The "Gregorian calendar" Exposed as Fraud!

The calendar we use today is wrong! The Egyptians, Druids, Incas, Polynesians (etc.) and even the Mayans (which had the most complex...

The calendar we use today is wrong!

The Egyptians, Druids, Incas, Polynesians (etc.) and even the Mayans (which had the most complex and correct calendar in history) used the 13 Moons (Months) calendar.
A week had 7 days and a Moon had 4 weeks.
BUT Each Moon had 28 days. 28x13 = 364 days + 1 day "out of time". This was a day of love and peace, a day of meditation and happiness before the new year.
(The Moon is known as "Luna" and we can still find countries where Luna = Month).

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the days of the moon (month) and the days of the week line up perfectly, week-to-week and moon-to-moon. This makes the 13 Moon/28-day calendar a perpetual calendar. 

The calendar was changed by the Pope Gregorius (Gregory XIII), that's why our calendar is called the Gregorian Calendar. The result is a chaotic calendar, very hard to follow, but most important out of phase with the Universe. We have Months with 29, 30 and 31 days, and once every 4 years, February has 28 days! Unacceptable!

The harmonious Moon calendar is very logical and simple to follow. Each week starts with Monday and ends with Sunday. The 1st day of every month will always be a Monday, and the 7th always a Sunday. This makes it easy to plan way ahead and reestablishes our connection to the Universe.

Here are some links you may find interesting:
1. Click for 13 Moon Calendar tutorial!
2. Click for 13 Moon Calendar video on YouTube!
3. Click for
Judge Wyld's opinion on the 13 Moon Calendar!

Dave Dommett: "The Thirteen Moon calendar is an evolutionary tool to assist humanity in the unprecedented act of uniting itself on one issue central to its complete well-being: time. The harmonic convergence of humanity on this one issue, combined with the inescapable order, perfection and simplicity of following the 13 Moon calendar will lift the species as a simultaneous whole into the galactic timing frequency of 13:20.

The New Year in the thirteen moon calendar, of course, is not the same as Gregorian New Year, January 1, but is celebrated the day after the Day Out of Time, just as the Day Out of Time is the day after the 364th day of the 13 moon calendar."

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  1. February has 28 days, only on the leap year does it have 29 days.

    1. It seems obvious that if women knew when ovulation was too occur they could control the number of children the family could afford by avoiding sex at that time. (poverty is a sort of slavery as it makes us more vunerable to being taken advantage of by preditory personalities) This would keep the Catholic Church from having as many ppl to control and better education afforded them, which would diminish even further control as better education allows for more logical thinking to see thru the lies.

  2. earth its never peace for those who seek truth,its more like a dark hole with lots creatures in it ,but there is a spark that lights up in order every one of the criatures and the spark looks like its trying to leed them all to a end or a tipe of place some think like a purpose of survival . .and looks promising all the knowledge of this spark/ and the way it leads apparently all the creatures of this dark hole..but iI THINK ITS JUST ONE OF MY DREAMS ...IM GOING TO WEAKE UP KNOW THAT SPARK STUNS ME ..IT DOESN'T LET ME SEE AT ALL... I NEED A STABLE LIGHT ?SOME THING LIKE ITS THRUTH.....OHH WELL I THINK IM GOING TO WAIT.....

  3. Difference of Opinion
    History was made by two people, firstly Julius Caeser and then Pope Gregory the 8th, considering the invention of calenders. Now who are right and who are wrong? Let it be known, and let it go down in history, that Abel Hendrik Lodewikus Holtzhausen, from the country of South Africa, the province of the Free State, the town of Parys, at this date, the 13th of the 12th month of the year 2013, declared these calenders as completely wrong and inaccurate.
    My reasons as follows;
    - Time only exist on earth because it’s a unit created by mankind because of the movement of the earth and based on perception.
    - The calenders have not considered the expansion of the universe
    - The calenders does not make provision for forces acting upon the earth e.g. other constellations, other universes, anti-matter, etc.
    - The calenders does not make provision of the movement of our own constellation the milkyway and how she behaves, impact, gravity forces, explosions, etc.
    Have I missed something or is this just the way we have been brainwashed because people would rather believe in what they perceive than to rather search for the truth.
    It’s like teaching a child the moon is rotating around the earth in a circle, but do they ever tell you that the earth does not have an imaginative axes and that the behaviour is rather based on a axis point between the earth and the moon and that the earth and moon is in actual fact rotating around each other at a point which we call barycenter And that it is actually this barycenter which orbits the sun? Have they taught you the moon is moving away from the earth? We only recently discover that the universe is expanding so that is a debate which I don’t even want to include in this argument.
    Please feel free to research the internet to proof me wrong but no where, ever in time, has it been said that these calenders are wrong. I have found a couple of sceptics stating this and that could not be right but no one but no one outfrontly said it’s wrong. And that would also be true for any other calender.
    What is the outcome of this, we rather believe in prophecies than in actual fact. Now that the seasons are in array everybody is concluding it’s the end of times etc. but in actual fact we rather accept miscalculations than to change.
    Is there a remedy? I suppose not because not even your best mathematicians or scientists could determine the number of probabilities because of the size of the universe and it’s unpredictable behaviour. This makes it basically impossible to work out an accurate calender.
    How does science measure time? Only accurately, based on a unit standard and not the movement of the universe. So yes it’s possible to measure time precisely, but impossible to foresee all events and factors which will eventually have an influence on our time continuum over a very long period.
    Now do you still believe in calenders? Do you still believe calenders could not go wrong or misbehave? I don’t think likely until somebody has proved me differently. So what is the fuss about Gregorion or Julian calenders being more accurate in comparison with each other or in comparison with our own so called calenders? Your guess is as good as mine. Enjoy your calenders.


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