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I am a Free human being! I was born on August 17, 1984. In this life I am a man, and I received the name Alexander. Because I am Fr...

I am a Free human being!

I was born on August 17, 1984. In this life I am a man, and I received the name Alexander.

Because I am Free, I have the gift of choice: I choose to love all human beings because they are all my family. You are my family!

I choose to love all animals and plants because together we share the same land, the same light, the same water and the same air. Together we share Earth, this amazing Planet that we call Home!

The world we live in today is ill, and we are the only ones who can heal it. I personally don't know how, but I will keep searching for the answer until the day my body will die. 

In this life my hopes are high, because this age is different than any other before. We are awakening all over the planet and the truths are finally spoken without fear.

I came in this world that I can't understand, forced to follow rules I don't agree with, constrained to fit a pattern that was built not for us, but against us. Against you, my family.

But I am not hateful, upset, or even sad. Because nothing is lost. I have you, and together we can change the world. I really do believe this is possible!

Galactic Activation Portal Day: These are special inter-dimensional days and anyone born on such a day is likely to play an important part in Universalizing some form of teaching, art form or music i.e. the Beatles were all born on GAP days and so was Mozart. 

Red Eastern Castle of Turning – Court of birth, power of entering
Red Root Race - The initiators. Key note: birth
Earth family: Red Dragon, White World Bridger, Blue Monkey, Yellow Warrior
Cardinal Kin – Establish the genesis        
Throat transmit
Fire Clan - Yellow Chromatic
Tone: 1, Note: C, Name: Magnetic, Function: Unity

You were born in the Wavespell of Red Dragon in the Year Blue Storm

Red Dragon – Nurtures Birth *

When operating in the light of your energy, the positive aspects are: Primordial Mother, Original Source, Receptive, Protective, Initiating, Supportive, Strong Creative Force. Nurturing

When operating in the shadow of your energy, typical symptoms are: Self Hatred, Feelings of unworthiness. Lack of trust in life.


To come out of the shadow: Follow your heart’s calling and trust the hand of life to provide your needs. Trust your steering mechanism of Heart-Knowing. Open to receive, Share your feelings, desires and dreams.

What is your religion, Alexander? 

I have been asked this question many times. I was born a christian, but I have no religion -- though I am a spiritual person. I would never knowingly harm another human being or any living creature on Earth. I am, hopefully, becoming a better human being with each passing day.

I am bringing my small contribution to the human species almost every single day, knowing that only together we will achieve a positive future for mankind and for our beautiful planet.

Mostly, I am following my path towards the purest spirituality and, hopefully, I will be able to achieve it someday. I don’t have leaders and I don’t want to become one. I am not following anyone and I don’t want to be followed myself.

You can achieve your highest good and the highest good of others by finding your true path. Follow your heart and you will walk it by tomorrow.

Need to contact me?

I wish you all Light, Love, Peace, Happiness and Wisdom! 

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