Anunnaki: Chronology of events (Part Four)

The decisive era 2,123 Abraham was born in Nippur.                                      ...

The decisive era


Abraham was born in Nippur.


Nannar received the land of Shem from Enlil. Ur became the capital of the new empire. Ur-Nammu ascended to the throne and became Nippur’s protector. Abraham’s father, Terah, came to Ur to conclude an alliance with the royal court. 

(Map showing The Land of SHEM)
(Ur-Nammu's pallaces and ziggurat. Around them we can see the city of Ur)
                                                                                                (Ur-Nammu's ziggurat)
                                       (Ur-Nammu's ziggurat in our days. The top two floors had collapsed)


Ur-Nammu was killed in the war. The people were sure that his death was arranged by Anu and Enlil. Terah left with his family in Harran.


Shulgi took Ur’s throne. The empire prospered. He fell in love with Inana and became her lover. He gave Larsa to the Alamitos in exchange for their promise to fight as a foreign legion.


The Princes of Thebes, which were loyal to Ra/Marduk, began to pressure the North which was under the rule of Mentuhotep I. The son of Ra/Marduk gained adherents for his father from Western Asia.

                                                                     (Thebes Ruins from our days)

                                                                                           (Thebes temple ruins)
                                                                                       (Thebes temple)

Riots had begun in the Canaanite cities. Nannar ordered Shulgi to send Elamite troops to stop the riots. The Alamitos reached the entrance of the Sinai Peninsula and the spaceport.

                                                                   (The Sinai peninsula - the main spaceport was located here)


Slugi died. Marduk moved into the land of the Hittites. Abraham was the ruler of the Southern Canaan having elite troops under his command.


Amar-Sin, known in the Bible as Amraphel, became Ur’s king. Abraham left for Egypt and came back with more troops, 5 years later.


Amar-Sin (with Inanna’s guidance) formed the coalition of the Eastern kings. Then he sent a military expedition in both Canaan and Sinai. Abraham blocked their entrance into the Sinai space port.


While the empire was falling apart, Shu-Sin replaced Amar-Sin to Ur’s throne.


Ibbi-Sin took Shu-Sin’s place. The Western provinces wanted Marduk.

(Please read carefully what comes next)


Marduk took Babylon’s throne. The war extended towards Mesopotamia’s center. Nippur's sacred lands were defiled. Enlil ordered the punishment of Marduk and Nabu, but Enik opposed. Enik’s soon, Nergal, took Enlil’s side. 

Nabu and his troops were about to take over the spaceport. The greatest Anunnaki (probably Anu) approved the use of nuclear/ mass destruction weapons.

Nergal and Ninurta attacked and completely destroyed both the spaceport and the Canaanite cities.

                                                                        (Sinai spaceport attacked with nuclear weapons)


The wind carried radioactive wastes towards Sumer. All humans and animals died. The water was poisoned and the land became barren. The great Sumer (and its entire civilization) was laying in ruins.

Abraham died at the age of 100. His hire became Isaac.

That's the end of the Sumerian tablets. As seen in the previous tablets, the Reptilian Anunnakis gave Earth's leadership to those with pure reptilian blood and DNA. They only came from their underground cities in extreme cases and their solutions are extreme. Anu is Nibiru's king and he lives there. We live very interesting times, as the planet is getting closer to Earth.

Will Nibiru's passing destroy all life on Earth?

I advice you not to believe those trying to discredit Zecharia Sitchin's translations. Will you believe those who lied and enslaved us for millennia, or those who are struggling to bring the truth to the surface?

And if the tablets are true, then this also means that the Reptilian Anunnakis are REAL. One more proof that they were here and almost for sure they are still here, ruling over us from the shadows. This is much more important than any planet up in the sky. We are their slaves and their food (just like we use animals as our slaves and food) and no matter how painful the truth is, we must face it. Only after dealing with it we can move forward and seek for solutions. Staying ignorant is what they want, but their reign will be over soon.

Nibiru's passing brought the destruction of a a very small population at that time, located close to great waters in the lowlands. There's nothing to worry about now! Probably medium floods will occur in some areas, but nothing more.

In my opinion Nibiru will reach the pick of its elliptic orbit in our solar system long after 2012 and it will be clearly visible in the sky for years before reaching its perigee. So, in my opinion, there's nothing to worry about. Our only concern should be mankind's spiritual upliftment and anything else is a distraction.


My dear friends, the Reptilian Anunnaki can only survive as long as we keep generating negative emotions. If we begin generating positive emotions, Earth’s vibration will rise and they can’t accommodate it. They do everything possible to keep us unhappy, ill, sad and poor. That’s why there are always wars and unrest. They want us to fight each other, but we have to remember that we are all ONE.

If we want to defeat them and set ourselves free, then all we have to do is learn INFINITE LOVE and ALWAYS manifest it.


Dear Friends,
HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use. If you appreciate my work, please help me continue.

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  1. Thank your for the work you do and the very interesting information!!!:)))
    Since there are so much data all over the net I decide to watch only what I feel is really communicating to me and this really does!!!
    I´m already in contact with those vibrations through Reconnective Healing and it´s obvious that these vibrations are rising and also very fast!!!
    What you write here on this blog really helps a lot to bring the truth forward and heighten the vibrations with light and love!!!:)))
    Thank you so much for that!
    From another brother of Light

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful words, brother. Your comment reminded me why I do this.
    Love and Light always in your life! <3<3<3

  3. This does make sense! Yet at the same time it poses a whole bunch of other questions for me... Does that make Anu "God"? If so then...The tribes of Israel....R they Anu's "chosen" people? In the Garden of Eden when the snake talked Eve into eating... Was that actually the rerouting of our DNA? If the texts only go to Issac.... Mary had an "angelic" visit & conceived Jesus... Is this Anu's son?!? WOW...Alot to Ponder! Thank you for your time & effort you took to put this out there. Very interesting information.

  4. WOW brother!!! many dots have just been joined together for me. Thank you for all your dedication & love to awaken the planet.
    love,peace& respect to you. Shine on supernova xxx

  5. It is useful information, thanks A LOT. Although, when I truly choose to see Human History from this point of view (not the one taught at school!) it is REALLY harsh to deal with, emotionally I mean. I had some very rough and low vibration times with all this, especially now. BUT, once I've gone out of this, and I'm on the other side of this muddy river, I TRULY DO FEEL FREE!! Thanks for Your amazing Work Alexander!


  6. @Dear Anne: I can guess how you feel and that's the reason why people tend to reject the painful truth.
    Luckily for me, I was so busy with the research that I barely felt the emotional impact. Or maybe this was my mission and I came knowing this deep inside(?).But I know that I felt the injustice very strongly, several times.

    Only the truth can set us free!

    Love & Light in our lives and to our wonderful Mother, Planet Earth!

  7. Dear Alex...thanks so much for such enlightening article...I'm trying - sometimes I fail - to keep positive towards the future. My love for GAIA and humanity is possibly the highest vibration I send everyday- I truly want this world to reach its peak of glory!

    Thanks so much for your time and effort :)


    P.S. Dear Alex..is it possible to make the font darker..it was a bit difficult to read..thank you.

  8. @Dear Ruth, I apologize for the font's color. Due to some bugs that blogger is yet to resolve, I sometimes face font/color/spacing issues.

    Regarding the outcome of this challenge, please do not worry! Continue to send Love to Mother Earth and please have faith. Everything is going to be ok.

    ~ Love always ~

  9. I have come across much information recently that also describes what you have put here well together. Thank you for taking the time to post this. When I first found out about most of this several months ago I too fell into a moments worth of low energy & vibration and fear wanted to reside within me. I was able to pull myself out again meditation and seeking more information to my positive spiritual side in order to fulfill my mission of spreading the word of this, with spiritual guidance that I have received and I have been blessed to see it working on many as their vibrations are lifted as well. Well done...many blessings to you in Love & Light, Peace & Compassion


  11. Thank's for information, I'm interest to read your blog.

    Now, I have big question to you.

    1. So Who is Jesus ? is he annunaki ? Reptilian ? i dont agree if you say YES ! Because Jesus teach us for Love !

    Please Write new articles about jesus in your Blog.


  12. Dear Lyra Men,
    Here is an article that you may find interesting: The Gospel of Judas translated.

    I hope the article answers some of your questions.

    Much Love,

  13. where to start. . .well first off I really enjoyed this post, very insightful.
    I have been learning much about our ancient history of late.
    as soon as I learn something it only makes me want to know more.
    I had A vision several months ago, of cloaked figure offering me an orb that was
    continuously changing what it appeared to be made of, I couldnt see the figures face, but it was tall, and it's hand had dark scales and claws.
    it was only after my vision that I learned of the anunnaki.
    and as I said, I just keep having to know more and more.
    I cant help but fell the universe calling to me, but I could also be crazy.
    I could go on all day, but i wont.

    thank you again

    1. Reminds me of the Serpent offering Eve the apple from the Tree of Life :)

  14. Have you figured out how the Gobekli Tepe works in yet? Babel?

    1. As a matter a fact I have something new on Gobekli Tepe: the confirmation that the giant anthropomorphic stones placed in the middle were in fact "gods". Not that I needed their confirmation, anyways. :)

      But I still don't know how it "works"...just my previous speculations:

  15. Excellent.. Kinda brought everything together many thanks. Am currently reading mr sitchin
    Thankyou ��

  16. je fais de nombreuses recherches aussi. l'origine de notre humanité reste encore un grand mystère pour nos sciences et religions actuelles. Seul les anciens textes, et peintures de nos anciennes civilisations apportent quelques traits nouveaux.
    Toutefois, il est important de prendre des notes, de se référer au textes eux-mêmes, d’analyser (par la méditation), de compiler... et de se faire soi-même son idée de cette soit disant vérité.
    je veux donc préciser ceci: Lors de mes recherches, j'ai trouvé sur une vidéo de DAVID ICKE qui interview ARIZONA WILDER "révélation d'une déesse mère", qu'elle prétend avoir vu ZACHARIA SITCHIN participé à une (ou des) cérémonie ILLUMINATI: Rite sacrificiel d'être humains.
    Donc il est possible d'envisager les travaux de Sitchin comme étant volontairement erronée, puisque ce dernier pouvait faire parti des ILLUMINATTI...ce qui ne m'empéchera pas de finir la lecture de son ouvrage "COSMOGENESE"...
    Merci Alexander pour ton formidable travail ;)

    1. Interesting information, and it seems legit. I have stumbled across one of Icke's interviews with Arizona Wilder, where she does mention Sitchin. Here is an excerpt:

      "[Arizona Wilder] This man by the last name of Sitchin (Zecharia Sitchin) I’ve seen at rituals, and he is a shape-shifter. And I did a double-take when I saw the picture of him because I recognize him. And there’s another person that I’ve seen, Sir Lawrence Gardener, and he had recently written an article that was out in Nexus magazine. Part of it was about the menstrual blood. And what really triggered for me was when he called it “starfire.” Because that is the name of one of the aspects of the three women who are addressed as Mother Goddess. That is my name in all of this. So this man I have seen. He has lots of power within this sect of reptilians, and he’s someone that you would want to watch out for. Outside of this, too, as is this Sitchin person. [LC-1]

      [David Icke] What do you remember about Zecharia Sitchin?

      [Arizona Wilder] Zecharia Sitchin was someone attending the rituals who was not a major player as far as the rituals went, but was someone that others present did not make remarks at, or were very careful as to what they said around him. And he was talking about doing away with people. Persons that were in his way. Or were putting out information that he didn’t feel that he wanted put out. He is very much a disinformer. And that is his job, to disinform about what is going on with the Illuminati and with the reptilians.

      [David Icke] He actually warned me off from investigating the reptilians interestingly."

      When Icke met Sitchin face to face way back in the day, Icke asked him why he never said anything about ancient Sumer’s numerous reptilian motifs in his books (such as the fact that the Annunaki were sometimes shown to be human while at other times were depicted as having reptilian or fish-like skin), and after Icke asked him this Sitchin warned him, “Don’t touch the reptoids Icke!”

      It wasn’t until Arizona Wilder exposed these facts that Icke found out why Sitchin said this. And by the way, the Annunaki were actually the reptoids, as Icke explains in his 1999 book “The Biggest Secret.”

      This is a good example of how important the disinformation agenda is for their cause. One simply doesn't know what to believe anymore, not to mention that the shape-shifting thing is impossible to prove with our current scientific knowledge.


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