What is happening?

I received many messages from you, regarding your friends and families. Every time you try to speak the truth, they seem either uninterested...

I received many messages from you, regarding your friends and families. Every time you try to speak the truth, they seem either uninterested or they attack you with ridicule. You don't have to worry or get angry of anything! What is happening to you is a classic example. The same happens to me and too all other truth seekers and light workers. We are the "fore runners", and our mission is to open the roads for them. The people are too scared to accept the truth and this is how they defend themselves: by ridiculing something obvious, by laughing of the truth. No matter how many proofs you will have, they will never believe anything if they are not ready or if it's not in their mission to believe.

But it's not your mission to awaken those who don't want to be awakened. Tell the truth and let them decide for themselves. We can't brake anyone's "free will". The free will is a characteristic of our Universe, one of the laws. Other Universes don't have it; every Creation is special, every school is different. That's why nobody can interfere with your destiny. You must chose your path, nobody can brake your free will without personal consequences. And that's why we need spiritual awakening: to understand our golden path, to know how to ask for above guidance. If you ask for help or guidance, and you do it with love, you will always receive it. Asking for help is understanding the free will law; understanding that you must ask, in order to receive. Your free will is always respected, nobody will help you if you don't ask or want the help.

David Icke spoke for the first time about awakening in 1989 on a national television channel in UK and he was met with so much ridicule that we can't even imagine! For almost 3 years he could not even walk on the streets, he couldn't leave home. His children were ridiculed in school, and in comedy shows the comedians only had to mention his name for the people to burst into laughter. But he prevailed, now he is loved all over the planet and his public believes the truth he is telling. There are still some reticent to the extraterrestrial reptilians subject, but he doesn't care. He keeps telling the truth and people will have to accept it eventually.

We also have another mission, dear light workers. We have to balance our bodies in order for us to be able to integrate the new energy that is being sent to us, gradually.

Because our energetic bodies act literally like antennas for the cosmic energy. We are constantly in contact to others and to the Universe, and we will have to be able to integrate the new energy in order to spread it to others when the time comes. Please stay always loving and balanced. Always search for the truth and meditate every day. Accept the new energy and rise your vibration. The new energy is sent to all of us and those who will accept it will join us and our mission. You'll see new people accepting the truth every day, this is a process. Year 2012 will be the end of this cycle and the beginning of the new one.

Imagine, even the corrupted astronomers admit that they have no idea why everything is changing and why the changes are so obvious everywhere:

1. Our planet is changing (is getting bigger in volume and is preparing to shift axes;

2. The magnetic field is changing, we will even experience zero magnetism, etc.);

3. There are changes in our solar system (all planets experience changes including the Sun, our wonderful life giving Star);

4. Our young Galaxy is changing (remember the huge energy bubbles generated by its core?), the entire Universe is in a changing process.

But we are not alone. We are assisted by many different forms of creation, and after 2012 we will meet them.Only then we will be able to understand what it really means to be a human being.

(6-8 Earth size UFOs + 2 UFOs 10x bigger than Earth, in the Sun's Corona)

David, the child from Inua, said that he sees us after the vibrational leap. He sees us walking on the streets and we are all connected, we are all brothers and sisters. We are all happy. Those who will be here after 2012 already know it, they have already chosen their path even if they don't realize it. There's no more time to stay in the shadows, we had millions of years to chose our path. The time is now, the Creation chose this moment, our time has finally arrived.

There are very advanced species in our Universe, who passed the karmic law long time ago and they were witnesses to Earth's creation. The emotion was so profound, the amount of love involved in this creation was so deep that they choose to come and incarnate on Earth, even if this meant to start all over again, to be "trapped" in the cause-effect cycle. They willingly renounced their personal progress and hard work achievements, only to come here...on this blue dot.

Also, very spiritually advanced beings received the possibility to incarnate on Earth in this period of time. They pass beside us on the street, and we don't know it...they don't know it! They were allowed to come back to Earth and incarnate in order to help us and our planet in this process. Their presence is of great help, because they have a very high vibration. They are able to integrate the new energy and pass it to the others with ease.

In 2012 we will know who we are. By 2013 Earth and the new human specie will be both stabilized for good.

To be continued...

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