Civil Riots - Anunnaki connections!

They want you to fight, I want you to LOVE!    Civil riots against the Governments sweep across Eu...

They want you to fight, I want you to LOVE!  

Civil riots against the Governments sweep across Europe

The year 2010 has been filled with worker strikes and protests all over Europe and it is closing with civil riots and armed clashes in Britain, Italy, Russia and Greece. The US media is mostly quite about it.

Many other European countries are peacefully protesting against the corrupt Governments.

In Spain, for example, not even the organized strikes have been allowed and the Government declared "state of emergency" which doesn't allow anyone to be absent for work (under the harshest punishments). This severe form of dictatorship has been used many times before all over the planet, don't think it's happening for the first time.

My dear friends, I urge you NOT TO FIGHT. Mass disobedience is the answer, yes, but under no circumstances mass civil wars. This has always been their primary weapon: divide and conquer. We have to stay together, but in Love, not in hatred.

We can’t win in combat, but we can win in Love. The policemen and soldiers MUST UNDERSTAND that they represent us, the people, not their puppet masters. In the streets are their families, friends and neighbors. We don’t have enemies, we have corrupt leaders, and together we can achieve many great things.

Don’t fight with your brothers and sisters and instead stop cooperating with the system: Government, Banks and other official institutions.

This is the 5 senses reality that your TRUE rulers want you to see. But are you ready for the next level?

The true face of our puppet leaders!

Anton LaVey, leader and founder of the 'Church of Satan' and author of 'The Satanic Bible', is displaying the "Horned Hand" (also called the "satanic salute" and Il Cornuto) with his left hand, on the back cover of 'The Satanic Bible'. 

                                                       Satanists Worshiping Satan's Altar

Now, here are our satanist leaders, proudly displaying their allegiance to Satan in public:

                                               Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister
                                      George W. Bush, ex President of USA and his satanist wife
                                                        Bill Clinton, ex President of USA 
                      King Abdullah of Jordan with Russian ex President Vladimir Putin (current Prime Minister)
                                                                        McDonald's CEOs
                                             Tom Ridge, USA Secretary of Homeland Security
                                                                   Again, the two puppets
                      "Satan la vista, baby!" Arnold Schwarzeneger, Governor of California and his wife
                             Yasser Arafat, Palestinian President (just another coincidence, don't worry!)
                                            Tommy Franks, commander-in-chief of US Army
                                                                   Geroge "Idiot-Son" Bush
                                                Sarah Palin, Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008
                                             Barrack Hussein Obama, current USA President
                      Michelle Obama, US President's wife (a little shy of being satanist. Awww!)
                    She made her daddy so proud! Laura Bush, what's your favorite satanic ritual?
                                                    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's President
                                                         Nicolas Sarcozy, French President
                                                       Dick Cheney, ex US Vice President
                                                            Dan Quayle, US Vice President

Princess "Lady Diana" was used by the Windsor house (Queen Elizabeth II and her family) only to give birth to pure blooded childes. Lady Di had pure blood, but boy she was so different!

After her task was over, she was ritualistically killed on On 31 August 1997 in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. The car crashed in the tunnel's 13 th pylon. For more information on this and on the satanic worship, please read David Icke's book "The Biggest Secret". The book traces all royal families to the first days on Earth.

Lady Di used to say to her best friend, that the Windsors are LITERALLY not human and always called them LIZARDS when she was angry. Later she became more open with her friend and told a chilling story. Diana was invited by the Windsors into a closed room, then all shifted into reptilian beings.

What does Satan's worship really mean? The rituals include animal and human sacrifices, child molestation, eating organs and drinking blood. The first priests in our history were specially trained to lead these rituals. This was a priest's purpose! The organs and blood were then delivered in the underground cities, to the Reptilian Anunnakis. This is still taking place today!

                                                                      Old satanic ritual

There's always a high priestess leading the satanic rituals. One of the most important one was a woman named Arizona Wilder. She and her daughter were mind controlled from a very young age. They were helped to escape and hidden by someone. She recovered from the mind programming but sadly, not her daughter. After the deprogramming she was helped to tell her story. Of course, the ignorants call her crazy.

I will quote some of her statements:

"The Queen Mother was cold, cold, cold, a nasty person. None of her cohorts even trusted her. They have named an altar (mind-control program) after her. They call it the Black Queen. I have seen her sacrifice people. I remember her pushing a knife into someone's rectum the night the two boys were sacrificed. One was 13 and the others 18. You need to forget that the Queen Mother appears to be a frail woman. When she shape-shifts into a reptilian, she becomes very tall and strong. Some of them are so strong they can rip out a heart and they all grow by several feet when they shape-shift (This is what the lady said who saw Edward Heath, among endless others.)"

"I have seen her sacrifice people and eat their flesh and drink their blood. One time she got so excited with blood-lust that she didn't cut the victim's throat from the left to the right in the normal ritual. She just went crazy, stabbing and ripping at the flesh after she shape-shifted into a reptilian. When she shape-shifts, she has a long reptile face, almost like a beak and she is an off-white colour. (This fits many descriptions of the gods and the "bird gods" of ancient Egypt and elsewhere.) The Queen Mother looks basically the same, but there are differences. She (the Queen) also has bumps on her head and her eyes are very frightening. She's very aggressive..."

"...I have seen (Prince Charles) shape-shift into a reptilian and do all of the things the Queen does. I have seen him sacrifice children. There is a lot of rivalry between them for who gets to eat eat what part of the body and who gets to absorb the victim's last breath and steal their soul. I have seen Andrew participate and I have seen Prince Phillip and Charles sister (Anne) at the rituals, but they didn't participate when I was there. When Andrew shape-shifts, he looks more like one of the lizards. The royals are some of the worst. Ok, as far as enjoying the killing, enjoying the sacrifice, and eating the flesh, they are some of the worst of all of them. They don't care if you see it. Who are you going to tell, who is going to believe you? They feel that it is their birthright and they love it. They love it."

Fritz Springmeier tells in his book, "Bloodlines of the Illuminati":

"Various high-level Satanists who have escaped from the Illuminati by God's power were eyewitnesses to Satan appearing at the Rothchilds. They testified they witnessed Satan showing up at the Rothchilds as a very beautiful man who can shape shift, (at times his feet would be cloven hoofs). He wears a black tuxedo to gamble and play cards (winnings are sexual victims) & a white tuxedo when present just to socialize. He can also shape shift into a reptilian. As a sincere researcher, I must report that lots of info. about shape shifting reps has confronted me in so many independent places in such a wide variety of historical periods that this bizarre topic must have some importance. I've withheld my findings for years, because I feel quite tentative about my results. David Icke gives details of this strange topic & his bold views in The Biggest Secret."

Are you ready to see how Reptilian Anunnaki look like?

                                             (Just a costume, but this is the closest representation we have... yet!)

Some people saw them in their pure reptilian shape and photographed them. they were not disturbed by this and they knew why. The photos were all corrupted, "like photographing a powerful green light".

After reading my article on "OUR TRUE HISTORY",
many people have contacted me telling me that they are able to see the Reptilians. 

They say that this representation is pretty close. I know many of you are already able to see them and soon all of us will be. The new energy is activating our energetic DNA and they will not be able to hide. Now they are still able to mentally project a fake image, because we are too primitive. This is a child's play for them. Well, not for long!

(Video missing...)

I know you want to brake free but you will never defeat them in combat. Instead you will defeat them with...LOVE!

They always manipulated us into armed conflicts and World Wars. Not this time! The vibrational leap is too close for us to fall for the same cheap manipulation techniques.

Remember my 2nd December 2010, article?

"The Illuminati and the Secret Societies have recently changed their plans. They see how many of us have awakened and they are ready to use this in their benefit. They want the "New World Order" in place (one language, one army, one electronic currency) so they will implement it with our consent.
"How would we give our consent to this?", you may ask. Well, they are using the same old manipulation technique, revealed to the public by David Icke.

It's a very simple (and always effective) concept, called:
Problem - Reaction - Solution
They create a problem - We react to it, asking for a solution - They bring the solution;

This concept is their primary manipulation weapon and is always paying off. Please allow me to give you a simple example.

They wanted to invade Iraq and size their oil fields, but they had no reason to do it. So they used the "Problem - Reaction - Solution" technique:

The "Iraqi terrorists" "attacked" USA - The people asked for a response - They came with the solution: USA declared war to Iraq.

And this concept is applied in all other fields.

Back to the current situation, the implementation of NWO; they are trying to show us how corrupt the Governments are, in order for us to ask for a solution. Their people are working hard to demote 9/11, they intentionally leak information to the public using media tools (Wikileas for example), and so on.

I'm very curious what solution they'll bring forward, but remember (!): It's THEIR solution and is a new step towards the NWO!"

Right now they are creating the problems (poverty, unrest, unemployment, conflicts, etc.) in order for us to REACT and ask for their solution. Well, I say NO to this!

Earth's vibration is rising and they need unrest, sufferance and wars in order to keep it low. Stop helping them!


Stay positive, loving and calm. Meditate as much as possible and help your body to integrate the new energy. This extraterrestrial specie, the Reptilian Anunnakis, can't accommodate the new vibration, is too high for them. They are very low vibrational entities. This is their final struggle, there are no more planets for them. 

Their ancestors told them that the human race will lead to their extinction and they are scared. Their lives are governed by negative emotions, hatred and fear. Because we received part of their DNA, we inherited from them the "reptilian brain". This part of our brain is responsible with all the negativity. But so many of us learned how to overcome the negativity and replace it love, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

They want you to fight, I want you to LOVE! 

We worked hard to reach this point and the ENTIRE creation is helping us! Mother Earth is changing and we are changing. The Reptilians helped us to evolve and we must love them for this. They are part of the creation but now their mission is over and they will be extinct as a specie. They know it, but because they are dominated by negative emotions they are frightened and they try to stop this from happening.

The human race and Mother Gaia will prevail. This is our mission.


Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;

Dear Friends,
HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use. If you appreciate my work, please help me continue.

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  1. For those of you that don’t think that there is no such thing as aliens, you need to wake up. There have been reptilians living amongst us for thousands of years, and there’s countless evidence to prove it. This video does a pretty good job of giving you a rough idea of what the Draconians are and how long they’ve been here. Their disguises utilize technology that is much more advanced than the technology that is available to the general public (which is usually 50 to 100 years behind what the human elite organizations such as DARPA have), but it is still not infallible. There have been many instances caught on tape when the moving features of their face (mouth and eyes) have a slight lag time to recalibrate to the sudden change in movement. Hence the appearances of reptilian eyes or tongues for split seconds. One of my buddies who also (happens to be quite adept in regards to the reptilians and what they’re all about) was filming a city council meeting for ventura county when he caught something like this. He posted some of the pictures at his website (they’re at Anxiety.org if you want to check them out) although the quality isn’t as good as the one shot by the news network.

  2. Just recently I saw a photo in a magazine with Prince Harry doing the same hand signal, I remember thinking what the heck is he doing, I thought it was a weird thing for him to be doing and wondered who he was signaling to.

  3. how do we know this website in itself isnt another ploy by the ''powers that be'' to feed us only a half truth and mislead us even further? i mean dont get me wrong i agree with a lot of whats being said but whos to say they aint giving us this little bit of info to keep us under control. knowledge is power, what people believe is their own choice but manipulation is key to keeping the masses in check and boy have we ever been manipulated with our computers, tv's, cell phones and other types of media. news, books sometimes i myself dont know what to believe sometimes but my beliefs are my own and no one can take that. we need to stay weary of the truth cuz theres always more than one, also learn to recognize lies cuz theyre everywhere o well ill give it a rest

    1. Hello and Welcome,
      As it seems that you are a newcomer!

      I think one way to spot brain-washing websites is to look at how fancy & expensive they look, how many writers they have employed and how many advertise banners they host. I am also looking for how many different subjects they approach. If there is an entire website built to discredit one person or one challenging theory, then it is definitely sponsored by shadow budgets.

      It is interesting that you chose to ask yourself this questions after reading an article exposing our satanist rulers. Please, notice that my message is to LOVE, and under no circumstances engage in physical contact with the bodyguards of the elites (mainly Police forces). Their websites are inciting people to violence, because they know how to handle violence. My advice is, as always to stop cooperating with the system, stop acknowledging their power, and more importantly stop using money.

      The monetary system will lead to the human implants, their final step for achieving the NWO and the enslavement of the human species.

      Regarding your other message, I have selected the method of "approving comments" for two reasons:
      1. Because some people choose to promote their own websites, companies, etc. via replays;

      2. Because I always reply to those having questions for me, and this is the only way to see what people ask me (for example, this article was posted on Dec. 2010).

      It is 'healthy' to question my blog and other websites. Being cautious is not offending me, by contrary makes me happy to know that we are finally questioning the information being fed to us by the media. I only hope for you to question all other sources as well.


  4. Yeah dude this just seems likes a bunch a jazz. I have heard the theories before but I really just can't put my finger on the concept of shape shifting. Is this part of their technology? What can I do to learn more and discover for myslef.

    1. I honestly don't know what shape-shifting is. But I can tell you a story.

      A very sane and intelligent person, which I trust beyond doubt, witnessed with her own eyes an average male turning into a reptilian while receiving "REIKI attunement". She is a 50 years old, very respected woman, occupying two important positions.

      Knowing small bits of my work she contacted me and told me her amazing experience. To this day I am the only person who knows about her experience.

      I have a wide range of speculations. In this case I think the reptilian entity (from another dimension/parallel reality) who connected to this guy's lower chakras to feed on negative emotions was revealed by the wave of positive energy directed by the REIKI master conducting the attunement. In my humble opinion, I don't think the guy is a reptilian or knows anything about them. He is simply used as a host periodically, or something very similar. I guess it's very similar to a demonic possession.

      I am the first to admit that I have no solid proof regarding "shape shifting" or "demonic possessions". But there is more than enough evidence for me to safely state that this reptilian extraterrestrial species exists and interfered with our evolution - at least - in the distant past.

      I don't know if they use advanced technology to walk among us undetected or if they simply inhabit the same space with us, but in a different dimension or reality. The only thing I have no doubt about is that they exist as a species.

      My research is a work in progress and I am willing to investigate ANY theory or idea that makes sense. Maybe we already know the truth, but it's a challenge to separate it from everything else.

      Love and Peace,

  5. I believe this I witnessed this 20 years ago.I saw a physical change in a human eye that went reptilic in approx 4 minutes I quit the job the same night.

  6. ok some of this I can believe. I do know that when the index finger and the pinky finger are extended that it represents the horns of the devil. But you have pictures of people with the thumb also extended, which in this case is sign language for Love...you might wanna look it up!!! Furthermore some of these pictures appear to have been snapped while in motion or an accidental horn and not that they where actually doing so. For example Yasser Arafat appears to be speaking with his hands and at the time of the shot his hands where in this position, the same is true in the 1st picture of the First Lady (Mrs. Obama). In the second picture of Mrs. Obama I think it's just a pose! I have picutres of my grandfather who had a similar pose for a Christmas shot in 86' and I know my g-pal wasn't a devil worshiper. Again while I can believe a lot of the info given here I think you guys may have went a little over board...I'm just saying!

    1. Helen Keller invented the "Love" hand sign and she was a satansit herself. Personally, I have no doubt that those in power who display "il cornuto" are not doing it by mistake.

      Some of them cannot openly display the horned hand, therefore they do it a little more subtle. Still, it's a sign addressed to their secret society colleagues, saying they love Satan.

      Regarding your grandfather, I am sure it's just a coincidence, but you should consider that he didn't had the occult knowledge of a secret society member, or the obligation to publicly show his love for Satan -- like these elite members have. It's just another reason why the shake hands differently than we do.

      They really are madmen!


  7. Well, this is interesting ive recently started to research astral projection, other dimensions, dna strand mutation etc. it started with curiosity but more and more ive dug in to things they led me to illuminati, NWO, satanicism in politics and music industry and so on. i understood one thing that everything really is connected through energy, sacred geometry other astral entities. I really believe this is happening and its acctually no surprise for me because our mass media constantly shows conspiracy theorists and other people who believe in such things as crazy in order to push our heads away from the truth, just look at CNN ,BBC or other mass media organizations in your country. Just look at what majority of people are interested in- Hollywood, celebrity life, money its all really working and all this jersey shore kardashian bullshit degradetes majority of people. Remember one thing The winner is that who writes the history for all in know everything that is written in history books can be rubbish. So think difernetly, i can suggest one thing dont be afraid to speak out i know that lot of people who are interested in conspiracy theories are afraid or ashamed to speak about that with there friends because they dont want to think that you are crazy.

    Peace, love and hapiness ;)

    1. The first thing you need to do is to make people take your opinion seriously. To that end, you need to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. You have some valid points but it is painful to read - and as such, most people turn off way before you have made any.

  8. MOst of the pics that shows the so-called Reptilian 'salute' are actually being showed out-of-context....lol. Many of these individuals (including George Bush) were giving the 'hook'em horns' college salute that's famous at the University of Texas....lol. Those folks that spread 'FEAR' (like on this website) are holders of the old energy....(not the NEW ENERGY) and are serving their Reptilian (negative-based) masters...lol.

    1. Please, don't pretend to know things that you've never studied. Satanism is the religion of the reptilian worshipers and most (if not all) world leaders are part of this dark sect - even though most of them have no idea of how deep the rabbit hole goes.

      Only knowing and understanding the TRUTH can set us all free. We are not spreading fear, we are uncovering - as Icke calls it - the "biggest secret". Why and HOW the "royal" bloodlines enslaved mankind.

      Please, be careful not to live in ignorance, because there is a fine line between being positive and being ignorant about what is really going on around you. While the positive people understand the truth and actually DO something about it (while staying positive), the ignorant people think it's fine to dismiss everything just to comfort themselves - which is selfish and very far apart from the "new energy".

      Either way, you should not laugh at those who walk on a different path - especially when they sacrifice their comfort and well-being, in order to help others.

      Think about it...


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