don't want to say. Aghton says is not my mission. Those who rule over us almost accomplished their plans and this happened with your (human) help! From now on only the Creator can help us. What will happen from now on is for our own good. If none of this would happen, then it would be very bad for humans. So let everything happen as planed and we will be liberated from the negative vibrations. I cannot say more because Aghton says you will not keep this for yourself. We must bring hope, not fear...if you only ask, but do nothing then it's useless.

A: Could we escape the radiations by living in caves?
D: Aghton says no. The Sun's radiation will reach to Earth's core. But the PERSONAL VIBRATION will be very important!

A: How can we raise our vibration?
D: By being kind and positive.

A: What else can you tell me?
D: When everything will be over, it will finally be good...actually very good. The people will be different as they will know where they went wrong. The world will be filled with kindness. It's not hard, we are almost there!
I want to tell you that there is a better path that we could have followed. But a very negative one as well. Fortunately we are not on that road. Somehow, a great majority of humans have managed to save themselves.

A: And still we have to face 2-3 years of hardship?
D: Yes.

A: That will begin when?
D: They begun now, in March.

A: This means that everything will be ok by 2014?
D: Yes.

Alex: My dear brothers and sisters, this was a small conversation with David. I cannot tell you how happy I am after reading it!
The final events have begun and we are about to enter a new age. It will be an age of love and bliss. We will finally understand what it really means to be a human being. Earth's cleansing is nothing to worry about! In the following years we will escape this prison of negativity and suffering, so the unfolding events are liberating and positive. This doesn't mean that all of us will experience the vibrational leap in physical bodies and this is not the point. Death and reincarnation is just like changing the bus in a station. Nothing more!

So please stay balanced, positive and loving. Clean your bodies from any negative emotions and accept the new energy that is constantly being sent to us. Remember that your personal vibration is very important!

The following articles will help you to raise your vibration and prepare your body and spirit for the vibrational leap:

1. The Process of Healing;
2. How to Always Return to Love;

3. What is the Pineal Gland?
4. How to Clean Up Your Pineal Gland
5. Learn How to Properly Meditate
6. How The Consciousness and Science Interconnect;
7. Russian scientist: "Consciousness directly influences our world"
8. What Will Happen in December 21, 2012
9. Wars Are Over! We Are Free! (Musical);
10. Join Our Daily Meditation & Help Shaping The Future! 

Human Beings, You Are Free! I Love You All!

Dear Friends,
HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use. If you appreciate my work, please help me continue.

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  1. Thank you so much Alexander this was certainly enlightening information. I had been worried about the progression of things but it certainly makes sense- it's like putting a puzzle together. Much love light and blessings keep up the good work.

    "Goddess in the making"

  2. Thanks Alex, worrying times, trying not to. Will follow up on the links you posted.

    Peace and love brother

  3. Thanks a lot for all your work and this article in particular. My inner peace level is restored again.
    Light and Love to you and the world

  4. Thank you Alex....it makes lots of sense. Obviously no many people can afford a Faraday cage...so the only thing to do is rise up our vibrations. Be well, be loved, be in peace and with yourself.

  5. Dear Alex....where can I find information of why the Annunaki has not ascended? Why such old race are still in such negative vibration? Why they claimed to be so intelligent and knowing the universe so well and yet fail to see that their agenda can't last for ever?

    I'm very intrigued by their ignorance on that matter.

    Thank you in advance for helping me to understand this.

    Much love to you Alex


  6. Dear Ruth,
    The Anunnakis (Alpha Draconis Reptilians) will never be able to ascend because they don't have souls attached to their bodies. They are very intelligent and evolved...reptiles. In billions of years of evolution they became biped and of course very intelligent, but they remain negative, carnivore 'animals'.

    I am also intrigued why the reptilian bodies never became vehicles for the souls, but there is definitely a good reason.

    The reptilian specie was the first specie to exist in our Universe. But they were not created here, they arrived here. From where? Nobody knows, it's probably not our 'business' to know, but the highly evolved beings suggest they might have come from another Universe that achieved completion (all species reached the supreme evolutionary stage).

    Our Universe will also achieve completion, when all species will become Co-Creators.

    We have a long and beautiful road ahead.
    ~ Much Love! ~

  7. Hi Alexander,
    Wow, that information on the Annunaki is unnerving. I feel like most of the propaganda available on the internet regarding the annunaki pushes a lot of fear into humans. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what will happen to the reptilians and those who will not ascend after the Earth's Ascension. Also, slightly unrelated to this article.. Some links suggest holistic dentists and removing mercury fillings. For those of us on the less financially abled side who can't afford a holistic dentist or holistic medicine, what can we do? In unrelated research, I was horrified to discover mercury in vaccinations. I also find myself alarmed at the mercury in my mouth! Your thoughts?
    Also, could I hear your thoughts on the "two sides"? I understand the goal is to keep humanity united as One [Love heartbeat], but is the"dark" or "for self" side a significant threat? Do they ascend as well? What are your thoughts on the "dark" side after the ascension? (i apologize for the string of questions, I am simply intrigued and delighted to have found this community) And what about psychopaths or humans who have been psychopathic and HURT others? Is it my selfish side that sometimes wishes that real life psychopaths and sociopaths don't ascend? Then again I suppose I'd rather have them be able to shed psycopathy and find the Love and Light..

    All my gratitude and warmth, Light & Love

  8. @ Anonymous Jan 12, 2012 10:25 PM

    According to David,
    The reptilian extraterrestrials* are fighting their final battle here, on Earth. This is the last planet which suits their low vibration, therefore their final stand-ground.

    Before colonizing Earth, they have conquered many other planets and enslaved their inhabitants, but whenever a vibrational leap was about to occur, the reptilians always fled to another planet.

    Because there are no more inhabited planets with such a low vibration, they are desperately trying to stop the vibrational leap from occurring. They know that a planet's vibration is determined by the personal vibrations of its inhabitants. So, making (and keeping) us as low-vibrational as possible is one of their main goals.

    Their covert weapons:
    Poisons (GMO food, chemicals in our water and food, chemtrails, oil-based cars and factories, etc.), famine, poverty (1% of the -elite- population secretly owns more wealth than the 99% rest of us = money are the prime enslavement tool, therefore we must get rid of them), spreading fear and hatred on TV, dividing us as much as possible and finally the never-ending wars all over the planet.

    That's how they make us generate negativity (low vibration) and it's a very clever method of keeping us enslaved and miserable.

    But, according to David, the vibrational leap cannot be stopped. It will occur just as supposed to, and all the positive beings will make it to the "other side", on a new Earth - apparently, after the leap, we will name our planet Unoa. Those who are very negative will not be allowed to incarnate here anymore, because they will not "fit" Unoa's (Earth's) high vibration. Unfortunately for them, they'll have a very long and difficult road ahead, apparently on a new planet (not yet created).

    That's why it's imperative for as many people as possible to embrace love and make it to the other side NOW.

    Very important!
    1. The process of healing:

    2. How to always return to LOVE after a slip back:

    LOVE to all! See you to the other side!

    * Allegedly, their official name is Alpha Draconis, but we know them as Anunnaki - Sumerian for 'Those who from Heavens to Earth came'.

  9. Alexander, thank you!
    Through a series of small "coincidences" today, I ran across a couple people and read a few things that compliment the puzzle. In essence, it supported your answer using different words. Thank you for so freely and lovingly sharing the knowledge and Truth.

    And yes, I've heard that, too.. Alpha Draconis. ..gives me a dampening feeling..

    All my warmth, Love & Light

  10. I have been feeling much anxt lately especially with all the inundation of negative news, i'm starting to feel that I am somehow responsible, even though I've never done anything to cause this mess, but somehow because, I can't seem to stop these mad men, who can? I feel like a failure

    1. Dear Friend,
      There are a lot of moments when I also feel responsible for what is going on in the world. Not for creating all this madness (financial problems, famine, wars, etc.), but for not being able to firmly oppose it.

      There is one thing I know for sure: We must let all our differences aside, unite as ONE, and start doing much more than what we are currently doing...

  11. any more on david?

    1. Sadly, no. I will write an article as soon as I'll find out anything new.

      But we are getting closer to winter solstice (December 21, 2012) and I'm really looking forward to see if something positive happens.

  12. nothings happened lol has david gone away ??

    1. I'm also interested to read new information from David. I'll keep you posted.


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