Nikola Tesla: The forgotten wizard!

Nikola Tesla is the greatest inventor ever to live on Earth. Because he wanted all his inventions to be free he was the number one enemy of...

Nikola Tesla is the greatest inventor ever to live on Earth. Because he wanted all his inventions to be free he was the number one enemy of all rich and powerful people of his time. Many of his inventions were stolen and he was called "the mad scientist" by almost everyone (jealous colleagues, especially the corrupted MEDIA, the brainless general public). 

In the last years of his life he won one lawsuit after another and he was recognized as true inventor for most of his inventions. He struggled his entire life to uplift the human condition and for us to have a better life. Of course, in our demonic monetary system he was not allowed to give anything for free.

Many of his inventions are still hidden today from our eyes by our leading Governments and are used in the most esoteric experiments.

I will also add a list with interesting inventions not listed in the movie:

- FREE and UNLIMITED wireless energy, EVERYWHERE on the planet (in his demonstrations he used to stick light bulbs directly into the soil and the bulbs would lit up. Wardenclyffe -like towers would have been the key to deliver unlimited amounts of wireless energy and data transfer all over the planet. 

He was very close to achieve it, unfortunately the bankers found out his plan before he could publicly demonstrate it and bankrupted him);
- Cars and aircrafts using the free wireless energy (imagine never to pay for electric current or gas and to be able to charge all batteries -car motor, phone, etc.- while moving);
- ozone-generating machines (ozone lair regeneration);
 - weather control devices (of huge importance in agriculture and not only: no more floods or drought);

- natural fertilizer devices, using the hydrogen from the air (only natural food, no more chemicals);
- high voltage showers, leaving the skin 100% germs free;
- a weapon designed to end all wars on Earth;
- cosmic ray generators for very powerful, interplanetary transmissions (to contact other life forms in our Universe);
- Nikola eliminated the filament from Edison's light bulb, making it way more economic and drastically rising its life duration. But Edison built his fortune on the light bulb's inefficiency (the filament consumes more power and also burns easily, making us buy new ones);

He also stated that he discovered a way to cure cancer and other illnesses with AC but he needed fundings from the Government. No matter how cheap and effective Tesla's projects were, he never received a penny for any of them.

In one of the last interviews before his death, he said that his new inventions dwarf the previous ones. For example he discovered a way to harvest the infinite universal energy and convert it into electric power. 100% clean, free and inexhaustible energy. But this time he refused to give any further details.
He was a true visionary and many call him "the father of Internet". He imagined that one day we will be all connected through his inventions (wireless communication and wireless data transfer everywhere on the planet). He also publicly stated that one day all written newspapers will be obsolete and instead we will have a small device in our pockets where we will receive news from all over the world.

Nikola Tesla is a true hero of humanity, sacrificing his entire life for the betterment of the rest. The time has come to make our hero known! Let everyone you love know what a great man Nikola Tesla was!

Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;

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