The pineal gland: your connection to the Universal Matrix

Learn more about the pineal gland (activation method included):

Learn more about the pineal gland (activation method included):

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  1. could a fully active pineal glan give the abuility to regrow teeth ?

    1. No you watch to much T.V the pineal gland gives the person Psychic Ability's




      Astral & Out of body experience

      Future sight

      aura seeing

    2. To Anonymous of 3.17.13 YOU watch too much tv! The pineal gland is an endocrine organ which regulates the production of the myriad of hormones that make the body a functional unit. The closest it can come to anything you have mentioned is to regulate the wake/sleep cycle. This is necessary as some body functions & hormone production only takes place while we sleep, i.e; production of estrogen & testosterone & formation of memories of the day's activities within the brain-a function of the learning process.Period. It does NOT facilitate any type of psychic activity, telekinesis, or astral travel. These were ancient theories to explain hallucinations and dreams before the true causes were discovered. Sort of like neanderthals thinking an eclipse was the end of the earth, & later on they thought it meant someone had angered the Greek gods!

  2. Nicely done. The correct pronunciation of pineal is PIN-ee-al or PYN-ee-al, not PYN-al.


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