The Process of Healing

The first steps to achieve a healthy and balanced life, both physical and spiritual 1. First of all it's very important what you eat a...

The first steps to achieve a healthy and balanced life, both physical and spiritual

1. First of all it's very important what you eat and drink, because you ARE what you consume

The food must be highly vibrational and healthy in order to help you in your journey to reconnection. The highly vibrational food is vegetarian food, while the very low vibrational one is meat of any kind.

Also, you should drink only water from wells (for its purity) and fresh drinks made from fruits and eventually vegetables (for example 1 orange + 1 mandarin + 2 small "cherry" tomatoes, etc.).

You should stay away from canned or frozen food and eat as much fresh foods as possible. 

Also, avoid tap or bottled water, because it contains fluoride (one of the most toxic poisons for the human body, which inhibits the pineal and thyroid glands and seriously damages the brain). 

Remember to always bless and thank the food/water you are consuming. Our words and thoughts have vibration, shape and color, depending on what they represent.

Article about food HERE;
Wonderful Documentary about water HERE;

2. Learn forgiveness

You should forgive each person that ever did you wrong (one by one). Think at the first person that did you wrong, and then switch the polarity of your thoughts. Ask the Universal Matrix to allow you to annihilate the disturbance you had created with your harmful thoughts. Now, take each harmful thought and switch its polarity. If you hated that person before, now send him/her love; if you wanted something bad to happen to him/her, now wish for the opposite. After changing the polarity to all the harmful thoughts and deeds, move to the next person. Repeat the process over and over again until you really forgive them. It’s a long process, but you will prevail.

Next, learn to forgive yourself. Please do it gradually and take your time. You can’t change everything in one session. It is important to do it from the heart, otherwise is useless. You may fool yourself or others, but you cannot fool the Creation.

3. Live in awareness

Who are you? You are an infinite and immortal being of light, having a human experience. Please, remember that you are NOT the body! The human body is a five senses vehicle which allows you to have this experience. Just like you need a car to access an experience called “highway”, in the same way your soul needs a vehicle to access an experience called “Life on Earth”.

Everyone and everything are made from the same thing: energy. That’s why it's so important to respect everyone and everything around you. We are all one.

Now that you know who you are, start living in awareness. No matter where you go or what you do, never forget who you really are!

4. Balance and positivity

Learn to stay always calm, balanced, positive and loving. Avoid contact with negativistic people and always keep close those very positive and loving.

5. Meditation

Learn how to meditate properly and allow your body to circulate the cosmic energy. Thank the Matrix that helped you change your polarity, from hate to love (the only two emotions that matter -- every other emotion is an extension of one of the two). Anything you ask from the Matrix, ask like you've already received it. Inside the Matrix everything happens at the same time (past, present and future) because time simply is.

In meditation your energetic and physical bodies access the infinite well of cosmic energy. Thank the universal matrix for allowing you to access it. Imagine the energy pouring inside you from above until it fills your body, and then imagine it forming a protective bubble around you.

It is important to encourage your children to meditate as well.

6. “Infinite Love is the only truth, EVERYTHING else is illusion!” 

This message was repeated to David Icke for hours, while having an ayahuasca experience. I cannot agree more!

Remember that you are pure love in your primary state and never forget this again. Manifest love in your life and everywhere around you.

I wish you light, balance, infinite Love and the purest wisdom!

Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;

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