What the "Universal Matrix" is

Explained by David, a 7 years old child incarnated on Earth from a planet called Inua.                                                  (...

Explained by David, a 7 years old child incarnated on Earth from a planet called Inua.

                                                 (Not David in this picture, but a wonderful Angel for sure)

"The Universal Matrix is an independent kind of energy, from which all beings are made of and were everyone belongs. It is the primary way of energy, in which are stored: all ideas, thoughts, prints and energies of everything that was ever created or it will be...from all Universes (David said there are 10 different Universes). Any wish, word or idea has a vibration. When you think at something, that impulse transforms into shape-thought-energy and accesses a specific segment from the Matrix that will allow your wish to happen. It is just like planting a seed and waiting for it to grow in order to reap. As a matter of fact, now, the human beings have the greatest creative power they have ever had. But before anything else, a human being must restore the conscious connection between his mind and the higher self. The higher self is the truth. The true, real knowledge that stays hidden inside each one of us. It is the direct access to the Matrix, which everyone has, but which is highly dimmed by the existent interference."

David gives an example of how the Universal Matrix works when one makes a good thing or a bad one:
"In the Matrix enters this energy, the good thought, your wish to help, and leaves there a print. This energy is stored and at some point when you need it, it’s sent back to you.
The bad deeds (if we can call them this way) are actually shape-thought of negative energy. Nothing will happen into the Matrix because of them. The creator is the one that will have to suffer from it. When considered necessary, the negative energy will be sent back to its creator. It has to be a balance. The more negative shape-thoughts you have, the more often you will be "bombarded" with them. Because the Matrix, in its primordial state is harmony, love and perfection. Therefore all facts which do not meet its polarity must be removed and disposed. And how to do this? By sending them back to the one who generated them, because only the creator can dissipate his product into energy and elements."

David was asked how to find the real answer to a question.
This is David's answer:
"Stand up, with your eyes closed and think that you want to connect to the Matrix to find out the Truth. Then say to yourself: if the answer is yes, then my body to lean forward, if the answer is no, then my body to lean back. It is very simple. The answer given is always the true one. You can start with questions whose answer you know: but you must be careful! Do not give yourself the answer consciously. Leave yourself surprised by it. Ask as if you know nothing."

(Ask, and then let your mind empty. The Matrix will give you the correct answer).

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