The Oldest Human Skeletons And Writing Discovered! The Greek Alphabet May Not Be Greek!

[This is a reedited version of the 2010 article] Introduction In the year 1961, three written c...

[This is a reedited version of the 2010 article]


In the year 1961, three written clay tablets have been discovered in a small city of Romania. The following tests labeled them as the oldest written tablets on Earth.

In 1999, a study revealed that the Dacian fortresses, “Sarmizegetusa Regia”, found in the Orăştie Mountains (Munții Orăștie) is only a small part of a huge 200 square km city, hidden beneath earth’s surface - the largest city in antiquity.

Also, in 2002, the bones of the ancestor of all Europeans were found in a cave in a small Romanian city, named Anina. The archaeologists named the ancestor “Ion din Anina” (which means 'John of Anina'). These findings are grouped in the center and south-western Romania, in the same area where the famous dwarf dinosaurs (unique in the world) were found.

1. John of Anina

After they’ve found a jawbone in the Anina cave, the professional cavers of the "Emil Racovita Institute" raised the question of dating the fossil. This is done using the “carbon 14 isotope”, a procedure that costs $ 500. But the Romanian scientists didn’t have the money (how sad is that?), so the teachers Erik Trinkaus (of the University of Saint Louis, United States) and Joao Zilhao (of the University of Bristol, United Kingdom) have agreed to scientifically date the mandible. They concluded that the relic is 40,000 years old and is the oldest remnant of modern humans in Europe.
                                                                            Ion din Anina (John of Anina)

On the other hand, based on this fragment, the two anthropologists reconstructed John’s face which has features never seen before. They contend that the skull is evidence that modern humans (homo sapiens sapiens) mated with the Neanderthal man (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis), who lived from 150,000 years ago - until 35,000 years ago. As such, Ion (John) has revolutionized everything we knew about the anthropological theories and about the origin of modern man and his links with the Neanderthal man. Until this discovery, anthropologists believed that Neanderthal man disappeared with the advent of the modern humans.

Because John has both types of the humanoid features, this means that they have lived together and even mated. Until the discovery of the Anina Mountains, the oldest remains of modern humans were from Africa and were dated somewhere around thirty thousand years. Immediately after establishing the age of the fossil and publishing the news, the local scientists have named the first modern European with the name Ion.


At first, the researchers thought that John lived in the cave where they found him. After further investigation, it was concluded that the cave was not inhabited. They could not find any tools, so John lived and died elsewhere, but in the passing tens of thousands of years, the mandible reached somehow into the depths of the cave. Also, in the same cave was found the skull of a man who lived 36,000 years ago, which received the name “Vasile” (Basil).

In 2003, other discoveries found in the same place, certified that in Romania lived the oldest Europeans. In 2003 after new researches, the scientists found a piece of skull dated to be 35,000 years old, belonging to a woman who was named Maria (Mary).

2. The first writing in the world, found in Judeţul Alba (Alba County)

In the city Tărtăria, Alba County, in 1961 was discovered an important religious complex; the material showed a continuity of habitation for several thousand years. Among others, they found three sensational clay tablets, which according to the isotope carbon 14 dating were made at least 6,500 years ago.

Two of the plates are covered with pictographic writing, over a millennium older than the famous Sumerian clay tablets. At first, the scientists thought the tablets are fakes. But the isotope Carbon 14 dating has proven that these objects are at least 6,500 years old.

Moreover, in Bulgaria has also been found a 5,500 year old clay pot, which is covered with the same type of writing/ depictions.

One thing is sure: the writing found on the “Tărtăria tablets” is the first writing in the world, which we know of. Unfortunately, the signs have remained indecipherable until this day.

The Tartaria Tablets

A probable interpretation of the first tablet is the following:

A possible interpretation of the round tablet may be this one:

3.   “The Sinaia lead plates”

In 1875, while building the Peles Castle for the king Carol I, a Dacian treasure was discovered. Among others, 200 gold plates have been discovered, containing written historical accounts about the Dacian people and their ancestors. As soon as Carol I of Romania saw the plates, he immediately decided to MELT them, without giving any opportunity for them to be translated.

[This “Romanian” king, sworn his oath in French because he didn’t knew Romanian at all. Actually, the first time he saw Romania was in the same day he took over its crown. After Alexandru Ioan Cuza was removed from the throne, Carol I (by his real name: Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig von Hohenzollern – Sigmaringen) came to Romania and presented himself as the first Romanian king].

But fortunately, some workers had the great idea to copy all 200 plates into a cheaper material, before Carol I had the chance to destroy the originals. They were copied into lead, in a nail factory close by.
This is how the lead plates come to exist:

Many of the 200 plates had been stolen in time, but about 100 have been photographed, scanned and shared. In the basement of "'Vasile Parvan' Archaeology Institute of Bucharest" are allegedly located the last 30 remaining plates (non-inventoried).

You can see the surviving plates in this YouTube video here:

One of the plates:

Amateur historian Dan Romalo spent 30 years researching the plates. He is the reason why we have the scanned pictures of the plates. Many of the plates had been stolen or “lost” and only because of his interest and courage we still have about 30 left today. Soon, all plates will probably be forever lost!

From Dan Romalo we know that the Dacians called their language in two ways:

1.    ORO MANISA which means “clean language”

2.    DRAGO MANISA meaning, the “divine language”

The Dacians wrote on the tablets that the language was spoken by the first Getaes Gods, placing the “Oro/Drago Manisa” before any other European or Sanskrit language.

Another source tells that on one of the plates is written that the human soul will move from body to body until he finds AURUMETTI (The Golden Path). Only then the soul ends the incarnation cycle on Earth.

They also knew how to make the water "divine" and never ate meat, only vegetables (meat has a very low vibration, while vegetables a very high one).

If you haven’t seen Masaru Emoto's scientific documentary "Water - The Great Mystery" please click the link. It’s a “must see”. Another very interesting article: 'Water Has Memory': Scientific Proof from 'Oasis HD' Channel

The Sinaia lead plates are written using 3 different alphabets. Two of them are still unknown, but one of them is the ancient Greek alphabet. The ancient Greece is considered to be the cultural cradle of mankind, but stunningly, the ancient Dacians were using the same alphabet.

Some rare texts speak of their ancestors, the Thracians, and the amazing connections between them and ancient Greece.

Zalmoxis is the Thracian god and their spiritual protector, but before achieving this "status" he was an average human. Both Greek and Thracian texts reveal that during his youth, Zalmoxis studied with the famous Pythagoras.

Allegedly, the Thracians had spiritual schools and all of them attended these classes. In the first stages they were being taught how to loose their ego and become humble - among other. Most people were not able reach the final stages, but Zalmoxis and his sister did.

Humans are limited in physicality, therefore no human can integrate both male and female energies in one body. The solution is for two opposite sexes to learn how to live together, as one. Actually, this is the true reason for what is currently known as "marriage". The union of the male and female energies for spiritual reasons.

Zalmoxis and his sister lived separately, spending most time in deep meditation, but each time they got together they were able to literally perform miracles - therefore receiving the "god status" from the people. Each of Zalmoxis' actions were considered to be the divine will of the Creation itself.

Going back to the so called "Greek alphabet", the Thracians left written accounts speaking of its very old origins, much older than the ancient Greece. In conclusion, the Greeks did not created this alphabet, but for some reason have adopt it.

Corroborating this revelation with the first two chapters, we begin to see a very different picture that the current historians are telling us. The first ever written texts and the oldest homo sapiens skeletons originate from Romania, also the "Greek alphabet" is much older than thought and also originated in the area of today's Romania.

And it's not all! 

4. Sarmizegetusa Regia “sits” on a buried city about the size of Bucharest (The Romanian Capital)

In 1999, a group of Romanian scientists conducted a complex study at the Sarmizegetusa Regia fortress, using special equipment to detect buried walls and objects.

In this way it was highlighted, that under Sarmizegetusa Regia, and bellow other Dacian strongholds, there is a huge and compact military and civilian architectural complex, with multiple cores, occupying an area of 200 square kilometers, rich in gold, having multiple elements dating before the Dacian civilization.

The plans of this ancient city, about the size of Bucharest, were collected in a file that was sent to the Ministry of Culture, but the institution haven't announced anything in this case. 

Our true history is amazing, to say the least, and hopefully we will live long enough to find more about our forgotten past. Only time will tell.

Dear Friends,
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  1. awesome stuff! Your blog rules! I am getting psyhically that this society was a society sort of like Atlantis started by people from Atlantis and that they were very enlightened with technology like that of atlantis with alien origin. it is so obvious why they dont want to PUBLICLY translate the tablets because it has mans history with the star people or human ET's. we are so being lied to and deceived. I love your blog and I am going to talk about it on my radio show!


    1. Sorry folks but the oldest skeleton was discovered in Greece(once again)
      and its 700000 yrs old and the FIRST FIRE ever been lit....GUESS WHAT it was
      discovered in GREECE!!!!!
      Isnt this amazing??
      Every greek knows this and if you want to see for yourselves look it up but you can only find it in greek since they are trying to hide it TYPE:ΣΚΕΛΕΤΟΣ 700000 ΕΤΩΝ ΣΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ

    2. It would be a pleasure to read an article about this skeleton, so maybe you will be able to help me by posting a direct link to it. I'm planning to use Google's Translator, and hopefully I'll be able to understand something.

      My guess is that skeleton you speak of does not belong to a homo sapiens, though. As you can read in my article, John's of Anina skeleton "is 40,000 years old and is the oldest remnant of MODERN humans in Europe." So this is the oldest homo sapiens skeleton in Europe.

      Friendship and Love to all Greeks,

      P.S. By the way, it appears that http://HumansAreFree.com was un-banned for Greece. Cool!

    3. Hi Alexander,I am glad you responded to my comment.
      Sorry I didnt explain in detail what I meant.
      Yes, the greek skeleton was not of a modern human but of course these
      people evolved to what we are today.People were born everywhere.As my ancestors say the greeks were born from the mud and water in the south of
      Greece.Every land has its own natives.I dont believe what they say that europeans come from Africa or India.Anyway, as for the modern human skeleton they have been found in Italy too,40.000yrs old.
      As for The Greek Alphabet being much older than thought yes ,and its pure greek.Thank you for posting these finds that prove once again that the greek alphabet has been created by the greeks much earlier than the pheonisians which is dated 1200BC who borrowed it from us.Tablets like the above with the other two alphabets (greek as well) have been found in greece dated 7500BC,as they have been found all over Europe Egypt turkey,(India greek words in there language) greek finds have been discoverd in Palestine even south America. But why is the Greek element everywhere?WHY is GREECE the shrinking world and the WORLD the expanding GREECE?(Victor Hugo)
      The greeks set out from greece to almost all around the world(at least10.000BC) as they were very skilled navigators, and settled in piece of course in many countries.Still they kept in contact with all the greeks around the world.To be able to do this they spoke a very sophisticated language(ancient greek)and had a sophisticated writing which was the greek lenear class A and the greek lenear class B These were the first two writings they used before developing it into the ancient greek alphabet.Wherever they went they would pass on their civilization to the native people,religion(mother of earth first godess)education(school)sciences the blessing of marriage they would build temples houses theatres stadiums this is how civilised they were that they would share their achievements with all the natives and all the people would gladly accept the greek civilization and this is why the greeks were admired.
      This is why greece is everywhere,the biggest proof is all the greek names of cities and continents rivers stars planets such as Egypt Europe Pheonesia Palestine Sydon,Byblos,Tripolis,Petra,Heliopolis,Scotland,Ireland
      The Delta etc....its amazing that romania has a town called Tripillia(pure greek word)which means the three gates(look it up).
      As for the Thracians that had a very close connection with the greeks,yes thats true since the thracians were greeks from greek Thrace (look it up)
      They didnt have to use the word greek Thracians because it was common knowledge to all greeks as it is today.For instance,when we refer to the greeks from athens we say the atheneans,greeks from sparta,the spartans,from Macedonia,the macedonians,etc
      The greeks EARNED respect and admiration from all the nations around the world because of their achievements and the fact that they shared their knowledge with them.Sharing was one of their virtues.
      Ancient greeks didnt eat meat either they used to say:We are what we eat(some of them of course)
      Some people of course will never forgive the ancient greeks for that and would do every thing to undermine our past.
      The title of greece being the cultural cradle of mankind was EARNED after thousands of years work.
      It doesnt surprise me though to read that some romanians think that the title belongs to them(not refering to you directly)so do some Albanians so do some yugoslavians etc,etc.That doesnt matter we are used to it.You can read the famous quotes about greeks on youtube.
      The greeks is a nation that has offered so much to mankind and has been fought so much from those that have offered nothing to it(famous quote)and ufortunately its true.
      In spite of this we still respect all the nations and admire their civilization including the romanian.
      Greetings to the romanians from Greece!!!

    4. PS.Cucuteni-trypillian civilization,not a romanian town reffering to your comments, Alexander, below.Still if the cucuteni-trypillian civil.was none greek, why did it have a greek name and had many greek ellements
      THRACIANS were not greek??? but hellenized ????(became greek) but still they dont know where exactly they come from and where they went if they were superior to the greeks why did they adopt the greek civilization?????Simply because they were greek thracians something some anti greek scientists will never accept
      As for the skeleton 700000yrs old in greece is of an intelligent upright walking person and the first fire lit in greece was 1000000yrs ago
      The articles are in greek you wont find anything in English since they are tring very hard to hide it
      They cannot stand the idea that for the billionth time all researches
      come to the conclusion that everything started in HELLAS=LAND OF LIGHT

    5. Thank you for your comments, and I admire your passion. I feel like an important part of my mission is to locate as many pieces of the puzzle as possible and put together the closest version of the true human history.

      Unfortunately, there is a lot of - intentional - disinformation out there, and those who have the budgets and capabilities of unraveling the truth do the best they can to keep it hidden from us.

      My interests in history are not obstructed by any kind of nationalism or patriotism, as I am neither. I am a member of the human species and I promoting unity and oneness.


  2. @kimpunkrock: will follow your radio show brother, good luck in spreading the truth! Love and peace!

  3. They have to be joking don't they??? the reconstruction of John of Anina looks just like many human of today especially some tribes.. For goodness sake they have no full skeleton of a Neanderthal man, so could the Neanderthal have been just another race of people with different features. Pigmies, or even Indonesians look different, but they are human???..
    The Neanderthal skeletons were found in graves with hands neatly folded, surrounded by fossilized pollen. This is a pretty clear indication that they were buried with flowers in some sort of funeral ceremony. Only humans do that. Furthermore, they found tools (and possibly a musical instrument) associated with some of the Neanderthal remains. Every indication was that he was as fully human as Homo sapiens (modern man).

    Homo sapiens supposedly evolved 100,000 years ago but there is evidence of Homo sapiens in Australia 116,000 to 176,000 years ago yet they say that Neanderthal man supposedly lived from 36,000 to 75,000 years ago, so how could the Neanderthal man have evolved from the Homo sapiens.. it does not add up.

  4. Some additional info about the Tartaria (Tatárlakai) disks. It connects us, the Hungarian people to the Carpathian Basin.


    1. Dear Brushy,
      Thank you for sharing with us this document. Personally, I am absolutely blown away by the Cucuteni-Trypillian civilization! It is officially accepted as the oldest major civilization on Earth, at least 500 years older than the Sumerians:

      "In terms of overall size, some of Cucuteni-Trypillian sites (...) are as large as (or perhaps even larger than) the more famous city-states of Sumer in the Fertile Crescent, and these Eastern European settlements predate the Sumerian cities by more than half of a millennium."

      But what is truly amazing, is that they were not warriors and they were not ritualistically burying their dead. No weapons or cemeteries have been found anywhere near their settlements.

      (Maybe they used to burn their dead; but could it be possible for them to have had the understanding of reincarnation, therefore not seeing the point of burying their dead in cemeteries?)

      Another very interesting thing is the evidence showing that they were, most probably, "worshipers" of the Mother Earth goddess.

      So, they were a peaceful civilization (not fighting and killing each other for materialistic possessions: wealth, lands, slaves, women, etc.), they were not burying their dead they were praising planet Earth.

      And things become even more interesting:
      "These settlements underwent periodical acts of destruction and re-creation, as they were burned and then rebuilt every 60–80 years. Some scholars have theorized that the inhabitants of these settlements believed that every house symbolized an organic, almost living, entity. Each house, including its ceramic vases, ovens, figurines and innumerable objects made of perishable materials, shared the same circle of life, and all of the buildings in the settlement were physically linked together as a larger symbolic entity. As with living beings, the settlements may have been seen as also having a life cycle of death and rebirth."

      "Cultivating the soil, tending livestock, and harvesting the crops were probably the main occupations of most of the members of this society. There is also evidence that they may have raised bees. Although wine grapes were cultivated by these people, there is no solid evidence to date to prove that they actually made wine from them. The cereal grains were ground and baked as unleavened bread in clay ovens or on heated stones in the hearth fireplace in the house. The archaeological remains of animals found at Cucuteni-Trypillian sites indicate that the inhabitants practiced animal husbandry. In addition to farming and raising livestock, members of the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture supplemented their diet with hunting."

      "At its height, the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture would have been one of the most technologically advanced societies on earth, producing woven textiles, exquisitely fine and beautifully decorated ceramics, and a wide variety of tools and weapons, as well as developing large-scale salt production, new house construction methods, and agricultural and animal husbandry techniques."

      "One of the most recognizable aspects of the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture is the incredible pottery that its people produced (...) The lavishly decorated pottery suggests that the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture created textiles that were exceedingly beautiful."

      Studying our true history, is one of the most rewarding thing to do. There are a lot of hidden facts awaiting to be rediscovered and I am very excited whenever I find out new things about our ancestors.

      Personally, I am sure that our species was very evolved at some point in our history, when a tragic event occurred and almost got us extinct. The survivors probably had to do whatever possible just to stay alive, and many generations later, we started all over again.

      Amazing Evidence: The Human Species is Hundreds of Millions of Years Old!

  5. Glad you liked it Alexander!

    The Tatárlaki disk are very important for most us in Hungary because it contains several Székely "runes". The Székely are a big group of Hungarian people who live in Romania in Transylvania (Erdély). I'm half Székely, but it does not matter now. The important thing is, that this disk contains these runes which are very very similiar of the sumerians or the etrusk writing but it is oldel than that. This runes are used by us, not in everyday, but some of us can read or write in it, it is very simple and logic if you are interested in it.

    The very importance of the disk. If it is 7000+ year old. Then it is older then the sumerian writings artifacts. And it is clearly states that our Hungarian ancestors, (the Hun tribe confederation which was the big tribe of 22-24 tribes like the ancestors of the Chinese, Mongolian, Bulgarian and of course the Hungarian people) WERE HERE in the Carpathian Basin. We are tought of a lie about our origon in school, which was crafted about 150 year ago, by some Austrian who wanted to severe us from our heritage. We know we are tought by a lie, but our leaders won't accept the truth that we, Hungarians a very ancient people.

    Sorry for the long post, (and my poor English) but I wanted to tell you about those disk and those importance for a small but strong nation.

  6. Love your blog. Keep up the good work. The truth will come out and set us all free. Greetings from Romania.

  7. These are Thracian runes, the oldest civilization in the world. What are you talking about... Hungarians... How pathetic!

    Hungarians didn't even exist as a specie back then. The mere thought that they have any connections with the Huns is debatable and you're trying to sell us the glorious Hungarian history spanning millennias? :) The peak for you, now long gone, was an empire ran by the Austrians. Get over it cause it's not even funny. You're a bankrupt little country nobody cares about anymore, sort that out.

  8. Ok we did intermarry with them, but our blood did not mix well with theirs and our half breed progeny died from RH negative factor. It still exist today ( my uncle married a woman with RH negative blood) Babies wouldturn blue and die unless they had a transfusion. Now doctors give the child a shot to correct the blood. This only occured in some parts of Europe and W. Asia as far as I can tell. Where homo Neanderthal existed.

    1. ???? I'm RH negative....my father too...I didn't turned blue and didn't get any blood transfusion..and my daughter is also RH negative .nobody gave her any shot to correct the blood..and I was born in Transylvania

  9. You have to be a society of many persons to have such an awsome blog. Where and how do I join? vj

    1. Dear VJ,
      Other than Polona, who wrote several articles in the "Ascension Pioneers" section (before creating her own blog: http://ascension-pioneers.org), I am the only writer for HumansAreFree.com

      Of course, I also share interesting articles written by other people or alternative media channels.

      We can discuss details via e-mail: alexandru2012@gmail.com

      Looking forward to hear from you.

  10. As Romanian born - some of us know already that we are the first civilization and our land keeps many secrets and knowledge. Our government keeps many things hidden from the romanian people.

    p.s. Brushy - please Do Not be that arrogant - and live Hungary as it is - and give credit to much older brothers .


    2. Good for you romanians can you please tell us some of your secrets
      and knowledge of your so-called first civilization pleaeaeaeaeaese!

    3. For November 2012 Anonymous 1: The leads found in Romania and written in 3 different alphabets is an intriguing fact that worth being mentioned. Of course, with the leads being "vanished" before serious analyse, we can only make assumptions. Greek alphabet has nothing to do with the Romanian alphabet and Romanians don't want to take credit for your alphabet, so relax. However, this contradicts somehow the theory that Thracians were closely related to Greeks, as the thracian artefacts revealed only few similarities to Greek civilization. Or perhaps history makes a big mistake when saying that Dacians are the same with Thracians. In this case, everything makes more sense, and Thracians could have had close connection to Greeks, while Dacians (who's artefacts were in fact found) are ancestors for Romanians.

    4. For November 2012 Anonymous 2 - Let's make one thing clear: secrets and knowledge are being hidden all over the world. People want them revealed not because they are seeking the sensational, but because they need to know who they really are and what's the real story of mankind. Of course, Romanians tend to be more interested in their own history, Greeks are seeking their own truths, Peruvians want to know first of all the true about Nazca signs and so on. People shouldn't be laugh at for trying to discover more about their history. After all, every nation's history is part of the big picture, a picture that all of us deserve to know.
      As for the "so-called first civilization", we are talking about the oldest European civilization discovered up to now, older than the Sumerian one. This doesn't necessarily mean it is the first. And even if it were, that wouldn't change the current world's order, as nations shouldn't compete in who they were in the past, but in who they are now. Therefore, historical truths shouldn't bother anyone.
      You've asked for Romanians to share some of their secrets. Well, they don't know many, as they are not allowed to. But one of the things historians refuse to explain is why Dacian artefacts discovered here, are embedded with snake symbols, the same symbols that Sumerians had. Is there a connection? And why current historians have shown great interest in ancient Egyptian medicine, but none in Dacian ancient medicine, though Greek ancient historians provide us with the information that Dacians medicine was more evolved than the Egyptian one? And what happened with the huge skeletons found by peasants in a Romanian village? Why the TV station that made investigations about this discovery was threaten to drop the story?

  11. Appropriate my earthly and medial knowledge the creator
    of the greek alphabet is Hermes Trismegistos, create at the time of atlantis, because many of the names of rivers, persons, local places and names of atlandian gods are greek named !!!
    Hermes is the real father of the Greeks.
    The real ´history is not revealed yet!
    But Hermes is also the creator of the agyptian and the atlantian culture.
    In Greece´s incarnations his name was HERMES
    In Agypt´s incarnations his name was THOTH
    In Atlantis incarnation (one 31 000 years non stop incarnation as High Priest) his name was CHEQUET ARLICH FOMALITES

  12. Big chance al Europe used to be one single civilisation if I guess well. Where possible to survive due to the ice-age, I guess similar civilisation existed. Regarding Hungary - maybe the Magyar tribes were part of the European civilisation, however I would not know what to say about the Hunic tribes..Interesting to mention China covering up the existence of the Caucasian race in the heart of ancient China...

    1. Ancient history has many unrevealed mysteries and it's quite frustrating (and weird) that despite our evolved technology, were still in the phase of guessing and assuming.

  13. Magyar tribes don't even speak european language.Th magyars came in Europe 1300 years ago,the tablets from Romania are more then 5000 years old.THINK before you post!

    PS: IF Aetius and other germanic,gets,gauls tribes didn't stop the mongolian tribes aka huns,today you all people speak a non-european language like hungarian language.

  14. Anonymous said:

    "So cold old greek language can not be explained by greeks. But it can be easely made in.... Russian.
    Hipotenuza - po-tian-uza ! Ask any Russian or Bulgarian what does it mean.
    Asfalt - a=no, svalt, (fall down) first asvalt was used for walls, sure not for roads.
    Machina- mashiha - russian .verb mashet.
    Komet - kom+metat,
    Antique Greece, Rom> Egipt all this staff = Vatican tales !
    If you want to distroy your brain= continue to belive in it.
    All ALL!!! europ languges are based on old russian.
    Look at 10 line of dacian tablet- PEREZILA RUMUNU CE DURO KOZENDO -show it to any Slavic speaking
    (langue) in greek - glossa. golos in russian...- voice! I can show thausends of examples.
    Read New Chronology of N. Fomenko! Do not use you head as a garbage basket... "

    I've had to repost the comment because there are some interesting points, but had to remove the original due to strong language.

    1. Greek ἄσφαλτος= ásphaltos=from the Greek verb σφάλλω..=i make a mistake..from the words ΟΥ ΣΦΑΛΛΩ derived the word ἄσφαλτος means i don't make a mistake i am free from errors...
      Machine derived from the Greek word Μηχανή,Doric μαχανάς, from the verb μῆχος="means, expedient, remedy..
      Comet,Greek Κομήτης was derived from κομᾶν ("to wear the hair long"), which was itself derived from κόμη ("the hair of the head") and was used to mean "the tail of a comet"
      hypothesis = from Greek Υπόθεσις from the prothesis Υπο= hypo- "under" + θεσις= thesis "a placing, proposition..Glossa Greek γλῶσσα, .Attic γλῶττα,Ionic γλάσσα derived from the indefinite verb λούω= lave. In fact λοέσσα=loessa, Γλοέσσα = Gloessa...=always bathed in liquids of the oral cavity;............Next time do me the favor and do not try to underrate the Greek language,and stop falsifying things..do not embarrass your self anymore!

  15. In Europe are 3 main groups of languages : slavic , latin and germanic . If you have a map of Europe , and fill with 3 different colors the states with those languages , you will find a place of intersection . Where is that point ?

  16. But does DNA prove that all man came from Africans? That would be the next question. I think all areas of the world are truly ancient with their forms of technology and writing. the problem is...in some areas, much has been rotted away or destroyed...or ignored by European historians. Has any checked out Adam's Calender in Southern Africa? (Michael Tellinger check out his work) I think with all of this Greek stuff, it just so happens that many Europeans took their stuff with them where ever they went. It doesn't necessarily mean that they were the Masters of the World and gifted from their golden gods to take over the world per se. But some civilizations---older ones were probably already established and have been through their golden ages...then come Greece. Europeans have a history of destroying, and then preserving their own stuff, There is also a tendency towards destroying a "native culture" then replacing it with Greek making seems as if the native had nothing on their own. (Let us refer back to when the Greeks took over Judea and the Jews being forced to accept their ways and making law to dump their Torah and worship false Greek deities, I'm Jewish by the way.) The reason why the planets and such are named after Greek deities...it is because the older names were forgotten. Is everything Greek and western minded good? Is everything Eastern minded backwards to you guys?

    I think more research has to be done, in spite of so called dating techniques, some things are still quite suspect...and various histories confused... That Thracian in the pic looks African...not half Neanderthal LOL!
    DNA does proven we all originate from them and then spread out...and yes even brought their writings with them the so -called Greek! I find much of this information a bit suspect and out of order.


  17. CO CALLED JEWS? maybe.. Scriptures were here far before the so called Jews
    Whether you like it or not We were here before the HEBREWS

  18. SO called GREEK,,, Too bad Greek goes back much further than Hebrew does We are an ancient civilication
    and proof is the the artifacts ,witings on stones and not FICTION
    and we have artifacts and not fiction
    Greek Romanian , Ukrainian

  19. Please finish with greek's bullshit. No Greek people exist, but there are Albanians, Vlachs, Turks and Egyptien assimilated on 19th and 20th century. The most ancients people in Europe are pellasgian and then their descendants were Thracian-Illyrians.

  20. Oldest writing would be the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantian.


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