The Great Deception

The Great Deception   We are on this earth to evolve our souls, and part of the soul's evolution is to re-discover the Power ingrain...

The Great Deception 
We are on this earth to evolve our souls, and part of the soul's evolution is to re-discover the Power ingrained in us. Organized religion over the last couple of millennium has taught us the very opposite. Jesus spoke Truth. The church in many instances became corrupt and subdued the people, twisting the teachings and words of Jesus who taught empowerment, by forcing the belief that we are separate from God, that we have no power, and that we are 'born' sinners with salvation being the only 'way', and that anything else will reap eternal damnation by a wrathful needy god (whilst saying that God is Love). This has instilled fear, and has discouraged us from being the truly powerful beings that we are! This is the GREAT DECEPTION!
In the beginning there was only spirituality and in the end it will reign again as the truth that so many have tried to teach us but we shied away from. Now millions of souls on earth are realizing that something is just not working for them. Despite everything there is an underlying sense of sadness that cannot be shaken loose. You feel lost. Your computer, your car, your home, your job, your relationships, your church and indeed your prayers have lost some of the juice that you once felt. I call it the…

"Peggy Lee Syndrome.”
There was a popular song made famous by a singer called Peggy Lee. It is called," Is that all there is." I wish to encourage you to listen to her sing this song. 
We are taught that looking within is akin to evil and/or that our inner wisdom is not to be trusted because we are mere flesh and that sin is of the flesh. This teaching makes us "unworthy" and aims to drain our peace, to distance us from our own power and worthiness - in effect making us power-less. 

Our True Power is our God Consciousness. Were we not "created in the image of God"? The "image of God" is not meant to be taken as merely a physical form, but as the "consciousness" that God is - LOVE and Limit-less-ness. It is the nature of God that we were created in, not a physical form! What we call God…in our feeble attempts to define God…fall far short of the truth. So my answer today of the question, “ Is that all there is? “
No, that is not all there is. There is far more!

By Rev. Diannia Baty

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