The Biggest Pyramid in the World Found in Bosnia

The Bosnian Pyramid Valley In 2005, archaeologist Semir Osmanagich discovered several structures...

The Bosnian Pyramid Valley

In 2005, archaeologist Semir Osmanagich discovered several structures covered by topsoil and vegetation. An international scholar of worldwide pyramidal structures, he recognized the manufactured angles and coordinates that characterize pyramids on five continents.

Subsequent, excavations and scientific testing of artifacts have dated several structures from 12,000 to 34,000 B.C.

Intentionally hidden, the covered pyramids were considered to be natural hills.

The Great Bosnian Pyramid, formerly known as Visocica Hill, is the first European pyramid to be discovered and is located in the heart of Bosnia, in the town of Visoko. The pyramid has all the elements: four perfectly shaped slopes pointing toward the cardinal points, a flat top and an entrance complex. On top of the pyramid are also the ruins of a medieval walled town, once the base of a Bosnian king Tvrtko of Kotromanic (1338-1391). Because of its similarities to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, it has been named the “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” ('Bosanska Piramida Sunca').

In the same Valley, four more ancient pyramidal structures were discovered:
-The Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (Bosanska Piramida Mjeseca);
-The Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon (Bosanska Piramida Zmaja);
-The Bosnian Pyramid of the Love (Bosanska Piramida Ljubavi);
  And a temple, named:
-Temple of the Earth (Hram Zemlje).


"We have already dug out stone blocks which I believe are covering the pyramid", said Semir (Sam) Osmanagic, a Bosnian American archaeologist who spent the last 15 years studying the pyramids of Latin America.

On the site, Sam has also discovered underground tunnels that connect the pyramids: "We found a paved entrance plateau and discovered underground tunnels."

Dr. Prof. Nabil M. A. Swelim stated after his recent visit: “The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid ever witnessed; it is an amazing structure of great importance for the entire world”. Visoko valley contains total of five pyramidal structures. They all have readily recognizable pyramid shape, because of:
-visually symmetric geometry; 
-precise orientation in all four cardinal directions; 
-geo- sedimentary composition of evidence from the ground ;
-analysis of satellite images; 
-analysis of satellite thermal images which suggests the characteristics of  artificial construction; 
-complex of underground tunnels: Ravne-Visocica-Plješevica-Krstac; 
-peculiar fluvial/erosive geomorphology observed on the Visocica hill; 
-characteristic “resonance” of Visocica under shelling during the last war; 
-symmetric terraces on a high-resolution geodesic elevation map; 
Tens or maybe hundreds of similar unnatural hills, hiding pyramids and temples, are found ALL OVER the planet. In fact, the phenomenon is so widely spread that it stands out like a red stain on a white shirt.

I want to remind you, that the Great pyramids of Egypt were also half covered in sand when they were discovered. Even though the main stream historians are promoting the theory that desert storms are responsible for covering the pyramids with sand, in my opinion, it happened exactly otherwise: the pyramids have been half UNCOVERED by the powerful winds.


The questions we should ask ourselves are:

-who is putting so much effort to keep us far from the truth?
-who has these unearthly technological capabilities?
-why do they want us to be kept in dark?

The correct answer is probably found in “Forbidden History” section.

Stone spheres found in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mysterious carved stone spheres found across Bosnia are similar to ones found in Costa Rica. To date, some 390 stone spheres have been found in Costa Rica, all finely finished, but it is not clear how they were created as no tools have been found to explain this. Some of these spheres were found buried together with pieces of ceramics that suggest that the spheres are at least 1200-1300 years old – which predates Christopher Columbus' arrival. 

According to those who discovered them, the spheres were always part of a group of three, forming a triangle, and always placed on the North-South direction. Intriguingly, the spheres had usually been found on hills. Two of them have been transferred to the USA, one to the National Geographic Society in Washington, and the second to the Harvard University in Cambridge.

Various theories have been suggested to explain the presence of the stone spheres in Costa Rica. American archaeologist Samuel K Lothrop (“Archeology of the Diquis Delta, Costa Rica”, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, 1963), for example, concludes that there is evidence that the stone spheres have been oriented astronomically. There has been little theorizing to date about stone spheres in Bosnia. Explorer Semir Osmanagic first heard about their presence from a Bosnian friend, Bojan Zecevic, in 2004. They then contacted Bosnian historians and created a team to explore the phenomenon of the "Bosnian Stone spheres."

They first explored the North West region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the village Trn near the town of Banja Luka they found that two spheres had been used as part of a foundation of a house, each with a radius of 30-40 cm. They were finely polished and heavier than normal stone. A short distance from the house they found the pieces of a ball that had been cut in half; the damaged ball has a radius of one meter. In the North Bosnian village of Teocak, eight spheres have been found.

All these spheres are geometrically shaped but none of them are finely polished. They are granite and some of the spheres have holes across their surface. These stone spheres have been found in several locations - a restaurant in Vares has even been named after the stone outside and is called ‘Kugla Restoran’ or Stone Ball Restaurant.

The largest stone sphere found in Bosnia (near the village of Slatina, Banjaluka) is unfinished. Historians believe that it would have been polished to complete the geometric shape of the ball Geologist Mile Vujacic believes that the Bosnian stone spheres were produced naturally by water shaping the rock over a long period – although this conclusion is uncertain given the number of locations where these stone spheres have been found and their correct geometric shape.

No one can be sure just how many of these stone spheres exist in Bosnia but the number found to date may represent a small fraction of the true number. The spheres
 have been buried over hundreds of years and only accidental findings are bringing them to light.” (Semir Osmanagic - Bosanska Piramida Sunca)

Semir has recently returned from Gudalahare, Mexico where he investigated other stone spheres, resembling those found across regions of Bosnia. Even though he found hundreds of stone spheres on the Cerra Piedras Bollas hill, there was only one reference to them, reported in the National Geographic magazine in 1968. The officially accepted version is that the primitive Indians created these objects (up to 4m in diameter and weighing as much as 50 tones each), with primitive tools. Unfortunately, the locals damaged many of the stone spheres thinking there might be gold inside them.

After Osmanagic studied the stone spheres from the village of Ahualulco del Mercado, he concluded that they were created using the same methodology as that used to create the stone spheres from Costa Rica and Bosnia.

Similar spheres were found in many places all over Earth and in great numbers. In the Beita Mountain, close to the Chinese – Mongolian border, more than 1,000 stone spheres have been found. The smallest ones are the size of a Ping-Pong ball, while the bigger ones are almost 2m in diameter.

Similar stone spheres have been also found in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand and Egypt.

There is nothing in our current understanding of history that explains the presence of these stone spheres. Even more intriguing are the statements of the Beita Mountain locals who reported seeing UFO activity many times in the areas where the stone spheres were found. The locals from other stone spheres sites also recalled seeing UFOs many times above the stone spheres sites.

Regarding this subject, the famous scientist Carl Sagan said: "There is a certain purpose for these stone spheres of big and small size to be placed there. For instance, they represent different stars in the sky, the distance among them denote the relative positions of the stars. This is most likely a souvenir given by guests from the Universe, who want to send our mankind some kind of message."

Even though my theory is even more daring, who am I to dare Carl Sagan?

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;

Dear Friends,
HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use. If you appreciate my work, please help me continue.

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  1. Omfalon Murado Jmmanuel CristoDecember 7, 2010 at 12:11 AM

    In the beginning of "Earth: Final Conflict", a scifi aliens coming to earth tv-series by Gene Roddenberry (same guy who made star trek), it shows 3 giant pyramids on green scenery!
    This show was made way before the discovered pyramids, how did he know??
    There's also lots of other very strange stuff in the series, maybe it was his disclosure to people (virus based implants, base on the moon, alien not being who they pose as to be..). Thank you for the blog, the truth is coming out on many fronts now...

  2. dear friends, surprising discovery..largest pyramid of the SUN, and Stone balls all over the world...Mikigold MG

  3. Omfalon, the Illuminati and the Secret Societies are made only of sick people. They are all crazy and obsessed. Many events were presented EXACTLY in TV series.
    X-Files and the Simpsons are one example:

  4. Still stuck on Genesis 6:2 Where did the pyramids, stone balls, all the ancient stone-work come from? How did they work the stone, move it? Even the Easter Island stone-work mysterious. Even as we watch the latter days of the last, the greatest, Caucasian empire the world will ever know, and the rising of the new Asian empire, to be based on Thorium fueled nuclear reactors, we stand in disbelief. Gold at $1500.00 U.S. / oz. tells the story. Their foreign oil fueled empire is dieing as we speak. We see the remnants of much activity on this planet. Was it all human?

  5. Something I've gathered about pyramids is that they create vortexes by funneling ions. Most of them do, at least. These vortexes link to other planets so that the owners can come to Earth easily or access our data fields for various reasons. They're like embassies.

    I imagine some of the owners want to keep people out of their pyramids. Local criminal groups might be involved too.

    The stone balls may actually be crystals used by early civilizations. I've heard there were people in Middle America who learned to make crystals out of rock - you would only know they're crystals from the molecular structure.

  6. Having been to Visoko several times, I can tell you without any doubt that you are posting photoshopped images if the valley. No "pyramid" structure has been uncovered yet, only stones that Mr. Osmanagic believes to be portions of the pyramids.

    In 2006 archaeologists from around the world came to Bosnia to investigate these "pyramids", and unilaterally declared that there is no such structure, and that whatever structure is there is no more than 500 years old (remnants of the old village of Visoko). The human hand that was found in the mason work of one of the structures in the valley was carbon dated to approximately 400 years old

    Not sure where you got the pictures of the stone spheres from South America, but a more critical look at the images should demonstrate to you very clearly that they are NOT taken in Bosnia (look at the hotel name in the background of the 4th, and text on the sign in the 5th - no such business exists in Visoko or the surrounding towns, and Spanish is not the native language of Bosnia). The last image is clearly a product of Photoshop.

    1. i am sorry but either you are A LIAR or just an IDIOT. i will not lose my time to go into details

  7. @Dear J, you clearly have not read the article. I shouldn't even bother responding your comment in these circumstances, but here I go.

    The first two 'pictures' are indeed photoshoped, depicting the possible shapes of the pyramids from under the hills. Other than those two, nothing else is photoshoped.

    The pictures depicting the excavations at Visoko are from the OFFICIAL website & all of them are GENUINE.

    I've never heard of an archaeological team from around the world that gave a negative response regarding the Bosnian pyramids. As you can clearly see in the pictures, archaeologists were present during the excavations and you have their testimonies on the official website.

    Before the excavations begun, the government payed for topographic expertises which proved the existence of massive structures beneath the hills.

    So your entire comment is either a lie, or unintentional misinformation.

    This year's archaeological camp of unearthing the pyramid will share more light on the subject.

    The pictures showing massive stones spheres are from all over the planet. Only the first pictures are from Bosnia.


    1. The disinfo minions are at work everywhere my friends....I suppose they will also tell you the Romanian ruins are fake too....they think they've got their tickets booked by engaging in these activities... I hope you can uncover more of the ruins soon.... keep up the good work.

    2. It is very interesting, no doubt they are advanced but how much??? Are they really care us or not i don't know, but one thing is sure, they want us to join in this big extraterrestrial race. They are more curious than us.i think, humans are more free on Earth, so a chance humans got to be civilize and consider Earth is our selfless mother land and Sun is our food to live.

  8. This is a fantastic site. I believe Martians were on earth at one time; is it possible our governments want to hid this truth from us? And why? I must list 'humansarefree.com' in my blog list. It is a must read for everyone!

  9. @jan10: Please read David Icke's book 'The biggest secret'. You'll find a very interesting theory regarding the martians and our first days on earth.

    Keep close,

  10. Some say startrek is based on past events not future.

  11. Wow, rhis is all very interesting.

  12. I believe those stone balls are planets

  13. Armstrong made a statement while on the moon " wow! Look at the size of those ships!" Hmm I think it is possible that these balls are what is left over from an energy source used in et's ships.
    NASA's stand on et is not to inform the public as it would rock the very foundation of our society. Armstrong also made the statement that we hadn't been back to the moon because we were told to stay off the moon . He also stated that the great space race was actually to goto the moon to investigate the city on the moon but found a minning operation with semi transparent domes.
    The first known writtings found on earth state that minning of gold was done to save the atnosphere of another world. We had also valued gold since the begining of conciousness, how did man kind know gold was rare enough to base currency on? Crystals and brass is just as pretty as gold.
    Is theat not enough, take a look at the christian faith, based on judaism and judaism based on the idea of one god, one of the egyptian pharohs which predated judaism attempted to create the one god theory, "sun god", coincides with the inca and myan as well "sun god". Man has always worshipped what he does not understand and calls it or they god.
    Mary was not the first to become pregnant with out sex, noahs grandmother was pregnant with enock without sex. Jesus was not even the first to had believed he was the masiah, simon his great uncle believed he was the masiah and these people werre groomed from birth to become their prospected masiahs. We use 8% of our brains as humans but being a cross bred dietie we might beable to unlock as much as 80 to 100% of our brains copacity and we could levate, use telepathy and even reanimate life, theorized by scientist today. Ask what if we could? What could we accomplish.
    After hearing the recording of armstrong on the moon and talking not just one time but several times by more than just armstrong, about a city which exist on the moon dated back more than 3000 yrs, remanants of what was water way or canal and the destruction of that city, all the way to the semi-transparent domes and seammingly current as of 1971 minning opperation of the moon. I believe, I also believe we as mankind built these bosnian pyramids as well as egypts and others around the world but for some reason we "mankind" decided that they should be covered over with dirt. So that man would forget, or so that some one or something would not return. Their are pictures in egypt of actual light bulbs drawn on walls in the pyramids, funny how a torch won't remain lit.
    I really hope that you can unearth these structures and hopefully their will be some form of writting that depict why these structures were built and most importantly why were these structures intentionally covered with tons of soil and dirt, which would certainly had been an incredible feat in itself.
    Unearthing these structures is vital in knowing where man kind came from.
    Theodore rosevelt came up with the idea of the united nations because he believed not one single voice could adequatly represent the world. At that time most thought it was stupid, eisenhower actually got that idea off the ground and we now have the united nations. We also have the "north american strategic air command" which of course located in the united states. Their is the ultimate strategic air command and european air command, the southern air command, which answer to their respective countrys all of which are commanded directly by the president of the united states.
    Their is a lot of research to be done regarding all of this, however for people to continue to argue and discredit these things theirs is no wonder why the higher chains of command believe that if we know what's really going on that our very society will fall. Their right because its not the laws that govern us that keeps most people from acting a fool. The things that keep most people from acting a fool is the fear of god, which 99% of all known religeons preach.

    1. We can use 100% of our brains. Its called having a seizure.

  14. Check Boulder's bay - West Coast - New Zealand

  15. http://wallpapers.wallpapersdepo.net/free-wallpapers/586/planet-moeraki.jpg

  16. So like no one is gonna try and research this...?

  17. I think the spheres found all over the planet are enough for anyone to question. Why people are even arguing about a pyramid when we have found others already, is beyond me. This phenomena is real. Get it into your(skeptics) head.

  18. These balls can be produced in nature. When a plasma discharge (lightning)strikes rock, small circular fragments are blasted away, known as blueberries.
    Mars has lots of them.
    The power needed to create a 2 metre blueberry.....brings us nicely to Velikovsky and his Planetary disruption theories.
    There's a decent Electric Universe site on facebook or google Thunderbolts.

    1. Thank you for the interesting information about the lightning rock blueberries, but you cannot seriously compare these very small and very imperfect balls (almost not visible in the sand):

      To these gigantic (50 tons and 2m in diameter), perfect spherical stones, arranged in triangles:

      I respect our ancestors very much and I cannot call them liars, nor can I ignore their written history, just because it's different than some people accept as norm today. I allow them to be different and I want to learn as much as possible about them and their culture.

  19. i think that these balls are concretions earth pearls .Formed the same way as pearls but done in the earth

  20. they are build by Illyrians (today Albanians) its a shame of the world to make probaganda about our culture . we have been in balkan before greeks now all our culture is stolen by those slavs who came in balkan in IX century ! Viva iliria viva Albania .

  21. High energy plasma discharge: electrical in origin.
    Laboratory plasma discharge onto soil also said by plasma physicists to produce similar spheres.
    Bigger discharges = bigger spheres.

    More @ Thunderbolts Project - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=281175462009374&set=a.274453702681550.63061.274320079361579&type=1&permPage=1

    Note: Areas of Mars surface also said to be literally coated with small (hematite) spheres called 'blueberries'.

    PS I found it more humorous than scientific to hear Carl Sagan say such things about these spheres. To Academics if all the trees of the land are gone then the answer must be that farmers have forgotten how to farm. Now that's erudition eh?


  22. Back in ancient times heavy object were moved with magnets and sound.
    even in Babylon.

  23. Perhaps they used the balls to move the stone? Either in the traditional way of thinking, or in a way assisted by the Rossetta Stone

  24. I totally agree with the comment posted by anonymous here, this stones and pyramides are builded by Illyrians, (ex-Albanians) so, let the world accept the existence of illyrians in balkans of europe before ancient greece and some slaves ..

  25. Luke 8:17
    "For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light

  26. I still doubt whether it is made by humans or extraterrestrial bodies. i doubt the inner arc which is the important source of pyramid is stolen by aliens. i doubt may be our ancestors (humans) know telepathy, levitation, and teleporting etc, or may be got support with outer world. it can be made by giant humans who knows. And if it is so, are they real humans or aliens? Any idea, welcome. history is interesting!

  27. "pyramids made by giants 100%", browse it. this history not disclosed directly to people thinking, people may get scared. Its fact, because see the size of rocks, and more shocking news is giants are real people of Earth, and unfortunately small people means "ourselves in past" were used as slaves to construct a pyramid. Even balls made by them. giant cows and much more. means everything was in giant. we are considered as Lilliput (i mean our real ancestors). Giants are aware of alien specie and aliens too who even tried to kill them. Our giants were advanced too who are only people who successfully communicated with extraterrestrials. THAT IS PYRAMID OF GIZA AND PERFECT ALIGNMENT WITH 3 STARS.
    i think Bermuda triangle is actually a pyramid of crystal also made by them. but not sure about the material used. This is my believe, and aliens too played some role as observers and of-course occupiers like inner earth alien and may be we now need not to worry as giants were already buried in past who are the real enemies, i think so. share it. we must be happy as we are the only free humans. still we don't know detailed history of man kind. we don't know still about aliens and their behaviors. WE HUMANS ARE THE MOST CURIOUSNESS AND MYSTERIOUS CREATURE OF EARTH. accept it

  28. ...all history is WRONG!!...has been manipulated by certain races for their WEALTH only!!...you know who you are,,,YOU LIARS/thieves/Murderers!!..the time has come.....

  29. And Robert Schoch *still* writes on his official web site that there are no pyramids in Bosnia, ha ha. Here's my expose on that snake in the garden of science. (Klaus Dona calls my article "The best article I've read on the Bosnian pyramids.")

    "The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch: Part 1 - The Bosnian Pyramid Complex"

    1. This is a very good article, Jock. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  30. Don't let yourselves be fooled.

    The pictures of the stone spheres in the garden are from an old fort in San Jose, Costa Rica NOT MEXICO. I've been there and seen them first hand. You can even see the Costa Rican flag in the back.

    Also, the quote from Carl Sagan is SO FALSE. "This is most likely a souvenir given by guests from the Universe, who want to send our mankind some kind of message." Carl Sagan NEVER made assumptions. Google the quote and you will only find this article.

    1. The pictures of stone spheres are from all over the world and I have only uploaded few of them. Regarding quotations, it is unfortunate that we cannot always know if they are true or not. Be sure that I have stumbled across this one while digging information for this article - but it does make sense about Sagan not usually making assumptions. I should have included a source link, but I wrote it back in 2010 when I knew little about these things.

  31. GOD gave us some clues about all of it , bigger and more evolved ancient civilizations, and the power of moutains (pyramides) in the Quran. But watch out on your invented beliefs (giants, aliens, etc), God also tells us that He destroyed all of them for not have believed and adored Him.

  32. People who believe this type of thing should ask 'why do I want to believe in aliens and ancient pyramid technology?' I mean if you believe in one flaky conspiracy where do you logically draw the line after that? Is anything improbable to you? How can it be - you believe everything. The government is killing us. Secretly. Aliens are common. We just haven't seen them. Except the government. There are pictures of time travellers and sometimes ghosts. Cameras can do that. Why the government hasn't tried to ban cameras we don't know. Pyramids have secret powers, we just don't know how to use them. Aliens do though, but they just want us to learn about astronomy, or perhaps astrology, no wait, that's not scientific. Balls. Lots of balls. In Bosnia. And pyramids. Probably Atlantis too. And photoshop, because you want us to believe so bad by showing us a picture but you don't have one. And so again I ask, why do you want to believe in these things so much?


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