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I am a Free human being! I was born on August 17, 1984. In this life I am a man, and I received ...

I am a Free human being!
I was born on August 17, 1984. In this life I am a man, and I received the name Alexander.

Because I am Free, I have the gift of choice: I choose to love all human beings because they are all my family. You are my family!

I choose to love all animals and plants because together we share the same land, the same light, the same water and the same air. Together we share Earth, this amazing Planet that we call Home!

The world we live in today is ill, and we are the only ones who can heal it. I personally don't know how, but I will keep searching for the answer until the day my body will die. In this life my hopes are high, because this age is different than any other before. We are awakening all over the planet and the truths are finally spoken without fear.

I came in this world that I can't understand, enslaved by rules I don't agree with, constrained to fit a pattern that was built not for us - but against us. Against you, my family.

But I am not hateful, upset, not even sad. Because nothing is lost. I have you, and together we can change the world. I really do believe this is possible!

Galactic Activation Portal Day These are special inter-dimensional days and anyone born on such a day is likely to play an important part in Universalizing some form of teaching, art form or music i.e. the Beatles were all born on GAP days and so was Mozart. 

Red Eastern Castle of Turning – Court of birth, power of entering
Red Root Race - The initiators. Key note: birth
Earth family: Red Dragon, White World Bridger, Blue Monkey, Yellow Warrior
Cardinal Kin – Establish the genesis        Throat transmit
Fire Clan - Yellow Chromatic
Tone: 1, Note: C, Name: Magnetic, Function: Unity
You were born in the Wavespell of Red Dragon in the Year Blue Storm
Red Dragon – Nurtures Birth *
When operating in the light of your energy, the positive aspects are: Primordial Mother, Original Source, Receptive, Protective, Initiating, Supportive, Strong Creative Force. Nurturing
When operating in the shadow of your energy, typical symptoms are: Self Hatred, Feelings of unworthiness. Lack of trust in life.

To come out of the shadow: Follow your heart’s calling and trust the hand of life to provide your needs. Trust your steering mechanism of Heart-Knowing. Open to receive, Share your feelings, desires and dreams.

Need to contact me?

I wish you all Light, Love, Peace, Happiness and Wisdom! 

Dear Friends,
HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use. If you appreciate my work, please help me continue.

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  1. sheza dream walkerJanuary 2, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    thanks for your blog:) I look forward to reading more and feeling your strength of conviction.

  2. lovely :)

    is there any way you could help me understand the mayan birth charts/calanders ???

  3. I am very glad there is more than one of us, I was born in 1956 and only in the last 5 years have I awoken to the truth about our beautiful planet, so I am a very late starter on this pathway.
    I am very drawn to the American Indian people and try to live my life by their "natural" laws of existence. Sounds very similar to yours. Love to you and all our relatives and mother Earth. :)

  4. @Sheza, welcome into my family. Love <3

    @Leslie, you can find everything you want to know about the Mayan 13 Moons calendar here:
    Please browse the website is great.

    @Paul, the Creation doesn't have a clock. There's no such thing as late, brother. And don't worry you will remember everything you learned in your consecutive lives until now. Just wish and ask this and you will receive true knowledge.

    I love you all! <3

  5. I'm really enjoying reading your blog.
    Thank you for sharing this information with everyone <3

    And I would like to share one more great website about Mayan calendar: http://www.maya-portal.net/

  6. thanks Alexander and friends of Humans are Free - you guys have opened more avenues for me to check-out and knowledge is power - thank you to all.

  7. Hi Alex!

    You have been an amazing wayshower at this pivotal point in my path to Enlightenment. I have come to realize many truths of our existence. With your influences it has enabled better understanding of my emotions and the thoughts of my coming of full circle! I have always known of my deep inner connection with myself and my Soul Purpose, which includes our connection and interaction. During this life i have experienced extremes of the Karmic Existence we are governed by. In combination with the multitudes of information analyzed and absorbed in my becoming. The positive influences upon each other will enable and assist in the mass awakening and becoming of consciousness.

    Many Thanks and i look forward to interacting with you further.

    Peace, Love & the Light from Within
    Daniel :-)

  8. Beautiful poem and thank you so much for all the information. Much love and Namaste.

  9. Why u help this humans by telling them all this they dont deserve this they are stupid and think that you are crazy if you try to help ...humans are so evil all of them try to gain from murder lies theft and so on I can tell you things Alexander but you will tell them and they dont need to know anything by the way dont belive what all say trust only in your hart

    1. I guess that would mean you are the only human who is worthy of the gifts of enlightenment.If you were able to understand and apply what you claim I dont think you would be making such statements.

  10. I help them because I love them! They are not stupid, only misguided by those who benefit from their innocence and infancy. I help them because I know who they really are, infinite & immortal beings of light. They are about to rediscover their true origins, and together they will prevail.

    We are witnessing the awakening of the human race, a process that cannot be paused or stopped.

    Don't struggle, don't resist! Just go with the flow, embrace your spiritual evolution!

  11. look awakening wont solve anything Alex and you know it ...all must unite if not they loose, hope you are right by loving them that much and hope one day i will understand love as well but now they must unite in order to maintain freedom hear me:dulce bellum inexpertis .hope one day earth will know love and freedom but in this moment they are mean to eachother they steal murder ...they are not ready bless you my friend

  12. hello I have a problem...since my birth I have expirieced some holly crap things...like I foretold how my father was going to die (I was 3y old man)(he died of cancer) then my uncles even my grandmother and is like I seen this before it happend also many things i can do lol u must think i'm f nuts but is the truth I dont know ho or why but i can see things before they happen hope you dont think I'm crazy (well most of ppl ho will see this they will think I'm nuts:((( hope you answer me

  13. alex pls post some tehniques for maditation tehniques pls this will be nice love and peace to you

  14. I don't think you have a "problem", my friend and you are definitely not crazy. I'm sure none of my readers will label you this way.

    In fact, you have a wonderful gift, of seen things before they happen. I think you should work with it and develop this ability even further.


  15. Dear gelise445,
    Here is something that you may find helpful:

    Personally, I try to empty my mind and think of nothing. Most times it works. My advice is to follow your intuition and do as you feel.


  16. dear mr. light, i've studied your site. you are right. how do u know so much? i believe in Enki.

    1. Dear Mikey Wise,
      Please call me Alexander. What do you mean by "I believe in Enki"?


  17. alax, Enki is the deity of flowing waters and wisdom. so, hes my deity. also because he made us gentically

    1. According to the Sumerian texts, Enki and Enlil were Anu's sons. All three Reptilian in origin.

      Please follow the complete series (four parts):

      I would not worship Enki if I were you! :)

  18. who, in your opinion, is the creator of mankind?

    1. I do not hold the answer to this question.

  19. how do u know so much?

    1. I don't know that much, really.

      My advice to all is to never stop learning, always update what you knew according to new findings, sift lies from facts by using the already gained knowledge and, especially, your intuition.

  20. Much enjoyed so far thanks love from red cosmic dragon .

  21. Alexander, could you direct us to a link for all GAP days?

    Thanks in advance and thank you so much for all provided info! ♡In Lak’ech♡

    1. I'll share two links to the Harmonic Module (Tzolkin):
      1. http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/images/Tzolkin_Wavespell_Numbers.gif
      2. http://mayankin.com/imgs/tzolkin/harmonicModule.jpg

      The GAP days are the represented by the green squares.

      Here are the daily Tzolkin:

      ♥ In Lak'ech Ala K'in ♥

  22. Hi Alexander,
    It was not my intention to place a public message here but I can't seem to find how to send you a personal message.
    I found an interesting well researched article on planet X. There is a reference to you and to this website in it. I thought you might like to know... http://www.ditrianum.org/English/Articles/Numerology/0023.htm


    1. Hi Paul,
      You can always reach me via email: alexandru2012@gmail.com

      ~ Love and Light ~

    2. Alexander,
      I have been here about a week now and just want to say this site is becoming my favorite very fast. Thank you so much.

      In Lak'ech.

    3. Welcome to Humans Are Free! In Lak'ech ♥


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