Reincarnation is Fact: Documented Cases (Part Two)

The following case is presented because it is the best documented case originating from America in ...

The following case is presented because it is the best documented case originating from America in modern times. So many people have scrutinized the story of James Leininger that any deception would have been revealed long ago.

James Leininger's Story

James Leininger was not yet 2 years old when he began to have terrible nightmares. His parents knew he would outgrow them, but his screams frightened them. 

When they would come to his bedside, they often found him on his back, kicking his legs in the air and thrashing his arms - as if he were trying to escape from an imaginary box. He would also yell some garbled words that his parents could not understand.

When he was three, his Mom heard the words more clearly. "Airplane crash. On fire! Little man can't get out!"

James had played with toy airplanes but he had never fantasized about them crashing or burning. He wasn't exposed to war movies on television or in the cinema. His parents were puzzled. The boy's nightmares seem to have started shortly after his father took him to visit a Dallas flight museum, containing some vintage aircraft, when the boy was just 18 months old. But why?

As his fascination with airplanes continued, so did his nightmares. His parents bought him more toy model airplanes to play with, thinking he would soon find other interests. They noticed that when he approached his toy sit-down airplane, he would perform a walk-around inspection before he got in - just like a real pilot. 

Once his mother gave him a model with what appeared to be a bomb on the underside. When she pointed this out to her son he immediately corrected her, telling her it was a "drop tank."

"I've never heard of a drop tank ... I didn't know what a drop tank was." - Andrea Leininger

When James was a little more than three years old, his parents decided to take him to a therapist who specialized in treating troubled children. Almost immediately his nightmares started to diminish. James was encouraged to talk about the things he remembered just before bedtime, when he was relaxed and sleepy. It was then that his surprising story started to be revealed.

Among the amazing things little James told his parents was that he was a pilot and flew a Corsair airplane. According to James, "They used to get flat tires all the time." He also recalled being assigned to a ship called "Natoma" and that he had been "shot down" by the Japanese in the battle of Iwo Jima! He further recalled that he had served with a buddy named "Jack Larson."

All of this was too much for his parents to comprehend so they decided to see if this story had any factual basis. Almost immediately James' father, Bruce, found that a Corsair was indeed a type of airplane used in the Pacific during WWII and that it didhave a reputation for blowing tires when it landed hard! 

He later found the record of a small aircraft carrier, Natoma Bay, that was in the battle of Iwo Jima! But the most remarkable fact was that there was a pilot named Jack Larson who served on the Natoma Bay. In fact, Larson was still alive and living in nearby Arkansas.

About this time James began to draw pictures of his airplane and of being shot down. The fact that he was both drawing and talking about these memories seemed to eliminate his nightmares.

Bruce quickly contacted Jack Larson and was informed that the only pilot shot down from the crew of the Natoma Bay was named James M. Huston Jr., who had received a direct hit and crashed in a ball of fire. Bruce says it was then that he believed his son had a past life in which he was this same James M. Huston Jr.

"He came back because he wasn't finished with something."

The Leiningers wrote a letter to Huston's sister, Anne Barron, about their little boy. Now she believes it as well. In all there are over 50 distinct memories that have been validated i n this exceptional case of reincrnation.

"The child was so convincing in coming up with all the things that there is no way on the world he could know."

By Gary Vey, ViewZone;

Part One/Two:

Part Two/Two:

Later in life:

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  1. Were is the continuation story? I am hooked! Great post!

    1. You may like the book "Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives" by Michael Newton PhD.

    2. These are Familiar spirits. Atheist or agnostic, you will one day have eyes to see.

    3. I agree, the fact that this is used as evidence of reincarnation is logically fallacious, a perfect example of affirming the consequent i.e." "B" happened so it must be the result of "A" "

      They completely rule out that there may be unseen spiritual beings that linger around people and whisper what they know to others... As crazy as it sounds.. Thats what i know to be truth as well..

  2. Thanks for your article. I am a past life regression therapist and only trained in this field because i too spontainiously recalled details of my former life. We do not need proof, it is obvious, and given a little push, you'll be surprised how many people have inklings of past lives. We all have lived countless lives with very little time in between, because in the "in between place" there is NO time, as some of my clients told me ! We also tend to suround ourselves with some of the same people, people we lived with in past lives. Personally i know at least 8 of my current friends, family members, and partners intimately from the past. All this knowledge is very accessable with a good therapist to guide one. I would advise anyone to look into past life regression, so thank you for bringing this subject to public attention. Madelon

    1. Madelon, I have memories from a very young age of talking to myself about how my parents were not my real parents and that is it was sort of cruel game that surely my real parents would be back any day to pick me up. I recall later loving my (present) Mother very much so it wasn't a situation where I wasn't loved or didn't love. I always felt like I never FIT in that family. Is that an experience that people that partially recall past lives have? Deb

  3. Ania: http://www.crystalinks.com/reincarnation.html

    (Thanks for sharing!)

  4. I knew it, just kept pushing it aside, blocking it but I feel it somehow. I want to have "Past Life Regression" as soon as I can.

  5. I too have had these memorys since early child hood I always knew iwas not alone as a kid i would ask other kids who are ?So long i stop asking as we grow older Most minds are cloude with things of the new life given.

  6. How can your sense of "self " or " me " just end. Theres got to be more to it. Something has to go on. It just makes sense.

    1. The concept of total death is by definition inconceivable to any self-aware being. We only perceive what can be imagined, and it is impossible to imagine nonexistence. It's a terrifying thought, and that is one of the primary reasons religions exist: people simply can't imagine not continuing on, and in that sense we all believe we are immortal, even if our minds tell us otherwise. Reincarnation is simply another attempt to live past our inevitable expiration date. That being said, I have no explanation for the phenomena listed in the above article that would not come across as just as far-fetched.

  7. I too have believed since childhood (I am 52) in reincarnation and that I too had a former life. I have been fascinated with the military, and like James, I took to WWII history immediately. The Pacific theater was my passion, and I know every plane in that conflict. It is my belief that we return for one simple reason; we do not stay with God until we have "refined" our souls to be with Him. That is at least what I believe. Thank you for your articles. Oh, and of further note, as a parent, this topic makes me think differently about caring for the souls (ie., children) in my life. I cherish my children more than anything, and they are gifts from God.

  8. How is this at ALL proof of reincarnation? How is the idea of a soul coming back more likely than quantum entanglement, some form of ESP, a brain configuration so close to the "original" that "memories" are already imprinted, outright lies and delusion, or something else entirely we have yet to discover.
    The evidence pointing towards a lack of "soul" in all scientific inquiry also reduces the entire reincarnation probability; your personality is a construct of the chemicals in your brain and past experiences, shaping your brain (and more specifically, the pineal). Lose parts of your brain to injury or disease, and your personality will completely change. I have seen this firsthand; my sister-in-laws mother became a completely different person as a tumor started effecting her brain. By the time her memory centers were gone, her personality had shifted so much to be as different a person from her former self as I was to her.
    This sort of pseudo-science is detrimental to the overall knowledge of mankind. I will admit that some odds things happen, the above story being one of many like it, but the jump to the conclusion of reincarnation is as foolish as misunderstanding illness or drought, and thus claiming the gods are angry and we must sacrifice still-beating hearts to please them.

    1. It is possible that you will end up to this same conclusion, if you would start researching reincarnation - even without the ultimate proof, which in this case, is close to impossible to achieve.

      Unfortunately, science will NOT be able to validate reincarnation, IMO, for many thousands of years to come. It's a long process, and I think it's neither safe, nor intelligent to IGNORE the things we cannot yet comprehend.

      Just because we don't know how something happens, it doesn't stop that phenomenon from occurring.

      IMO, making a cult out of science is just as damaging as ignoring it completely, so in this case (and other similar ones), I will stick with what you call "pseudo-science".

    2. I agree. I did a little research into this story, and there's a lot of skepticism about its validity. Turns out Leininger's parents took him to WWII aircraft museum in Dallas when he was 18 or 20 months old (stories vary) that had a Corsair on display that fascinated him. They stayed in the museum for 3 hours, reading the information, which included the names of local pilots who;d flown Corsairs, one of whose names was James Oates. It was about 5 months after this that the nightmares started.

      The therapist they took him to was a past-lives regressionist who encouraged him to expand on his "past life," so pf course he did. We all know the kind of results these "directed therapies" produce. (Remember when almost every child in America seemed to be involved in a Satanic cult?)

      The soul is a construct, and more of a prison than anything else. It's only when we understand this that we can see how it keeps us from experiencing our true nature as an integral part of everything that is. else.

    3. I am so glad you said this. So many people are so quick to jump onto a belief in something when they are presented with "proof", and in this case the "proof" is factual in no way whatsoever. This is by NO means proof in reincarnation. This is all circumstantial and hearsay. Not a scientist on this Earth would consider this evidence of anything. We could never know if the parents had any hand in his "past life memories". Some people are so inclined to believe in these things, and I just don't understand it. Maybe I'm just a massive skeptic.

    4. I just throw the following out for more discussion and I am not throwing barbs at anyone's beliefs. All of science points to the fact that matter cannot be destroyed, it only changes form or nature so my thinking is everything (including our spiritual essence) gets recycled again and again. The air and water molecules that we breath and drink are the same ones that existed at the time of earth's (the universe's) creation so why couldn't we have existed before in a similar state of life?

  9. To me the most interesting thing about all of this is that people who talk about reincarnation cannot answer the question 'Why is it important to you that you should live on after this life?'.
    I don't think people can think clearly about life while holding an agenda that seeks to 'validate their existence'.
    That's all 'reincarnation' is - a way to try to 'hold on' to our sense of value while logically, since we will die, we realize in fact there is no 'lasting value' in reality. Even our own planet will one day die like we do - then everything will be gone from here.
    The only consoling truth to resolve this harsh reality is if one logically concludes that the self is, was and always will be (wherever there is 'life') in fact an 'Illusion', and so literally 'nothing' is lost.

    1. Finally! Somebody else on here with some sensible logic. I'm sifting through so many posts of people who willingly accept any belief put in front of them. It's almost as if people have a false sense of entitlement. They feel they DESERVE to live on after death. They need to. How can things just suddenly end? Well, they do. It isn't something people should be afraid of, either. It's the common saying all Atheists say. "Were you afraid before you were born? You didn't exist. It was nonexistence. You weren't afraid then, so why are you afraid to go back?"
      Reincarnation is just another silly unorganized belief with no proof or reason to comfort those afraid of death. What is there in this world that even leads to believe that reincarnation is a possibility? At least the Abrahamic Religions have their books that "prove" it. Reincarnation has nothing but stories like this. Which, I guess, are just like the Bible. No proof whatsoever, just the words of people that can't be verified. They just expect you to BEELIIEEVVVEE. That's what blows my mind. How can millions of people on this Earth believe in religions that have never had a shred of evidence? Especially religions (Christianity) that are so similar to hundreds of others. How could so many people base their entire views and beliefs on the words of men who wrote a book 4000 centuries ago? How can people have such faith? I've never understood.

    2. So does this mean you know something no one else could possibly?

  10. Oh. Okay. Cool. So a post with typos everywhere, makes wild claims with no proof and that refutes any chance it is false from its inception is supposed to be believed. Got ya.

  11. I hope all of those who believe in reincarnation ( I dont) are vegan. ( I am)
    Or you could end up eating your ancestors!!!

  12. Right - because it's IMPOSSIBLE for any one to make something like this up, or to be LYING.....

    When I was 5 years old I began to teach myself how to read by reading books about Picasso and Rembrandt. By the time I was 7, I could not only identify paintings by the great masters of the art world, I could tell you information about their histories and what info was known and published about their private lives. Seriously - just a child and yet deeply fascinated with a subject that A) was not "typical" for children my age and B) was not of particular interest to my parents.

    But, like any other child of that age, I had a vivid imagination. I had imaginary friends (one of them was Snoopy) and I made up stories and scenarios in which I played out dialogue and actions which were not based on anything I had personally experienced or witnessed, but were the product of an intelligent, active imagination. You know - PLAYING. My mother NEVER understood where I "came up" with these things or how I could have learned the things I knew - but that was because, LIKE MOST PARENTS, she wasn't with me every single moment of the day and night, she wasn't in my mind, she couldn't have possibly know the intricacies and inner workings of my imagination. It is the ego and hubris of most parents to believe that they are incapable of NOT knowing their child 100%, that their children couldn't POSSIBLY be keeping anything secret from them or be thinking and feeling things that are not ALWAYS clear to them, their loving parents.

    Like it or not, children are just as much human beings, with human minds, as any adult. They make stuff up, they imagine things, they sometimes fool themselves into believing the things they make up and they quite often try to convince others that the things they make up are TRUE (We also know this pattern as "lying" - but that's far too harsh a word to use when it comes to our precious children, isn't it?)

    But more to the point: If a parent or parents were faced with something their child is doing which they cannot understand or explain - and they refuse to believe that it's "normal" - then it makes perfect sense that they would seek out some fantastic explanation for it. And - again, this may be a stretch for some people to accept - if those parents have an agenda (such as a personal belief system they are determined others accept as TRUTH), they it IS possible for them to fabricate information to support that conviction and agenda.

    I'm not calling these people liars....but then, I'm not NOT calling them liars.....

    This is how religions are born. Fantastic stories are told to people who so desperately need to believe in something intangible in a world made up of so many horrible and disappointing tangibles. We HOPE so much for a better life after the one we've got now. And ever since we lived in caves and painted our first animal gods on the walls, we're been afraid of the dark. And to quell those fears, we gave names to the things we imagined were waiting for us in the dark. That's what we do - when we don't KNOW, we make things up....

  13. I think it is incredibly sad for people to just simply dismiss these stories like they are the ramblings of an over imaginative child, or a needy parent trying to make sense of their childs behaviour. There are literally hundreds of proven past life memories. In the middle east it is as common and accepted there as having a cup of tea in the west. What people need to grasp is that everything is spirit. An atom would not be animated without it. It wouldn't vibrate. All matter is energy vibrating at a slow vibration so that the human mind can translate it as solid. Everything that exists is made up of this energy and it permeates all things. This is what some call God, I call it the all that is, or the grand consciousness. The all that is needs to experience itself, in an intricate grand cosmic game of forgetting so that it can remember again. In order to do that it created polarities, so that we can experience and learn from all perspectives. You cant do that in one life, you need many in order to do so. Once people realise this is just a game, and that our true nature is the soul that animates the body, not the body itself, it really isn't so difficult to comprehend. I have a relative I made a pact with, who said they will come back and prove it to me, which they did. I have photographic evidence of someone long six foot under. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way round. The body dies and goes back into the earth, we shift our mortal coil and simply vibrate at a higher frequency where spirit resides, and you come back to balance out the polarities until we all get back to source. Then we do it all again, with another big bang, probably in a different star system. The reason you are born with amnesia is because if you remembered this is all a grand game of forgetting and remembering, you would have all the cheats and then there wouldn't be any point. Game over isn't really game over. All you doubters will have a lovely surprise once you die! Consciousness lives on, eternally.

  14. http://www.highexistence.com/images/view/the-egg-by-andy-weir/

  15. Thank you for the above link David. I dreamt this myself. We are all individuates of the one, experiencing itself. BEAUTIFUL

  16. I know I have lived before... in Shanghai, China.

  17. When my son was four years old, we had to wait at a traffic light and he said suddenly: "I don't like it here. I liked it better where i came from." That same summer, we were sitting outside watching shooting stars, and he pointed up at a constellation and said the strangest thing: "Look Mama, that is where we come from."


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