Anunnaki: The Truth [2011]

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  1. Very interesting documentary. After the pole shift, the new earth will be able to increase in its consciousness and based on David (7 yr old contactee), the Annunaki won't be able to live on Earth. Will the modified human beings defy this theory? Will they endure living the in the 5th dimension(4th density) to continue the plan of New World Order?

  2. Only those who generate positive emotions will be allowed here after 2012. It will be the end of all secret societies and negativity. There's nothing to worry, as we already won. They don't know it and will fight until the last moment, but in vain. We will become a new specie, living on a new planet (from the vibrational point of view).
    Many of us will not be able to accommodate the new vibration or we will not fit the new world in this incarnation. We will have to leave & return in a new incarnation.
    It will be interesting because after 2012 we will evolve above the karmic law (because all of us will be positive) and we will also have access our Akashic memory. We will remember all our incarnations and we will know who everyone around us really is. No more lies, manipulation or negativity.
    Those who are negative will not be able to incarnate to Earth. They will continue the incarnation cycle on a new planet, until they will also be able to evolve.
    The great majority of humans will make it, though. I am glad to know this, as we worked so much for this leap. This was our goal and now we are close to achieve it.
    Peace, Light and Love on Earth and in our hearts! I love you all!

  3. Absolutely lovely. I'm happy too, and I love you all.

    Truth, love, light and peace.

  4. I LOVE your comment Alexander, so true and powerful! Thanks a lot!!

  5. when you posted "Many of us will not be able to accommodate the new vibration or we will not fit the new world in this incarnation. We will have to leave & return in a new incarnation." Does that mean we ALL have to incarnate and start over or does the vibrational leap happen as we live in everyday life. Then when those of us pass and need to re-incarnate again we will do so in a diff body?

  6. Not all of us, many of us - just like the comment says. All humans must and will become kind, loving and wise.
    Some will be able to become like this (& integrate the new energy) in the current incarnation, others will have to leave and return in a different body to experience the new world.
    And there are those negative overall that will never return to Earth. They will begin a new cycle of incarnations until they will learn the true way or until the first vibrational leap of their planet.

  7. Alexander light,

    I am thrilled to have discovered your website. I'm everyday life I try to talk to the people around about all of these things "occult" or hidden to the vast majority, and often have trouble getting them to believe me. You show them to the world. So CONGRATULATIONS! and thank you very much

  8. Thank you Alexander for the information that you share with us, I was looking for a place where to share this things too. I have lots of questions regarding this peace of the puzzle. As you know I am a member of the Mormon church or the LDS church. And I have been inside on one of their temples and experienced the rituals performed in it. But my question goes further back somewhere in my lifetime, when I was still a 3 year old child I remember this one particular morning when I woke looking at the ceiling I felt like I was back in time like I was gonna do my life again the second time. And this has been with me throughout my life until now. As a child I was curious in time I was just observing time pass by I don't understand why I was doing that like I always feel that I am waiting for something.

    There was this time when my dad was studying (1989) and has barowed a book about space, it was a coffee table book hardbound and on its cover is an actual picture of the sun,I was seven at that time and was my first time to see a book about space. There was this feeling that moved me like it was so familiar feeling like I knew this before, like I knew space travel was normal thing to us people. And as I looked on those colored photographs I have a strong feeling of connection with it. I felt free actually.

    So as I was saying I was brought up in a home where the LDS doctrine were taught. And my parents are the ideal type a Mormon should be. I was taught to pray and I was not really having connection with the church teachings though the friendly atmosphere when as a child was attracting me.

    When I was 23 I decided to serve a mission for the church to preach the gospel. But prior to my decision to serve a mission I finished reading the Book of Mormon as challenged. I prayed about it to know of its truthfulness. And the answer was like search more, but it was one of the steps that made me believed that the church really was indeed "divine". It was one of those ceremonies and rituals inside the temple that got through me. As we were doing the rituals, It struck me in my mind, that how could an uneducated man (Joseph Smith Jr.) could have ever done this remarkable work. Which is so complicated yet simple.

  9. So I gained that confidence that the church (LDS church)was indeed the "path". And that It was indeed the church of Christ that has been restored in it's fullness. And by the way, again, the rituals and clothing, the inside of the building were all freaking familiar to me, like I was there the second time because it was my first "endowment ceremony or ordinance received". While inside I was still wondering why the familiarity? And I was still referring to that morning when I woke up barely 4 years old.

    So I taught the "gospel" to many people and there were lots of people convinced and baptized. And I loved them too and I still do care about them.

    Sorry about these, I just want to share this so I can be enlightened please bear with me as I share these peace of the puzzle.

    And again one of the "doctrines" that was taught in the church is that basically we are all sinners and we need a Savior to pay for the wrongs that we have.

    We teach that ever since the fall of Adam the "gospel" were taught to the children of Adam and there were different gospel dispensations throughout the ages as according to the Bible. It was taught that in every dispensation of the gospel, prophets were called to teach it. But when people rejected it, apostasy occurs.

  10. And again the church teaches that starting from Adam up to the Christ, prophets preached of the coming of the Christ (these were taught in our church)

    So to make it short the Church built up by Christ was lost due to Apostasy, Until such time "God" intervened to return it for the last time and "never be taken up again".

    So that's one of the basic teachings, on the subject on Salvation these is what we are taught, In the beginning we were with God the Father we lived with him and we were taught in heaven like things that will help us grow. Until such time that in order to become like our Father we need to go down in time and receive this experience of receiving physical body because in our Fathers wisdom He knows we can only progress only through this. So he provided a Savior who was Jehovah the pre-mortal Jesus Christ. So to be saved we need to "repent" and exercise faith in Christ. Meaning, we do everything we can to be "cleansed" from our "sins".

    Now in the LDS doctrine the saving part took place during Christs prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane and not on the cross alone.

    So these doctines were in my mind for a long time and believed it was the path.

    And we were taught that the act on Gethsemane was a universal atoning sacrifice not only for the earth people but throughout the cosmos.

    I was taught that the these is not the only planet created and that there were many planets out there that are numbered unto Him. Planets that are on the process on creation, planets that have been "destroyed". And that it was all His. We were taught there are children of God on these other planets.

  11. So I believed this things. Till I was curious enough to type aliens stuff on Youtube and landed on Alex Collier. At first I was skeptic because I don't believe in green man he he, but I got curious since he is talking with Human like ETs. To be short I was believed ACs claims. And I began to question my beliefs and I was looking for answers as to the origins of the LDS church. So I go back to my old belief system It will still make no difference since I have to believe in ETs existence. But many of ACs claim and David Ickes claim seem to be more liberating than oppressing. There are still many things I want to share but I think this is enough for now.

    Do you know of anything about my Church? Do you know if there is any connection with ETs?

    By the way I am from the Philippines so please be patient with my English :).

    Namaste, Marvin...

  12. I jus dont overstand why the video said that GOD does not exist, Shed Some Light if you can please.

  13. Ania: http://www.prolognet.qc.ca/clyde/illumin.htm

    Thanks for sharing, Ania.

  14. @Anonymous your religion has been created by the occults early on in American History to distract you and control. The principles are correct but it doesnt have o be that complicated. Theres a devil, a father, and s savior. Thats all tha matters, i think God looks down on all the technicalities humans put on religion its rediculous and defeats the purpose of just putting your trust in the lord


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